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  1. The second most expensive logo to print, right after Microsoft of course. So if Microsoft produces a GW endorsed computer game... only the top 5 richest countries in the world could afford it? I can see Dubba in the oval office playing Warhammer 40k on xbox 360.
  2. The second most expensive logo to print, right after Microsoft of course.
  3. So I'm wondering, did GW go through the trouble of sculpting the rock, or did they mold a real one?
  4. Yea no kidding. I work at a gas station on weekends, and people buy bottled water as if we are the only source on the planet. The best part, someone will come up, buy 20 oz of water for $1.29, and then start going nuts over having to pay more then $2.50 a gallon for gas.
  5. And here I thought they hit an all time low with the 40 dollar aquarium plants. One has to wonder how many steps left of reality they live? Seriously, I totally expect to see the Brooklyn Bridge to be put up on their webstore one of these days.
  6. Thanks for all the help. So, if I take some Furnace cement, add some quick steel to it, or on top of it, then wrap that with aluminum tape, and put a sawed off pop can over that, I'll have the longest lasting temporary fix in history! Honestly, I know replacement is the best option, but I can live with the noise, my pennies seriously need to go somewhere else. But, if I can fix this, even just for the summer, for a few bucks, game on!
  7. Since here at the reaper boards have an expert on any subject imaginable, I need some help with my car. I have holes in my exhaust, one of which is on a bend. I tried patching them with a bandage, and with hardening putty, but both failed. Now the car is just as loud as it's ever been. I can not afford to have the exhaust replaced or repaired, so I need a cheap fix that actually lasts. The previous fixes failed in a week at most. I was thinking of doing the putty again, but mixing it with some JB Weld (if it will mix), or just using JB Weld straight, and use a screen or something to make it stick rather then sink into the hole Can anyone help me with this?
  8. What the heck. A non-mini show off post, and no one made the normal wise cracks like "Needs more shading" and the like? I'm severly disappointed in all of you. Hang your heads in shame.
  9. Ok, my question is what do you do when you paint the bottom of tunics or other clothes? It doesn't have any detail, it's just a big old flat surface. I usually paint it the mid-color through, but that doesn't look right and it bugs the heck out of me. Same with painting the inside of a mouth. You have the teeth, ok, yellow will do. YOu have the tongue, red, but then you an unrealistic back, it's too close to the teeth to be real, it's just that the sculptor didn't want to make a whole mouth cavity. I usually paint it black, but again, it doesn't look right at all.
  10. Bingo, just thought of it a second ago on my own. It's a great little editor, at least it was in the day, I haven't tried it in years.
  11. I know how you feel. I was tied to Allaire Homesite for my coding. I tried the others, but none of them were "mine". I stuck with it so long, the software went out of date, Allaire sold Homesite. Luckily, I don't do much coding anymore. Hopefully if I do, I can either drum up a copy of Homesite 5, or the new Macromedia Homesite will do me right, and I can find it for free. By the way, does anyone know of a HTML editor that's free, it was called Arachnophobia or something similar. It was some programmers pet project, among others. That one was decent too, but I don't recall the name for sure, no where to find it.
  12. Only you can answer that, it's like asking which is a better color, red or blue. For some, they would rather paint a mini well, with good techniques, then have it look interesting visually. Others would rather paint at table top quality, but use interesting colors. So long as one isn't severly deficent, the choice is personal and unimportant. Of course, if you can master both, you can create works of pure beauty and artistry.
  13. I have a caption, but it's dirty, and I'd probably get banned for posting it. Those are my favorite kind of captions though. :D
  14. You, um.....you kinda scare me dude. You play with dolls, and you're turning them into an army of evil. I don't know whether to laugh at you, or run in terror. Since I cant' choose, I'm going to just go in the corner and cry.
  15. I got that virus once. It was a mess! I had to have the carpets cleaned five times, and still they smelled like satanic vomit! I ended up just having them ripped out and replaced. The computer has not been seen since.
  16. Thank you everyone. Alot of interesting (an one illegal) ideas. I got what I needed.
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions. I was looking for something with a lip around it though, any ideas?
  18. I need something that I can paint on, that I am guaranteed not to get any paint on the table, no matter how bad the spill. I use to use a plastic shoe mat with a ridge around it. I however can not find anything remotely like that here, I've looked everywhere. Anyone know of anything else that will do the job?
  19. Nice choice on the blue flame, unorthodox but very well done. But really, "Aaron" the conjurer? I mean, how many conjurers are named "Aaron"? Not a very wizardly name...
  20. And you know what, we'd all buy a Sophie carrying a pizza if only because we are so smitten with her. I look forward to that conversion from Herr Oberfroschmeister soon!
  21. You did a great job, ah sophie my love, if only you were real Although, her stomach makes her look anorexic. Give that demon a pizza.
  22. That was exactly the answer I was looking for Spartan. Thank you, you couldn't have answered it better!
  23. For those of you in the army, how far in one day do you (or can you) march? And how many hours do you march, if that is all you are doing?
  24. That's exactly the point. If a DM allows just any old race/character into the campaign, he likely has no vision. It'd be like a movie director not caring who was cast as the lead role in a movie. But the good thing about all these options, racial, class or whatever, is that you get alot more campiagn possibilities. What kind of campaign would result from an undead one, I don't know, but it'd be interesting to see.
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