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  1. I can see that I am in the minority here. However, I think one of the redeeming qualities of the 3rd version of D&D is the variety and the possiblies that it offers. The idea of running a non-traditional campaign is appealing, rather then making your typical fighter-cleric-mage adventuring group, you can play an undead campaign, or a orc, or a ogre, or whatever your can imagine. And that's the point, they are just trying to supply the rules to fill whatever campaigns the legions of players can imagine. And as long as they enjoy it, good for them, no matter what F'ed up campaign they come up with.
  2. I work at a wood shop, and one of the things we make is plaques, you know, like award plaques. And just the wood part looks like a killer base for mini's. Especially for the dragon sized, most we make are too large for one normal sized mini. Anyways, we end up tossing into the grinder alot of perfectly good (from a mini painters point of view) plaques/bases. Others have minor defects, say a knot or chip in the wood. I would estimate that the majority of the ones we scrap would be usable to a mini painter. What you could do, find out from a trophy shop where they get their supply from, or find a wood shop that makes plaques from the phone book, etc. Call them, ask if you can have, or at worst, buy at a reduced rate the rejects. They might go for it. If anyone tries this, or has tried this, let's hear about it.
  3. How about a broccoli base recycling program? We ship our detatched broccoli bases back to reaper, they get to reuse the metal, and for every so many we send back, we get a free mini!! This has possiblities.
  4. How is this differant then how it's been, or will forever be? Speed has always cost money. And consumers have always had it slower then the corporations. Nowdays cable speeds are reaching T1 speeds, something that was once only able to be had by universities or businesses. And now that we have T1 speeds, big business and universities have even faster speeds. I am quite distrustful of any one email sources, can anyone verify this? I mean if legislation like this was being seriously talked about, I don't know, I would think the news organizations would break the story, not Ebay! I wouldn't be surprised if it was a hoax. I've seen too many emails sent around like this already.
  5. Looks better, but I would bring the highlights up a few more knotches
  6. Looks wonderful, how did you do the little spurts of grass?
  7. Ah, if only that succubus was real.... Love the job, the skin and wings are perfect, but I would have went with a differant color for the boots and clothing, what little there is. You kind of have a blue overload going on.
  8. You can, if you know somone get a PCMCIA network adapter, just borrow it, use it to transfer files. That or it sounds like your next best option would be an adapter that someone on here mentioned to allow you to install the notebook harddrive into a desktop (or did I read that wrong?) There is also mention of a USB file transfer, that would work. Also, if you know somoeone with an external hard drive, that is an option too. You have lots of options, it just depends on how much you want to spend, or what kind of things your friends have that you can use.
  9. When you say Disk Drives don't work, do you mean CD/Floppy, or do mean the Hard drive isn't working too? Assuming the Hard drive is working, it sounds like your best option is a crossover cable (The trick is making sure you get the cross over cable, and not a normal one). Most laptops have a network port built in, and your desktop likely does too, and if not, you could borrow one from someone, or worst case situation, you could just buy one for less then 20 bucks. (which then would be useful if you get DSL or Cable internet)
  10. If both computers have network cards an option is a cross over cable. It is no more difficult then using a hub, just less to buy. However, they aren't as plentiful as regular network cable. But, the easiest and cheapest options would be either transfer the hard drive (if you dont' know how, have a friend), or burn the info onto CD's. There are many other options, and if those two don't fit you, give us some more info and we can help further.
  11. Yea, what he said. Is it me, or does the first one look like a Flaming Hot Cheetos? I'm hungry now.
  12. Nice acceptance speech. However you forgot two things. One, you forgot to thank your baby's mommy. And you forgot to pour out a 40 in memory of all your fallen homey's. How could you forget those!
  13. I'm not really interested in getting expensive files. I just want something cheap and local. Where do you guys suggest? The only place I've found files suitable for mini's was at a hobby shop that isn't around here. Does Micheals? If anyone around Minnesota can answer more specifically, that would be sweet.
  14. Accidental Double Post, Stupid Computers!
  15. I'm not really interested in getting expensive files. I just want something cheap and local. Where do you guys suggest? The only place I've found files suitable for mini's was at a hobby shop that isn't around here. Does Micheals? If anyone around Minnesota can answer more specifically, that would be sweet.
  16. In case you wanted a longer answer... Mini painting is like almost everything else, there is no one right way. It has it's benefits and drawbacks. And the bottom line is, that if you are happy with the results, who cares what others think. That said, drybrushing is a quick and easy way to give more life and a better look to a mini. Anyone can do it, and anyone can make a mini look much better with it. The downside, drybrushing can give a mini a "chalky" appearance. And your ability to make smooth transistions from mid-color to highlight is limited if not non-existant. The "Professional" painters use layer, which is much more time consuming, but much more purposeful, whereas drybrushing is much more "accidental" by relation. Typically, drybrushing is seen as the first step, with stuff like layering being learned later. This is where the stigma that drybrushing is for the unskilled comes from. However, like I said before, if you are happy with your mini's, it don't matter one bit what anyone else thinks.
  17. I guess I should have been more articulate by saying how far I can see objects on the ground. Thanks guys for the help. Lawgiver seems to have hit it with his link. That pages gives a answer that seems resonable enough.
  18. I have an odd question. I am interested in knowing how far one can see at a given altitude. For instance if I am at the top of a tower or a mountian, how far can I see, not counting atmospheric limitations. I would guess there should be some sort of a calculation or equation that will spit out an answer. My question is, does anyone know of one?
  19. Everyone seems to have a favorite race when it comes to fantasy games and settings. I am wondering, which do you like and why? What don't you like about them? What races do you hate and why? Go nuts on this question.
  20. and then would you have it export webpages? My two cents, if you can program it to do that, you might have a marketable product!
  21. but the more I hear about how well it works the more I want to give it a try again I was amazed at how it worked, I previously used W&N Brush Cleaner that worked peachy keen, obviously. Simple Green worked just as well, I got all the paint off. However, I did have to let them soak longer, a few days rather then overnight. And the price is the clincher, I got a big bottle for like 3 bucks, and it cleaned a bucket full of mini's, say 20ish.
  22. The color is better, they are more in the middle of normal and the dull grey. There is still however variations in the color, one area will be bright silver, the next will be dull grey. However the one mini that discolored green is the same, maybe green or kind of rust colored, it's hard to tell. The texture seems to be gone now too.
  23. It sounds like you have a winning idea here, and something you can keep you busy for a long time if you wish it too. I'm wondering, if you have it be a web application, would the webpage visited be in java, or would the java application run on the users home pc and then export the info out to the server in HTML pages or what? I'm not completely familar with java, but I do know that it can be very slow as a web application.
  24. I had a bunch of mini's soaking in simple green for almost a week to get primer off of them. However when I scrubbed them they were very dark, rather then the regular color pewter they had more of a dark dull grey look. Also, one has a greenish tint to it in one area, and some have a texture on them now (an not from say superglue or anything like that). They also seem to not be as detailed as before, though this might just be from the dull grey color they have. Does anyone know about this, are they safe to prime and paint? Will this go away and they'll return to normal?
  25. I think it's a neat idea, I wouldn't use it since I'm not hard core. But if you make it a web application I could see lots of pro painters that run sales finding it very useful for keeping inventory and customers up to date.
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