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  1. I'm stripping a bunch of models, and for some of them, I used Vallejo's Plastic Putty that they sell. But, it's not coming off with the Simple Green, and I would prefer to get it off. Any ideas?


    I also would like to get some JB weld off, a joint broke and before I reglue it, I'd like to get the old stuff off, without having to scrap and scratch that is. Any ideas for that one?

  2. Contestants are taken to a particular vignette of some historical or cultural importance, given a brief overview of the signifigance of where they are, and then quizzed. Hundreds of contestatns start out, and the losers are slowly eliminated..


    In the case of the location filming I got to watch, the "loser" was doused with honey and had a hive of bees set on her.


    Well, ignorance must be punished somehow!

  3. I had to work last night, while I was there it snowed. I laughed at all the poor SOB's that were out on the road. And when quitting time came, the roads were clear and the snow had stopped. Now morning has come and there's a ton more snow out. Sucks to be everyone but me, I have the day off, eat it rest of MN.

  4. I'm in the process of figuring out what I can/can't do, guidelines, and whether I can get prize support. It'll be posted when I know.


    My two cents. Since this contest is all about sheer creativity, I would propose not to limit it to one familiar, but to all, or at least to a selection of them, giving people more to work with, and more creative ideas will come out. But, definitely it should be limited to familair, no mini's with a weapon or anything like that. I'd propose there be a vote, and most creative and unique conversion wins!

  5. I know that some glues, mostly in manufacturing, set automatically when hit with UV light. Does anyone know if any of these are available for home use? I've never came across any.


    Also, UV light is the same as a black light right?

  6. I'd go to the store, buy an external USB harddrive. Install it and copy all files that you want to keep to it. Note, this will only work for files. Programs will have to be re-installed so no point in copying them.


    Wouldn't buying, if he doesn't already have it, a CD-Writer, or even a DVD-Writer be more useful and cheaper?


    My suggestion, find someone local that knows how to do this, like you already know, it's very time consuming and lots of back and forth to try and explain all the steps in backing up and formating. If you have a friend or someone you know casually even that can do it, it will only take an hour or two. Where as you'll spend that time plus alot more in conversing to try and learn how to do it via email or message boards, and then, if the instructions aren't clear you might mess up, costing you time or loss of data. My two cents.

  7. Back when I first heard of the internet, a friend showed me a site that you could play d&d in a chatroom, I think it was on the TSR website. I was wondering if there is anything like this still around nowdays? I want to play D&D but there isn't anyone locally.

  8. I just finished reading H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds". Good read. But I looked the old dog up on wikipedia and found this:


    "Seeking a more structured way to play war games, H.G. Wells wrote Floor Games (1911) followed by Little Wars (1913). Little Wars is recognised today as the first recreational wargame and Wells is regarded by gamers and hobbyists as 'the Father of Miniature Wargaming.'"


    Here is the page on Little Wars:


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