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  1. I love the choices for skin and wings; what colors?


    I do think though that you should have stayed away from blues for the clothes (what little she has) and the stocking. It looks great overall, but still it's a little bit of a blue overload for my taste.


    But overall, I love it, and I think I'll use the color sceme when I paint my sophie.

  2. Ok everyone. It's down to Caiger Mall. There is a ton of survivors in the mall, 700+ just in one corner alone! So I think we have a good chance of actually keeping hold of this mall! I have two humans in the area, anyone else joining me?

  3. I like it, but it could be improved, I know it was a last minute idea, but I would love for someone to make a planned thought out one, any volunteers? Put some bits in it, pieces of dungeon wall, weapons, armor, bones, it would look freaking awesome!

  4. that mini will probably save me 80+ dollars when I get that one, thou I may still want a resin big ape, but I'll have to get that at later time (100+ for it a bit out of my league right now)




    Do you have links to some big resin apes? I know someone that loves monkeys and apes.

  5. Do I need a Gmail address to log in to orkut or to get a Google Account?

    We do not require you to have a Gmail address to log in to orkut or to create a Google Account. If you don't have or want a Gmail account, you can still create a Google Account. A Google Account is made up of an email address and password of your choosing.


    However, if you already have or want a Gmail account, it comes with a built-in Google Account. You can use this to log in to orkut.


    Yea, I saw that too. It seems that Orkut is tying it's accounts to Google accounts, gmail, groups, etc. But, even though you might have a GMail account, it won't let you sign up for Orkut.

  6. I don't know how many know about this, but Google has it's own "Myspace" type service. At least that is what I think it is. But, you can't just sign up for it, you have to be invited, kind of like GMail is. However, I don't know anyone that has Orkut. Does anyone here belong? Can you fill us in what it's like, what it's about? And possibly invite me?



  7. With Ackland Mall being next on the Mall Tour Chopping block, I suggest all Reapers head there to help defend, since Havercroft is our unofficial home.


    Spartan, I looked for you, but I didn't find you, zombie or dead body. I am in the area in case something happend to you. Just let me know.

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