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  1. I'm having one of those lifes. My hobby knife spends more time in my finger then it does near a mini, my lips get glued together more then my mini's do, and my brushes always seem to drop on the floor, and I bang my head on the desk when I bend down to get them. And then there was the time I dropped a full metal dragon on my bare feet.

  2. If Copenhagen is ever taken over by hordes of zombies, I htink it would be OK if the cops and military focused on the zombies first, and let stuff like graffiti slide.


    That's anarchist talk! Why do you hate the government so much hippie?

  3. Deep Roy Q is in the NW corner of the mall, Deep Roy is at Auston Auto Repair but should be at the NW corner by tomorrow morning.


    Nice job to whoever wrote "Fear the Reapers" near the Axeworthy Hotel area.

  4. Bah! Both my dudes got killed again. Deep Roy is in Pitneybank, and Deep Roy Q is in East Becktown at Dinmead Lane.


    Can anyone help? I can travel to a location of your choosing.


    Giddings Mall is under attack, there are 180ish zombies outside.

  5. Here I sit staring at our picture,

    A memory caught from long ago,

    Alone I sit, in darkness, in bitterness,

    I lost my love, the woman in the picture,

    She wants me no more,

    She has given up on our love,

    I stare at the picture, and see our past,

    My heart full of love, my soul full of faith,

    Never have I lost my love for her,

    Never have I doubted her return,

    I do not have her, but she will return,

    The two will become one again,

    I know this, as I stare at our picture,

    seeing not a memory of the past,

    but a vision of the future,

    of happy times yet to come.

  6. I have felt pain in my short life,

    I stubbed my toe,

    I had my appendix taken out,

    A girl cheated on me and dumped me,

    But no pain rivals this pain,

    hurting the one I love,

    I adore her, but I hurt her,

    Her heart was my hand,

    and with anger, I hurt it,

    I had wealth not born of gold,

    I had treasure with no gems,

    I had what I desired,

    and away I threw it,

    in my anger, I lost her,

    Like stepping on a flower,

    I damaged the beautiful,

    The flower heals,

    but will her heart?

    Will she love me again?

    Do I deserve her love?

  7. To whom it may concern,

    I sit here in the dark,

    wearing fear as a cloak,

    sadness surrounds me,

    I wonder where you are,

    I wonder if we'll ever meet,

    or if you exsist at all,

    The hole where you belong,

    seems so vast,

    I doubt any can fill it,

    Where are you,

    when will you show yourself,

    Only you can fill me,

    Only you can banish the dark,

    Erase the fear,

    and give me a smile,

    To whom it may concern,

    come to me, find me,

    Ever so quickly,

    The strength is leaving,

    I can not go on,

    Unless you come to me,

    To whom it may concern.

  8. Good times. I was out collecting DNA samples, when a zombie attacked me. So I quickly bookmark him, and then use a revive on him. Next thing I see him in the NW block. I finish on that block and move to the block he's on, I was going to say something to him. Next thing I know, I'm getting hit by a zombie. It was him, he got killed and was attacking me again. Good thing I had a second revive! muhahaha.

    I thought it wise to get out of there though, I didn't have anymore needles.

  9. She's pretty!




    With your permission, I think she'd make a lovely picture for a Valentine card. :)


    Let's not go nuts here. Even with the best paint job in the world, it's an orc, it AIN'T pretty in any sense of the word! Getting a valentine card with an orc on it, that's just asking for trouble.

  10. so that not every single Dark Heaven mini of mine looks like it's standing on a little hill. What tool would I use to remove the original and how could I attach the mini to the new base? Would it be sturdy enough to use for gaming and not just display?


    Dremels are the defacto standard in mini mutilation. They take off the bases cleanly and exactly. I have not taken off a base myself, but what I would do is use a dremel to cut away the base carefully, and then pin the feet to the new base. Though as I said, I haven't done that, and someone can correct me if I am wrong.


    To help eliminate that "Hill" look, what I did is put some extra gobs of glue around on the rest of the base, it helps vary the terrain enough to make it look like they aren't on a hill, just some bumpy terrain.

  11. Wow, great freaking job. I love the hair, that looks real, as if you have actual hair on it, not sculpted metal. How did you do that?

    I love the skin tone too, though the loin cloth doesn't appear finished, though since it's a work in progress, it might not be.

  12. You know the "address label" stickers you can get. Use those to cover the slots on bases. That has Anne's stamp of approval.


    When I wanted to make that little hill, if I understand what you are asking and the mini in question. I glued the broccoli base to the square, and then I put some white glue straight from the bottle around the broccoli base. It will do a pretty good job of blending the broccoli to the bottom base, since it will have some structure to it, when it's not watered down.


    Here is my final result.



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