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  1. yes you can, I did twice yesterday. You are stranded on a desert island, you have a solar powered tv and dvd player, you can bring only one Dvd, either Glitter, or Crossroads. Which do you bring? (none is not an option)
  2. This is why I am in favor of the "Judge Dredd" judicial system.
  3. Hildebrant mall is under attack too, though I don't have numbers yet
  4. I don't know....I'm more of a Anne fan myself.
  5. Looks very good. I think the robe goes from dark to light too quickly, my opinion. Excellent job on the face, beard and belt. And isn't fire supposed to be yellow up too red? Or do I have that wrong?
  6. Nice job, that is my favorite painting of this mini so far, and that's saying alot for how popular this mini is.
  7. Be gentle? No, no, no. We have to give you the newbie hazing until you hit 1000 posts! Nice job, I am in love with that blue and the red around the neck, which colors are those? The skin is looking pretty good so far as well.
  8. Sweet, thanks for sharing, but can we get some more people doing this? Maybe someone could start a webcomic like this, that shouldn't take anymore time then an actual webcomic, not counting painting times.
  9. I was surfing Reaper Games fan mini submissions when I came across something put up by our own Spike. 28mm Theater Presents I like this idea of using mini's to create kind of a comic strip. Anyone else want to put some of these together? There is limitless possiblities! Really freaking funny Spike, good one!
  10. LOL!! Dwarf=Walking rations!!! And they already come wrapped in tin foil for easy cooking! I like the paint jobs, I especially like the dwarf, I am very picky about dwarf sculpts, and I like this one.
  11. I think it's a group called the Pwotters. They've taken the mall with 300 or more zombies, and there is a huge crap load of zombies in the surrounding buildings.
  12. I use lego for all my AD&D miniature needs. You sohuld see my lego barbarian and my lego drider!
  13. Nice, I particularly like the middle one; I've always liked that sculpt and you did it good. Very differant color choices then most I've seen, but differant can be good!
  14. Why did you choose to paint it so dark? It doesn't look like fire to me.
  15. Thank you; Stanbury Village is turning into a war zone!
  16. I need help in reviving! Deep Roy and Deep Roy Q are at St. Maria's (53, 57) in Stanbury Village. Can anyone help me?
  17. All your ogres have phenomenal paint jobs. However the sculpter seems to have invented a few more muscle groups.
  18. Update; Nichols Mall is up to 183 in the sw quarter alone. We need help over here ladies and gentlemen. I'll keep the Reapers Wiki updated. Maybe we can decide on a base to attack from to help the mall out?
  19. Simple is always better; I would just leave the bases the original color. If you do the dip, it's so subtle compared to the bases, and it's extra work. It will either end up being so sublte that it's pointless, or so heavy that it will make it not look as good; with red or blue shading. I don't think it will add much myself and if done wrong might end up ruining the paint job. Is it doable, yes, is it worth doing, I wouldn't. My 3 cents.
  20. Yea, but guys like this will put Reaper out of business. If everyone make thier own mini's, what will poor anne and bryan and all their gang do????
  21. You know if there was a Board of Mini Morals; you would be banished for unholy experiments.
  22. Nichols mall is alive and kicking; 103 zombies outside it right now. I think some of the zombies on strike got up and are testing out the latest changes to the game.
  23. I think this could be an important step in the evolution of using miniatures for role-playing. Miniatures that defend themselves from the ever touchy, ever damaging player. Although the downside, if you piss off one of your gamers, they are likely to toss it at you, sure, they get stabbed in the hand, but you get a cranial air conditioning.
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