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  1. For something like this, my only answer is Legos. Build it out of Legos and it'll be cheaper than the Rackham figure and as the PC's hack at it, you can remove pieces to simulate damage.


    It also wouldn't be as heavy if made out of metal. :;):


    I use lego for all my AD&D miniature needs. You sohuld see my lego barbarian and my lego drider!

  2. Simple is always better; I would just leave the bases the original color. If you do the dip, it's so subtle compared to the bases, and it's extra work. It will either end up being so sublte that it's pointless, or so heavy that it will make it not look as good; with red or blue shading. I don't think it will add much myself and if done wrong might end up ruining the paint job.


    Is it doable, yes, is it worth doing, I wouldn't.


    My 3 cents.

  3. I think this could be an important step in the evolution of using miniatures for role-playing. Miniatures that defend themselves from the ever touchy, ever damaging player. Although the downside, if you piss off one of your gamers, they are likely to toss it at you, sure, they get stabbed in the hand, but you get a cranial air conditioning.

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