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  1. Hey now, this post is for Minnesota people only. No beanies allowed Mac!
  2. I am north of the cities, just past Forest Lake. I just wanted to see who all is from MN. Not exactly a party going on here huh?
  3. I'm newly returned to Minnesota, so who is around? Anyone in D&D groups?
  4. How do you straighten them out? Give us a mini tutorial!
  5. I don't need some fancy test to know I come from a long line of drunks and losers. I'd rather keep my 100 bucks and use it on booze.
  6. I don't know, if I had an extra couple hundred, I'd go for that. But I don't, so I can't. And if you really want a scale model dragon, buy a couple hundred bucks worth of Green stuff!
  7. I said it before and I'll say it again; Anne, I'd rather have it right then soon. But, better soon then never too!
  8. I think the putty is ok to paint over straight, but all I've tried is putt the putty in, either over metal or primer, and then prime over that.
  9. Caiger mall is completely clear of moving zombies, I didn't notice any dead bodies.
  10. That would be my first attempt; though I don't think I would have come up with the varnish. And of course, Green Stuff is always an option, but the putty is much quicker and easier, but it doesn't give you much option for sculpting or forming.
  11. Spartan, I am at the mall, I stopped by and found you, but you were dead. So I'll check in on you tomorrow.
  12. I should be able to help; my reviver is up and running and has just found a poker. I'll be playing my character tonight, so if you can give me an exact location, that would help out a bit.
  13. Deep Roy has 1600+ exp just waiting for the next skill to come out.
  14. yea, all that time at the mall spoiled me. Now it takes me two days of searching to come away with the bounty that I would get in one at the mall
  15. AHahahaha! I go out to get DNA samples, and twice one of a group attacked me. So I Revived them! Dumb zombies! That was beautiful, I can just imagine the look on the guys face, thinking he's got some easy prey (since I dont' attack back, I have no weapon) and then all of a sudden he's back to life!
  16. I wonder if they'll start taking requests? I would love to paint mini's the color of my couch.
  17. Does anyone else find it odd that he hurts his eye and his first reaction isn't to go to the doctor, but to post on the forums? I mean, that's addiction my friends. Good job man, you've raised the bar for all of us!
  18. Ultramarines blue is one of my favorite colors. Make it or I'll tell your mother on you Anne! And I mean it!
  19. I agree with them, the game is grossly unbalanced against zombies. Zombies are worthless unless they are apart of a horde, but who wants to join a horde when everytime you log on either a human or a zombie has kicked your butt? But I'm still going to play, I'm having fun.
  20. Stanbury Village has quite a few, I think I'm going to hang out there, although, damn it I hope I don't die again!
  21. Whoo Hooo, someone was kind enough to resurrect both my guys. How many zombies do we have coming around Ackland Mall?
  22. I'd love to help you, but both my characters got killed! I need someone to revive one of my characters! Both Deep Roy and Deep Roy Q are at St Maria's Church [53, 57]. If someone can just revive one of them, preferably Deep Roy Q, I can revive the other one. Puh-Weeeze
  23. No, save it for your next physics paper, he'll be impressed and you won't have to do any work! Sure, it's illegal, but let's not get boged down in details.
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