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  1. Deep Roy and Deep Roy Q are both in Stanbury Village. The BunnyStreet PD is getting sieged by 45 zombies, so I thought I'd help out. Deep roy is bringing his arsenal of guns, and Deep Roy Q is bringing is his 8 newspapers.
  2. how come no one asks where I am?
  3. I'm on my way, it's disappointing how sparse zombies are suddenly.
  4. I've tried 4-5 times to send test emails from Gmail to hotmail, not a single one got through. What the heck?
  5. The losses seem to be outbound only though, ones I send, not ones I am supposed to recieve.
  6. Does anyone else notice emails lost when using GMail? Over the last few days emailing my darling at work I've lost most of them as they got replied back and forth.
  7. My zombie has been doing pretty well, though sometimes he does have trouble finding a good meal.
  8. Caiger Mall is dead, there is just nothing going on there. Anyone else know where some action is going on? Or am I the only one still playing this game?
  9. The lack of folders I think is because they have the "Label" feature. They seem to do the same purpose, although not as well. Overall I like it though.
  10. For those who don't know, Gmail is Googles foray into webmail. It is an excellent service, however it's still in beta and by invitation only. For those who want it, I have 100 invites. You get 2 gig of space, up to 10 mb in attachment size, and unlike other emails, it doesn't believe in deleting, but in labeling and sorting. Basically you keep everything you receive, and you can label them for easy searching and finding later. For more info, check out GMail If you are interested, pop me an PM via the boards with your email.
  11. Even though it appears Caiger Mall is in the clear, zombies are making their way into some of the surrounding buildings. Does anyone have ideas about a Reaper HQ yet? Where should we go?
  12. go freaking figure. I finally get to Craiger Mall, and get the chance to go hunting, and for the first time there is nothing outside. That just blows dang it.
  13. I don't know what everyone else is doing, but Deep Roy is planning on joining the defense of Craiger Mall in Darvall Heights. It should be some pretty plentiful hunting. I propose that we all join in, we could get a safehouse nearby (near enough to go and kill, but far enough that they don't attack our house) and we could have a few revivers within the suburb, but away from the mall. What do you all think?
  14. I do like the idea of 2 safehouses though. Is hexxenhammer around? He hasn't posted in a while, and seeing as he's the unofficial leader (if he accepts) of our band of dummies, it would be nice for him to be alive.
  15. I don't care where we make a safehouse, but we should make sure it's somewhere with a Mobile Phone Tower
  16. In case you haven't seen it, Spike has added a section for posting revival requests at the Reapers UD Wiki
  17. I also added a few locations to the Intel section to get the ball rolling.
  18. (Forgive me if you know some or all of this, but hopefully you or someone else will find a step by step useful) Ok, first you need the URL to your UD character profile. All you need to do is click on the character name in the main screen, below the map. Once your profile loads, copy the URL in the address bar. Next go into the Reapers page Reapers Page in the UD Wiki. Now add your names and URL's to the end of the list in this format. Reaper Board Name - [Profile URL Character Name - Profession] Make sure you leave a space between the URL, the Character Name. So, all totalled, my snippet looks like this: twjolson - [http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=159325 Deep Roy - Police] [http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=191987 Deep Roy Q - Reviver] Hope this helps.
  19. That really helps out. REALLY. I can't emphasise enough how much use I get out of that one. Bargin Hunting is the second most important non-combat skill in my books, that's for sure! Also, I added a little bit to the Wiki, a place we can list intel on places of not, like malls, PD's, etc.
  20. Yea, when you get this post, let me know where you are. I have a reviver in Molebank. Also, I got a page up at the Wiki for Reapers. I didn't put much there, just a slogan I thought up and a section for members to post their Reaper board handle and list their UD characters. I must admit that I know nothing about formatting, so maybe someone else can do layout. Reaper UD WIki
  21. "Reapers" is officially listed in the stats, when I checked we were at 22. Now we need to put up a page at the UD Wiki. For my two cents though, I think we should go with "The Reapers" though, just "Reapers" doesn't sound right to me.
  22. Something within a couple blocks of a mall, with Bargin Hunting and such you have a better chance of finding ammo in the mall then at a PD, or First Aid kits at a hospital.
  23. I'm right next to you, near the mall, I visited you and you were dead. When you stand up, post here and I'll rush over and raise you. I'm adding "Reapers" to my profile as well.
  24. Tell us where you are, I'm sure one of us has a reviver nearby. Mine is in Havercroft. On a differant note, how do we go about getting a group name together, so we can get our little Reaper gang listed on the stats.
  25. His name is "YouBeDead", and I think he's in Auston Auto Repair in Havercroft. As soon as I revive I'm going to blow the SOB away! I'm good, this is why I have a reviver myself.
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