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  1. I log in today, after being revived from being dead for a friggin' week, and some guy killed me, in the middle of a crowd of people, in the middle of an extremely heavily barricaded building. I'm so going to find him and kick him.

  2. Yea, when I put it together I had some big gaps too. And while Green Stuff is a good way to go, it gives you alot of control on how you make the gap look afterwards. However, if you just want a quick and dirty gap filler, Vallejo makes a plaster type thing that works well. Just put a dab on, and brush it in, I belive it's water soluble as well, so you can smooth it out better. But unlike GS, you can't really sculpt it, file it and pick at it to shape it after it dries, but not sculpt it.

  3. There is a designated revivication clinic at St. Maria's Church in Stanbury Village. I've got a character who can revive in the southern part of Shackleville (beneath Stanbury Village). If you'll head that way, I'll hunt for some revivication syringes and revive you.




    Unfortunatly, I did my moves for today before checking the message boards. So I moved completely in the opposite direction. I'll come on down, but it might be a day or two before I get down there, and I'll PM you when I do. If at all possible, can you have two syringes ready, I have two deadies in desperate need.

  4. I need some help! I have two characters that died and no one has revived for a week! Deep Roy is in Barriville at the Eagan Building [43, 46] and Deep Roy Q is at the Staples Building [40, 31].


    If anyone can find it in thier hearts to revive me, I'd be grateful!

  5. Any time a zombie attacks my zombie, I click on the name, then add them to my contact list. Now, when I'm in a group of other zombies, if one of them is on my contact list it points them out to me in the location description. I then go out of my way to attack the zombie who attacked me. It's worked like a charm on several occassions and makes me feel soooo much better to get them back ::D:


    That's exactly what I did, I have about 10-20 names on my contact list of everyone who's ever attacked me. Today when I logged on and found I was dead I logged each person that attacked me and started looking at the groups around me and found one. I found him and killed him, and since I got zombie speech, I said "This is for attacking me you jerk", hopefully he knows how to translate it.

  6. I'm so fricking sick of PKing Zombies! I've been killed by zombies as a zombie more times then by humans, no exaggeration! And last night, not one, but 3 or 4 zombies each attacked me. Ironically, it was a human that showed any kindness, he healed me.

  7. Cool! I'm outside the warehouse just below the Daubeney Building in East Beckton.


    I got there and you were counted among the dead bodies. So I don't know if someone killed you as a zombie, or revived you. Let me know either way, and I'll revive you asap if you still need it.

  8. Hey TWJ..if you could be so sweet as to help a fellow NT worker, poor Dr Greka is shambling around outside a warehouse [26, 36] in East Beckton.


    Yea, no problem. I'm in a nerotech building, and later tonight when I play I'll round some syringes up and head that way. If you get revived before then, just post on the boards here.

  9. ***update*** both of my guys are now at the Colesworthy Monument in Shore Hills. That's 1 block north east of the Kippins Row Fire station.


    Luck was with you. I found two syringes quite quickly, and since you were so close it was nothing to revive you.

  10. 2 Z's outside of the McMullen Museum in Lukinswood. Need re-humanized!! These are my two characters...


    I have a reviver in Shore Hills, so I'm close by, but I have no syringes. So if you don't mind waiting while I round some up, I'll help you out.

  11. Maybe I will cut it down to the last two lines then.


    As you wish Orsino;


    I am the fourth among the twelve, (Judah was born the 4th son of 12)

    I prowl in the south, a king among beasts, (Judah the tribe and kingdom was in the south, it's symbol was the lion)

    An fiersome opponent to those against me, (Judah, when in Gods favor were unbeatable)

    From the natives I gained my inheritance, (Judah, and Isreal, got their land by destroying the Caanites)

    a lions share for the tribe of the lion,

    From me came the tribe; from the tribe came the kingdom,

    a kingdom where the city on the hill stands divided today. (Referances to the man, tribe, and kingdoms of Judah, and a referance to Jerusalem.)


    I don't know, now I'm thinking this isn't as hard of a riddle as I thought. I guess too many people remember Sunday School huh? :oP

  12. Here is another riddle I need assistance on. See if you can solve it, and I am looking for advice on improving it.


    I am the fourth among the twelve,

    I prowl in the south, a king among beasts,

    An fiersome opponent to those against me,

    From the natives I gained my inheritance,

    a lions share for the tribe of the lion,

    From me came the tribe; from the tribe came the kingdom,

    a kingdom where the city on the hill stands divided today.


    A last question, would the riddle still work, or be better if I just used the last two lines. I think it would be harder, but would it be impossible.

  13. Thanks for doing that Spike, I had the same thought, but I'm lazy and didn't want to do that much work.


    Under mine though, can you nix "Deep Roy 3" and add instead "Deep Roy Q (Reviver)" There is a link to his profile above somewhere I believe.

  14. I'm at Stephens St in Shore Hills. If no one revives me in the next day I'll use my stash of AP's to wander northwards somewhere.


    Where's a good place to be once I get revived?


    Ok, I'll be able to get down to you later tonight, I'm up in Lukinswood and I need to find a syringe as well, but I definitely can revive you later today.


    I have Deep Roy at the Maul Row Police Dept, both that and the Teek one is secure and quite full.

  15. Ahhh! Well, I finally died for the first time. ::(:


    A zombie group overran the building I was in and I was tossed out. At least I was in good company, I saw Dies Horribly amongst the bodies. :poke:


    Time to find some revivin. :down:


    Where are you, maybe I can help.

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