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  1. Give your profile link and tell me where you are, I have a reviver (Deep Roy Q) in Lukinswood.
  2. How's the Ackland Mall in Havercroft, still overrun?
  3. Deep Roy (This is the one that needs Reviving at Stephens Street in Shore Hills) Deep Roy Q There's mine, if anyone else wants to post thiers, that's cool so we can know who's who in UD from Reaper.
  4. How do you add someone without first seeing them on a block? Can you manually enter a name?
  5. Ok, I moved to Stephen Street, though it will be hard to pick me out, there is 9 others here. If you have an idea of when you'll show up, I can move to the Club on the next block.
  6. My cop got killed in an attack at the Ackland mall, so if anyone can, I'm at the Pittman Building in Shore Hills if you haven't got anything better to do. Let me know, an I'll move to meet you.
  7. The Ackland Mall is going to be hit, or was hit. There is 63 zombies outside it with some people in, the building wasn't barricaded. I killed two and put up a little barricading, but not much. On the wall is a note for zombies to attack at 1800 GMT. Help out if you can people.
  8. 166 posts, you'd think he'd be at least a second level fighter by now.
  9. I luckily got revived, so I'm good. Funny thing, I saw one guy that literally had every single skill, human or zombie. He was level 26, so far that's the highest level I've seen!
  10. My lab tech needs reviving. How ironic that I made him to revive people, yet he's the one that needs reviving. He's outside the Whippey Building [53, 22] in Shearbank.
  11. So, explain this to me. I'm in the middle of a group of 103 zombies, and who is the only one to get singled out and killed. What the heck is that all about dang it!
  12. I just slaughtered 4 zombies at once in Galbraith Hills with my cop! Boo-yah!
  13. Out of all the things on star trek, I didn't think that would be one that came true!
  14. I thought they changed that, but I can't find that. I thought that now, each zombe resets 24 hours after it's last DNA extraction. This was done to help the loads on the server, but again, I can't find the page that says this now. Anywho, my lab assistant is now able to revive, so if you need me, find Deep Roy Q, or msg me on Reapers boards here. I try to keep him around Havencroft.
  15. Wow, leveling up as a lab tech is sloooooooow.
  16. I'm getting rid of my firefighter, my cop does more damage and hits more often, plus the dang firefighter keeps on dying! So, I created a lab tech. So when I get leveled up and can revive, I'll give a shout out to help you guys out.
  17. I am not an expert, but what little I know I'll offer. Liquid cooled is the bomb when it comes to computer cooling, but for obvious reasons it's not to be undertaken lightly. It is, as far as I know, a hobbists project. When done though, CPU temps will be much lower, mean you get better performance and can push the chips harder. Someday I wouldn't be surprised if liquid cooling is standard on PC's, but it's not there yet. My two cents, if the fan noise is recent, it's because the fan is coming loose or something. A new power supply or maybe even a tightening of the screws (BUT DON"T OPEN IT, NO MATTER WHAT) might fix it for far cheaper. But if you feel like rolling up your sleeves and trying something differant, go for it.
  18. Ah, I was just about to say what he said! He just beat me too it.
  19. Dang it, I'm standing in front of the Nix building, as I said before, waiting for revivify. I keep getting killed while I wait. Can anyone help? And to add insult to injury, some idiot revived my actual zombie!
  20. Go to a Nerotech building, you can find them on the Map of Malton I posted earlier, those buildings are in red text.
  21. I'm can't reach it from IE or firefox. I did the tracert and it's reachable, I'm getting a final time of 152ms though. I can access their wikipages though. I figured this was just my computer or ISP going nuts, but if it's happening to others, what can I do?
  22. Is anyone else having trouble with the Urban Dead website? Everytime I go to urbandead.com it gives me a pop up saying it timed out. Am I alone?
  23. If anyone has a revive shot, I'd be ever so grateful. I'm outside the Nix Building in Havercroft. Let me know and I can meet you. Puh-weeeze.
  24. Does anyone know if the Gerrish PD got hit? I am pretty sure I was safe and sound inside, then when I logged in just now, I was dead. Bummer Dude.
  25. The standard way to get revivified, if you don't know someone, is to wait outside a Nerotech buildings. If I am correct, on the map of the city they are listed in Red Text. I stood outside the "Nix Building" and someone revivified me! Whoo hooo! The complete map of Malton
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