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  1. Yes, almost definitely software related. When a monitor fails, you get craziness jumbled nonsensical picture. I assume you are using Windows, go to the System Restore utility, pick a previous date in which it did work and restore it to that point. Beyond that, you'd really have to delve into what and when you installed prior to the mess up. I would say it is a driver issue, and it still 'maybe' the case. If restore points don't work, 'maybe' doing a driver rollback may work. Sometimes driver upgrades don't go so well (and that may have been upgraded behind your back, or via MS Update). I would try installing a driver from elsewhere. For instance, if you installed the driver directly from Nvidia, you can try one from Microsoft update, or a more 'universal' driver from Nvidia, for example. And if that doesn't work, take a hammer to it.
  2. I like the all dark color scheme. Care to run down some of the colors, especially those of the torso?
  3. It's Bane! Yea, the NMM is going very well. The spot on the top of his head is a bit 'off', but I can't articulate why. The Jeans look very good, but the highlights in the front look too bright, in my opinion.
  4. For some odd reason, when I visited that link, Order of the Stick instantly and clearly popped into mind, despite not reading that for the better part of 7 years.
  5. Color scheme looks perfect. I'd hit it up with another round of dullcote though, it appears a tiny bit glossy, in my opinion.
  6. In almost all cases, I'd paint a new one. It shows your progress as a painter. And, for me, just because I don't like a past paintjob as a whole, there usually is something specific that I really think came out well. I'd like to preserve that one thing.
  7. You have the idea of shade and highlighting down, you just need to thin your paints more and use intermediate colors to allow for smoother transitions. With more practice, you are going to be able to do some cool things.
  8. The wings came out extremely well, considering they are smooth. I am not crazy about the blue, but everything looks just beautiful.
  9. Quick, someone call Zombie Churchill and Zombie Roosevelt!
  10. Screw that, I want Robot Nixon from Futurama!
  11. Here is another mini related demotivational poster.
  12. The cloak is done very well. An I am not talking about the freehand, the transitions from color to color are very smooth and well done. The shirt, I think you highlighted up too much. It looks like she's wearing vinyl or something rather than cloth. Not a big fan of the hair. Maybe that could have used a selective highlight? Not sure, I'm not that good at hair.
  13. I would make sure that the Miniatures are specifically addressed in the prenup.
  14. I am on #76 of the Darths and Droids, and I don't think I've laughed this hard in a while. I also found DM of the Ring. Same concept, but with Lord of the Rings instead of Star Wars. Haven't started it yet.
  15. Ha, the Darths and Droids is pretty funny.
  16. To be fair, he is one of only two people that you can blame. ReaperBryan's job description : Do everything.
  17. Yes the dark background helps, especially in the upper left one.
  18. What recipe did you use for the grayish Orc?
  19. Oh, I like subtle OSL as well, in fact I usually detest OSL because people go crazy and overdo the OSL. But, this is so subtle, to my eyes, that I can not tell that there is any OSL. It could be the pictures, of course.
  20. The paint job is great, bu the osl falls flat. Remember, with mini's everything has to be exaggerated. If you think the osl is okay, it probably isn't highlighted enough.
  21. Ah, yea that is one of them! Any others?
  22. I use to have some bookmarks to comics based on miniatures, but I lost them. I know some were posted here, but I can't find them in the archive. So, can you guys post your favorite webcomics that are themed around Miniatures?
  23. And the "Compare" feature is nice, it saves the trouble of wading comparing features with the thousands of other Carriers on sale. I was going to get this, but "No stealth bomber, no deal".
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