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  1. My firefighter can't revive you, but he'd be more then happy to kill you! Muhahaha. If we haven't come up with a safe house canidate yet, I'm thinking maybe something in the corners, that way we can wander into the nearby areas as well as wander around havercroft. Ideas anyone?
  2. Thanks for showing me this game, I'm hooked, too damn bad they only give you 50 actions a day, it could be 5 times that and I'd be craving more! I have 3 players going. Deep Roy : Police officer : Old Arkham Deep Roy Jr. : Zombie : Williamsville Deep Roy 3 : Fire Fighter : Brooksville I'd love to join up with some of the Reaper homies, so I'll send my firefighter up towards Havercroft tomorrow, where are we meeting? Are we setting up a permanet safe house?
  3. good answers, some of them are right. Let me know your favorites and/or toughest as well though!
  4. I'm making up some riddles for a project, and I was wondering if these are two hard. So guess away. Also, tell me which is your favorite. ========== Two kings of old stand on the field of battle Forward march the footmen, over bounds the slayer of dragons The enemy closes, all is lost, the king lays in defeat. ========== Darkness surrounds all, consumes all, Friction gives way to newborn light, Light shines, heat flows, Too soon I die away, Too soon the darkness returns. ========== In me, the future touches the present, I am the heir to all you make, Undying love lays on me, sacrafices made daily, The lives of two give all for me until my tomorrow comes. ========== We look down on the giants of old, We count our lives by centuries, not years, We dance to and fro, though no man hears the music, We die, and give to our brothers around us.
  5. does anyone know of other games like this? Online and multiplayer and free? I found Kingdom of Loathing, but that's all I know of.
  6. I'm in, kind of an interesting thing.
  7. Vallejo MC 521 Metal Medium works like that. I prefer the effect it gives to many of the colored metallics out there. I know, but if we just bought Vallejo, we wouldn't have a Master Series now would we?
  8. I can't offer much in the way of which colors to use, but please don't stick to just one triad! We have 6 some triads for regular flesh, can't you please spare an extra triad or two for undead?
  9. how about a clear metallic. basically just the flakes in a clear suspension, giving us a base to mix any other color of metallic.
  10. What a travesty! Don Adams dies and no one mentions it on the news, but some guy who played on the Little Rascals dies and it gets played every 10 minutes! Don Adams was a comic genius!
  11. You don't see a lot of product reviews on these boards due to the fact that if someone posts a review and the company doesn't like the review, that company could come back on Reaper and cause problems. But couldn't Reaper wash their hands of it, saying it's the users opinion, not theres? Also, we already do product reviews as it is, not a month, maybe even every week, someone posts a "product review" in reply to which products are best or not.
  12. I personally would like to see more users throwing their two cents doing product reviews, here is my contribution. Although many many people know about JB Weld, I though I'd share anyways for those who haven't tried it yet. JB Weld, is an epoxy that is superstrong though slow to set. I have used it on mini's a few times, on a dragon for one. This stuff is so strong, you don't have to go through the bother of drilling and pinning, though it doesn't hurt to do so. In fact, I used JB Weld on a small joint where the jaw meets the head, and that one small joint can support the whole weight of the dragon, Ebonwrath for your information. Furthermore, it's very useful around the house. If you buy this stuff for mini's, you will end up using it for other things. I used it to make stripped screws hold, fixed a street hockey stick, and and the spring clasps of a purse. The best one so far though is the bathroom door. We have a privacy lock similar to what hotel rooms have. When it was engaged I would come and try to open the door, seperating the frame from the wall. All I did was use the small left overs (not even half a dimes worth) between the frame and wall. Just a small scrapping over such a large surface and now it holds extremely well, it won't even budge. The price isn't bad, about 6-7 bucks, comparable I believe with most if not all other epoxy glues out there. The only downside is the set time. It sets in about 6 hours, and is fully cured after 15-24 hours. So basically just JB Weld it, and let it set overnight. However, that can be a problem, since, say, the arm you are trying to stick isn't going to hover in place for you until it sets. I have found that a bit of superglue, either in the joint or outside it will hold it well until the JB Weld sets. All totalled, JB Weld is definitely worth the money, and hands down the best epoxy I've ever tried. Yea, Yea, I know others out there do their job (so you can refrain from those posts), but I don't think anything has the hold that this stuff has.
  13. How do we know that you didn't just find a picture and are claiming it's you, huh? Huh?
  14. is there going to be anything they can do against this guy that hacked the message boards?
  15. Eric does You can check out some others he has done on his Dragonblood website. They are all based on his own sketches and concept art. Those are some beautiful mini's he makes.
  16. do a search of the reaper message boards for "picture hosting" or similar search terms. Some names off the top of my head; Photobucket, ImageShack, Yahoo Photos. All of them and more will host your pics for free. My two cents, Imageshack is best.
  17. I'm curious as to who makes that mini(s)? I think that is one of the coolest mini's I've ever seen.
  18. This Hobbit song? http://www.game-revolution.com/download/tr...deo/baggins.mov Add the two and it's all hot and it hurts, and now I'm tasting metal. I love that song, I already had the MP3, but it wasn't credited to Nimoy!! Wow, what a campy video! Back on topic, on the main page of that pizzazz site, there are a couple other songs, I downloaded A2M. It's really sick and funny. If you thought that guy was homosexual before, this song out and out proves it!
  19. If it were a scam, they would be asking you to do something, confirm your password, enter a credit card number, etc. This doesn't do any of that. If I read my legalese right, this is a notice that they are temporarily suspending your account because someone other then you tried to access it. It could be a scam, but all the links point to legit ebay pages, unless the targets are other then what you got in your email, I'd say it's legit.
  20. Another popular one I've seen elsewhere is a smilely eating popcorn, useful for all those entertaining fights in the beekeepers board.
  21. Forget that, lock the suck into a strip club until he comes out straight as an arrow or dies in the process!
  22. The beautiful thing about the internet, everyone has a forum to express their creativity. The downside of the internet, everyone has a forum to express their creativity. I haven't seen such flambouancy since Elton John had a party and invited over Liberace, Boy George, 'Nsync and Backstreet Boys, and The Queer Eye guys.
  23. Screw the licensing and don't fret about lawsuits and such, just remake the minis and sell them, you are a minis company after all. To help out, I promise to pay .0000000001% of the total lawsuit (not including legal fees) against Reaper. To a degree, I agree. Liscensing makes it harder to remake the mini's, but some of these are so popular even now that it might be worth getting the liscensing renewed. I'm no expert, so I might be blowing smoke out my butt.
  24. Well, when I think New Orleans, I think Girls Gone Wild, but I don't think anyone would want a mini like that but me, so.... I love the croc idea, maybe a box set of a really kick butt croc, not a plain one though. I dislike the bard idea. Fitting yes, but rememeber, people will still buy it for how cool it is as well. I just don't think Bards are that cool.
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