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  1. But you said you only lost one. This can mean only one thing, he went on a Recruiting campaign.
  2. I really don't think the situation has gotten drastic enough to warrant cleaning!
  3. Ok, it was definitely the nozzles. I swapped them out with a known good pair, and they work just fine. Later, I kept poking and prodding them, and they work now. I assume it was flash, but the gunmetal blues behavior was weird. Thank you for the advice everyone.
  4. Took it off and poked it from both sides. I'll try a safety pin later, and I have a twist tie that is ultra thin and bendy that might reveal any blockages better than any of the above.
  5. I don't think a paperclip will work, I had a toothpick in as far as it goes, which is much farther than a paperclip would. Sorry that I didn't include that detail before. I'm going to try a safety pin later. I don't think it's a errant piece of plastic, at least for the gunmetal blue, it will go all the way up to the nozzle, a tiny bit will even cling to the outside of the nozzle, but a drop won't form at all. Up until that point, it seems to flow through the nozzle regularly.
  6. I got an order of paints last week or so. It included the colored metalics (adamantium black, scorched metal, and gunmetal blue) and for the life of me the blue and adamantite will not come out no matter how hard or long I squeeze. All three were giving me trouble until I soaked the nozzles overnight (There was no visible paint in the nozzles afterwards), now the scorched metal is working ok, but the other two are still clogged. I even added some water/retarder to thin it some, but they still won't come out. Adamantium Black won't even make it past where that little platform sits in the nozzle about a . The gunmetal blue one will put the paint all the way up to the exit point, but won't form even the tiniest drop. On both, the paint consistency seems fine. Anyone know what may be causing this and how I can fix this?
  7. Project Gutenberg Definitely the king of free ebook sites, but not a whole lot of current books. Amazon Sort price low to high, you should be able to do this with all retailers really. I haven't tried them all, but I start with 20 Best Websites To Download Free Ebooks I found a link to free Dr. Who ebooks once, but it escapes me now.
  8. So will these be Master Series paints, just denser? Or are we talking different colors here? And how does someone else scoop Reaper of it's own news!?
  9. Forgive my ignorance, but I must ask for the sake of learning. Won't the glossiness go away once you seal them and then hit them with a matte finish?
  10. You did good with the shadows and color choice, but I think you need to work on your highlights, they are a bit too understated.
  11. Who said anything about labels going obsolete? My proposal would use regular stickers, which they already have, and add a generic label that wouldn't go obsolete either. The cost of adding a small "experimental, colors may not be exact" sticker would be very minimal (especially considering that they are already paying for large special "Sample" stickers), and then at least we would know which color it is close to, and thus know which colors to use it with.
  12. I didn't recognize him (Martin Freeman) from the pictures on the site, but that's Arthur Dent!
  13. Let me throw my support behind the ipod/ipad, despite my contempt for Apple. When I decided to get an ebook reader, I looked at the Nook, Kindle, etc, and saw they were for the most part one-purpose devices ranging from 150-300 bucks. I missed my old palm pilot (where I first got into ebooks) which allowed me to not only read ebooks, but also watch video, listen to music, edit office documents, play games, etc. None of the ereaders did any of that. So for me, the choice to get an iPod touch was easy. It's roughly the same price as alot of ereaders, and it can do so much more. The touch would also allow you to listen to audiobooks, and it does allow reading from pdf's, but there is also tools from other programmers that will convert pdf to epub, so pdf's really aren't too big an issue. As for ebooks, anyone that sells a device sells ebooks. Amazon is pretty huge and does have some freebies. A search for ebooks will reveal the lesser known ebook stores. The one I love though is project gutenberg, mentioned before. Every book is free, and a great many of them are classic, iconic pieces of literature, since they collect and publish books that are in the public domain, such as Sherlock Holmes, Wizard of Oz, HG Wells, etc.
  14. I think there is abwhole thread about this under the painting tips board. But I will add my support for simple green as well. Good stuff, though it's been harder for me to find than in yesteryears.
  15. So don't word it like that. I guess if it was my call, I'd just put the regular sticker on, and then a small oval one that says "experimental, color may not match exactly" or the like. May not explicitly be true, but even a mistake batch can turn into something good. I guess for me, I don't care, and probably wouldn't notice that color isn't perfect. I don't think most people would. Those that do, as evidenced by this thread, will already know that free sample colors aren't going to be perfect. But that is my opinion. That assumes that I have the color already in my arsenal, which in this case I do not. And inventing a new name doesn't help me know which other colors it relates to.
  16. Did you try setting out a trap baited with paints and mini's?
  17. I disagree Bryan. Being a more amatuer painter, the label of a paint is critical, even if the paint isn't quite right. If this is a bad batch of Rosy Skin, that makes a world of difference to me than if it is Faded Purple. If I were a more experienced painter, maybe that extra Pthalo would matter, but as it stands, I am not quite sure that Pthalo is actually a word, much less that I would notice it affecting my mini. A more discerning painter I am sure, but I have a feeling that they would notice the difference by sight. That said, if I do not know which paint it is, or was intended to be, I have no idea how to highlight or shadow it. Again, I am a simple painter. You highlight Deep Red with Blood Red, why, because the fancy chart Reaperbryan posted says so. Hmmm, I don't see 'Sample' on the chart, now what!? Yup, that's me. Maybe someday I'll be a more discerning painter. I do like the tagging experimental paints for feedback though, great idea kristof65. Again, and I can not state this enough, the fact that Reaper gives out sample paints, aside from being a wise business solution, is just awesome. Stuff like this is why I go to them first for any of my mini needs.
  18. I use too, I'd like to get a new GPS before I start it up again. Possibly once I finish school and get a job. I in particular loved making caches. I aimed to create themed caches (I had a pokemon/magic/Yugioh themed cache and a book cache) as well as puzzle caches (one of which took people 3 some weeks to find due to the devious puzzle and that I had siliconed on dirt and bark to the container). Yes, if it weren't for school, I would be a blight upon the geocachers of MN. The main website is geocaching.com. However I have heard of other websites that post their own caches, they are a very small part of the market though. There are also regional clubs, which are kind of fun since they organize group caching as well as parties. Guess what Geocachers do when they get together at someones house for an evening party...geocache!
  19. But they already are paying the cost of printing labels and applying them, just not descriptive ones...
  20. Regarding the free sample paints, I understand all that, but a label, whether denoting the color name or something saying "Test Color" would be helpful. @fieldarchy Thank you, when I am ready to order the next set (300 bucks is a bit steep for me to drop right now, but as soon as is feasible). I will phone it in and try and get a hold of Adrienne. Regarding the casualty markers. Now that I got them out and primed them, they are comparable to the regular mini's. They still seem a bit small for me, but I can still use them. I would, however, love if they made more dead and assorted body parts. It makes for more realistic dioramas, I think.
  21. I have not done so, but gathered from forums would be something like : Clean (maybe iso alcohol), prime with a dull coat, paint, then seal as normal. If anyone has more experience, I'd love to hear it.
  22. Here is another rule of thumb : Swelling has gone down = Doctor Immediately.
  23. I just got my order from Reaper consisting of a few triads of paints and two casualty markers. I got a happy surprise of a free sample of the Master Series paint. I think it's awesome you put the free sample in, but I have no idea what color this is. The wrap around sticker only says "Sample", but no name. All I can compare it to is the paints I have (which is less than half of the whole set) or the paint chart posted on the boards (which isn't accurate enough for me to pinpoint it). It looks Faded Purple, but it also bears a resemblance to the Rosy skin triad. Far from complaining, I'm just proposing maybe put the regular stickers on, and then add a small free sample sticker later when and if that bottle becomes a sample. Otherwise, what is the point of a sample if doesn't lead to follow up sales. If I like it, I have no idea what other two paints to order to complete the triad. As for my question, I bought 3 triads and got them. However, the day before they arrived, I noticed that you sell the paints in big packs, complete with the paint carrier. Is there a way I can order the paint caddy and the paints, but minus the ones I just ordered, with a bit of money taken off? Might be too much a pain to be worth your while, but worth asking because I really don't need doubles of these particular paints. Another suggestion, off the top of my head. More casualty minis, but also make them of a comparable size. The two casualty markers I got look like someone armored up a couple kids (and killed them) compared to the regular minis I'm going to put into my diorama. I realize that I could hack and slash a mini into a dead body, but I am not confident of my ability and don't have too much of a desire to chop up minis I bought because they looked awesome fully assembled. My two cents.
  24. I copyrighted 'bryangles'. You all owe me 5 cents for each use.
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