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  1. Indeed it is. I have one sitting in my unfinished bin.


    It was from the Monsters I box set, as well as released solo as WOC40092.


    Thanks a ton. Having that item number really helps. I did a lot of the monsters from those sets now that I see them again. Ah, memories.


    Do you have these?

    WOC40046 (Gnoll)

    WOC40052 (Troll)

    WOC40085 (Human Rogue)

    WOC40089 (Elf Fighter)

    WOC40095 (Earth Elemental)

    WOC88266 (Orc Assassin)

    WOC40002 (Halfling Rogue)

    WOC40018 (Ogre)

    WOC40021 (Ettin)

    WOC40020 (Hill Giant)

    WOC40022 (Fire Giant)

    WOC40016 (Cyclops)

    WOC40007 (Bugbear)


    I don't want to go through the trouble of buying just one figure from someone, but if you have a bunch of them, maybe we could make a deal. Painted is fine as well.

  2. Reaper has these casualty markers:And Foundry has lots of casualties packs from different periods, if you go to their website and do a search on "casualties".

    Those are exactly what I was looking for, I wish reaper made more though, with more variety. Thank you greatly.


    I've got a few beheaded models easily converted into dead guys. :zombie:


    Where did you get the beheaded model? Or did you make them from regular minis?

  3. Maybe I am missing it in the Reaper Store, but do they make figures that are dead? Or assorted limbs? I wanna populate a diorama with such.


    I don't want to putz with chopping up other mini's and such, so I'm looking for pre-made.


    If not Reaper, do you know of any other manufacturer that does?

  4. Any particular minis that you are looking for? I have several of the old blisters came in a box of minis I won off eBay years ago.


    I would love to repaint the first mini I ever created. I would only know it by sight though. It was an ogre, long hair with a bit of it in a tail, a fur 'toga', and a large club in one hand which it held down towards the ground, as opposed to up in the air, mid-swing. It looked a little 'trollish' with a slender face and body, but it was labeled as an ogre. It may have had a belt, but I don't think it had any extras on it, such as pouches or such. I am fairly certain that it was connected with TSR, but that's half a guess.

  5. One of the ways to double check this stuff is to open your browser separately from the email, and go to the website the email is supposedly from. Log into your account - if there is truly a problem, the website will typically let you know upon login.


    Yes, you will always want to confirm via other means than the email. I would suggest calling rather than just simply logging in. Legitimate problems may not be presented on log in, but also because this informs the company about potentially new email scams regarding their company or products.

  6. Clicking on a bad link is not definitive. There are plenty of ways to send someone to a site and engineer what shows up in your address or url pane to look like the spoofed site.


    It was good of you to be wary R.




    Nah, it's pretty definitive. If you clicked on a scam link for WOW, it would be very unlikely, but not impossible, that it would say "www.blizzard.com" in the URL bar.


    The vast majority of scanners aren't willing to put the time in for a decent scam, must less one with that level of sophistication. They don't, after all, even both to use spell check; much less something like a man-in-the-middle or redirect attack.


    There are tricks, of course, but anyone paying attention to the URL should see through them.

  7. General rule of thumb,

    Look at the URL's, either in the email or by hovering. Clicking on them can be dangerous, but is pretty definitive.

    Look at email headers. The email address may say '[email protected]', which can be spoofed. The email headers contain the entire trip the email took. '[email protected]' won't be coming from anything but the US, and definitely not china.

    If there is spelling errors, it's fake.

    If they are threatening to suspend or delete the account, it's fake. Blizzard has your money, what do they care?


    If you are ever in doubt, call up the supposed company, or visit them if it's local. Don't reply and don't click on the links.

  8. The old Ral Partha AD&D line is dead, destroyed, and will never be cast again (save by Ebay pirates). Ebay is your best bet. That being said, however, check out Otherworld Miniatures, which does minis very much based on the old 1st Edition artwork.


    Also don't forget our very own Reaper, which has some useful bits and figures!




    Duh, how could I forget about eBay. I never think of eBay when it comes to mini's.


    I already found the Umberhulk mini I did long ago. Damn that was just gawd-awful. Both the mini design and the colors I used...

  9. When I first started painting mini's, I cut my teeth on some of the old AD&D miniatures they use to put out. I mean old, like pre-WotC miniatures.


    Anyone know of anyplace that sells them anymore? I would just repaint the first mini's, but I lost them in a move long ago.


    Any help would be awesome.

  10. I have one similiar to that, I just did shadowed stone for the cracks, weathered stone for the plateaus, and then dry brushed some white on top to give it a little character.


    No the fanciest, but it looks decent without overshadowing the mini itself, when and if I get a chance to actually paint it...

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