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  1. Funny story about loved ones taking pictures of you in the hospital,


    I went in the hospital last year for swine flu. It was a big affair, I was sedated for 8 days, and I don't remember too much of the days prior to that even.


    I recovered, and I got around to fixing my mothers broken computer. I took out her hard drive and did data recovery, carving out all her files, current and deleted.


    While I was scanning the output files, I noticed a picture of me in the hospital sleeping. Sleeping or sedated. I was pissed at my mom.


    The mystery was that my mom said she never took any pictures of me, and her computer broke before I got sick. How did it get on her computer?


    A few days later, my mom calls me and says she found out the answer to the mystery. She was visiting facebook and saw the picture in an advertisement. It was just sheer chance that the guy in the picture looked like me and was in a similar hospital room and bed.


    First, survival:


    My comment on surviving space was more for the craft than for people, since it doesn't actually hold any passengers. Obviously the balloon would pop way before it got to a point where everyone would agree as 'space'. Any compartment for passengers would make the payload so heavy, I doubt it could get aloft to a height that anyone would consider 'space'. That's kind of where I was coming from.


    That depends both on how you define "space" and how you define "near".


    The most often quoted definition of space is starting at 62 miles/100 km. While there is some 'fuzziness', 19 miles, or even relatively near that, has never been close to any definition of space I've heard of.


    Despite how the media is portraying it, they never say they are going into "space."


    The very first line of the text in the video is "In August 2010, we set out to send a camera to space". Additionally, they declare their family the '2010 Brooklyn Space Program'.


    Close enough to still be AWESOME.


    I agree, I think this would be hella fun to do. I guess I just don't see why the media is over-hyping this. People launch weather balloons all the time. Plus the inaccuracy is annoying too. It is not a 'spacecraft', balloons do not go into, or travel through space; they travel through atmosphere. A jetski on land does not make it a car.

  3. Wow, lots of awesome suggestions. Especially the idea of using heat to warp and play with it. I'm sure I'll end up tinkering with that process.


    By chance, I found something that might do at Michaels. I was there to get some corkboard stumbled upon clear, relatively soft, plastic Christmas tree balls. All I have to do is cut out the 'shield' shape, I'm thinking something roughly teardrop, and just paint it. Though the heating might help me do cooler things with it, the swirl in the middle is a neat idea, and maybe add a little bit of waviness around the edges or leaving a 'tag' at the bottom to glue the shield to the base conspicuously.


    I even got a wooden base, since this project is quickly growing to warrant it.

  4. If it's the same story, other media is headlining this with "New Jersey cater and son launch spacecraft".


    They got up to 19 miles (maybe KM). Which is impressive, but no where near space. And that would in no way survive in actual space.


    Idiot media


    The people from "It's effin' science" on G4 did the same. Surprised mythbuster hasn't done this already, but with the prerequisite explosions.

  5. The question asked in 'Clear Paint Question' got me thinking, and it bloomed into an idea for a diarama.


    Have any of you used a piece of clear plastic, using paints to tint it, to create a mage force field effect? I have an idea of how to paint it, but I am stumped as to where to get such a piece of plastic, with minimal expense.


    Any ideas, or example pics?

  6. Great work.


    If I may offer some constructive criticism, I do not like the base of the winged demon. You have darker greys, and then all of a sudden white highlights. They seem to be too much of a jump up in color, in my opinion. First rate paint job on the rest definitely though, especially the wings.


    And if I may not offer some constructive criticism, I shall go to the fridge and make myself a sammich instead.

  7. Age of Dragons


    Well, if you're not going to do something original, adding dragons does help.


    I think the general rule is when creativity runs out, add dragons, zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) or werewolves (Little Women and Werewolves).


    Mmmm, maybe I can make my fortune with "Uncle Tom's Cabin and Orcs".


    You know, if adding fantasy monsters to regular novels make them more interesting, I wonder if the reverse is true? Harry Potter and the Lost TPS Reports...

  8. So, I worked on Judas Bloodspires cape last night for a few hours, and i got it to where I don't totally hate it. I finished one side, and now I need to paint the other. I had heard of people using brush-on sealer to protect while painting.


    Can anyone give me some guidelines on how to do this, since my forum searches produced nothing.


    Do I water down the sealer at all, or use full strength? Should I use one thin coat, or build it up as if the mini is finished? Would RMS sealer be best, or would Future? Can I go back and touch up the paint later or once I put on the sealer is it done and finished?



  9. The revivification is going well. I am aiming to have the paints be a tad bit thicker than I remember them being, since it's easier to put water in later than take it out. On average, I'd say that I'm putting in 20 drops (at 5 distilled water to 1 drop retarder ratio) for those paints that require any, although 10 drops or even 30 drops does happen. If I think it needs 5, I just skip it.


    For any that might find this post in the future, and happen to be in the same predicament...


    Cleaning the nozzles does wonders. Sometimes the paint will snake out, and you will assume the paint is thick. That maybe the case, but it could also be that the paint in the nozzle is dried up and the rest may or may not be.


    Also, make sure when you clean the nozzles, have a strainer or the drain otherwise closed. Those damn skulls do like to attach to the nozzles, and when you clean them it is very easy for them to go down the drain without you noticing. I was lucky enough to find one after the fact.


    It is also easy to take the nozzle off, put it aside while you drop in water, and then forget to put the nozzle on, put the cap back on and put it in the paint shaker.


    Have a large supply of toothpicks or something handy. A membrane forms just below the nozzle that will limit the amount of water you can put in, even though right below that is open space. A quick stir with a toothpick will break it and open it up.


    It seems to be that the paints that were used more in the past, which wasn't many in my short career as a painter, seem to need the most reviving. So for me, the warm brown triad and the fire triads needed more reviving than the royal purple triad. So, if you are in the same situation, you can probably just pick those paints you use most often, revive them, and let the rest sit until you try to use them.


    The paint shaker has definitely paid for itself though.

  10. Where do you find a paint shaker and approximately how much do they go for? I checked Hobby Lobby and Michaels as well as my FLGS but no luck. I would just use my Jigsaw as suggested but I have a 2 1/2 year old running around that loves to see what dad is doing and try to replicate it so yeah, not so much.


    Yea, I got the Robart one. My local train/RC shop had to order it. I think any place that sells miniatures, Testors, Airbrush supplies should have one or be able to order it for you. Otherwise there is always online, this page was posted elsewhere in the forum http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/rob/rob411.htm?source=froogle


    It's pretty good, but I wish that it shook the paints in such a way as to take advantage of the fact that reaper has agitators in their paint. But, manually picking up the shaker and moving it in various orientations should fix that.


    Thank you all for the advice. You all get +1 XP, and +2 to Charisma.

  11. Thanks for all the advice.


    I got the paint shaker and so far have only checked post-shake results.


    Alot of them are coming out thick, and a lot need their nozzles clean. However, there are some that are so thick that instead of coming out as drops, it comes out as a long stream, worm-like.


    So, my question is, what kind of amounts are we talking about for adding distilled water (I don't have anything else yet)? Should I be adding drop by drop, or greater amounts?

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