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  1. I have been away from painting for nigh on 5 years, and other than a brief one month stint somewhere in there, my paints have sat in the closet the whole time. About half of them are fine with a little shaking, but the other half are quite rough. They come out very thick to the point that they won't form drops, just a long line of paint.


    My question is, what should I add into the bottles to thin them down? Is plain old water good enough, or is there something better?


    Any other advice and tips would be appreciated.

  2. Some great time ago, there was a thread devoted to a video of a business meeting that was conducted or ran itself like a message board. The thing I most remember was people yelling out "First!" periodically. I tried finding it, but my searches came up with nothing. Anyone else know where to find this?

  3. Look at Napoleon, Hitler, Schwarzenegger, Rambo, - pretty much any "heroic" person/character


    Anyone else here concerned that his list of "heroes" starts off with Napoleon and Hitler, and just keeps getting worse?


    Seriously though, the 25mm is just a number, what matters is relative scale. You say you have a dwarf that's larger then a human figure. If that bothers you, that's your prerogative, then replace one or the other. And since every manufacturer uses their own scales, sometimes multiple scales, you have to decide if having a true scale means more then the options of buying from multiple lines and multiple makers. No need to go online and gripe about it. But, given the choice between sticking to an arbitrary number scale, and having very detailed, very interesting mini's; I'd choose the detail anyday. I'm assuming the human is more true to the 25mm scale then the dwarf. If the dwarf was, can you imagine how little detail they could fit on? I wouldn't even bother buying it, because I know I couldn't paint what little (pun intended) detail they could put in.


    If you want to be more exacting then the rest on scales, that's all good; but at the same time, you have to realize that creating miniatures is more of an art then an excersize in exactness, and that you can't reform a whole industry just because you care more for accuracy then everyone else.

  4. To be frank, I would find seeing a santa ringing a bell collecting quarters yelling out "ha ha ha" much more disturbing. Never trust a Santa that's laughing non-stop for no known reason. I had to learn that one the hard way. Damn you Santa!!

  5. I have spray on primer, but being that I live and apartment, and it's winter and i have no decently heated place to spray it, I won't be using that until spring. I know where I can get Reapers primer, but I'm looking for something with bigger, more bang for the buck I suppose. Preferably Wal-mart or Michaels. I have some Hobby and gaming shops, but they are much farther away.

  6. Sometime ago, more then a year ago, I soaked my mini's in simple green and scrubbed them clean and rinsed them in water. I'm trying to get back into painting, and on pulling them out they look odd. They are dark, save for in some raised edges which shine a little. It definitely looks like they are covered in a film or tarnish. What do you recommend for cleaning them prior to priming?

  7. Shouldn't you be asking if the stuff is any good BEFORE buying it?


    My experience, either GW products work like crap, or they work fine, at twice the price of others. GW, as a rule of thumb, should be avoided if at all possible.


    Specifically, the can of GW finish that I had left a white fuzzy appearance on the mini's.

  8. Wal-Mart has the starter box priced down to $25 right now. That's $5 less than I've seen it at Toys 'R Us.


    I was looking at it just today at Wal-Mart. I never played this, I played another one very similair. I think it had Arms in the title. It was cooler, it has a whole castle front, some bunkers for the attackers, you used plastic marble type balls for attacking. Me and my buddy used to use up his whole living room for the game.

  9. Further proof that degrees accounted to your name has no bearing whatsoever to intelligence. As a rule of thumb, the more detailed someones prediction of the future, the more money you can bet they are wrong. In a thousand years, this will happen, which will cause this, etc. It's retarded. Furthermore, like Spike said, you can't account for tastes in the future. Up until a hundred years ago, maybe more, the slim figured woman was considered unattractive, and large, full figured women where the epitome of beauty. This theorist and the idiot that predicted human robot marriages should be stripped of their degrees and forced to mine dehydrated water, which they are just stupid enough to believe.

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