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  1. Wikiquote has a page devoted to them as well. It's where I stole mine from. Wikiquote
  2. I can't believe Superman survived the Silver age of comics. On Wikipedia they say the comics are real, coming from an age when publishers would put a scene on the cover so strange and bizarre that people would have to pick it up to figure it out. And looking at these covers, it works, I'm kinda pissed I can't read the books to figure out why Superman is being such a D. I mean on one, he's holding a pitcher of water over Jimmy Olsen and Aquaman, telling them they don't get the water because the rules of the contest were that only one is allowed to survive. I mean, what the F.
  3. I know! Isn't it great? Don't get me wrong, if he was actually on the national ballot, which I doubt will happen, I wouldn't vote for him. I mean, who would you be electing into office? The character? The real man? The character is a idiot with good intentions that's too lazy to worry about facts. And I have no idea about the politics of the person, beyond a vague democratic leanings. But, regardless, his little "stunt" has put more life into politics then in recent memory. For once, I"m actually a little interested, rather then my normal, "just tell me which idiot wins"
  4. I can't believe this isn't a topic yet. On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert announced that he was running for president in the South Carolina primary, as a republican and democrat. I'm sure you can find video somewhere on the net of his appearance on the Daily Show (where he announced he was considering thinking about maybe announcing running) and his show (where after 15 minutes of soul searching he heard the call to run). I think it's hilarious! I hope he actually does get on the ballot.
  5. No, I don't think either side handled this the best way. But, the Rescue Shelters rules are by their very nature about the dog. I heard the reason they took the dog back is because there were kids. I doubt that rule was made at random, there must be a reason. Even if it was for some other reason, the rule was there for the dogs benefit. If that dog shouldn't be in a house with children, and this house has children, why should they keep it? And if this home was suitable for the animal, then no big deal, the people just have to go down and get the animal again, this time in their name not in Ellen's. Even if the shelter strong arms them over a trivial point, all the family has to do is go get the animal themselves, big whoop.
  6. I feel sorry for the rescue shelter. Sure, they are a bit too "letter of the law", but you have to understand. These people work very hard to ensure that the animal goes to a good family, and thus not right back into a shelter. Sure, Ellen may or may not have given the animal to a good family. But, people who give away animals don't always have the same standards the shelter does. How many dogs given away end up right back at the shelter?
  7. New reaper logo to replace the skull and spinal cords? I don't know what it is, but I thought, damn I wish it was a mini when I first saw it.
  8. I saw a report on a boy who was allergic to sunlight. No joke. I kinda wish I was, then I'd have an excuse for being a night owl. I'd be great. People would expect, even require me to be up all night! A dream come true!
  9. I was stoked when I heard that too. I loved American Gladiators! Who cares if it's unoriginal!? It's awesome.
  10. The thing is, it's not like she's unusual. I would guess that alot of women, if not all, take income into account to a degree. I don't exactly see alot of dating sites devoted to hooking up the homeless. Yet, there are sites devoted to this king of potential relationships. Hot chicks think they can land rich men because they are hot. And guess what? They are right. The thing that sets this woman apart is a man that thinks with his head rather then other areas happened upon her ad. Who knows how many other guys emailed her interested. I'd wager alot more then one.
  11. I have a low self esteem. My mom calls me a waste of skin.
  12. Hey, who can blame her. If I found a guy that made 500k a year, I'm just saying, gender suddenly wouldn't matter quite so much.
  13. Does anyone have experience with Puzz 3-D puzzles? Specifically, gluing them. What brand glue is recommended, and does it leave a shine? If it does, is there a way to get rid of any glossiness?
  14. You say that as if Adult language and humor is a detriment rather then enhancing how funny it is...
  15. I don't know if it's because it's 2 am or not, but that nearly made me piss myself laughing.
  16. Sounds like the problem isn't the majority you are offending, but the minority. I make it policy never to let the minority dictate my life, especially when it's at the expense of the majority. Stick around, and if someone gets offended and isn't smart enough to realize that you don't intend to offend, it's there own fault. Well, theirs or the paint chips they ate as a kid.
  17. I miss Webtv...I can't count how many hours I wasted on that thing...
  18. Of those still playing WoW, what servers are you on? I have a handful of characters (both horde and alliance) on Blackwater Raiders.
  19. Just excellent! Thank you very much for the time you put into that reply, it was quite a bit more then I expected or asked for, and it's greatly appreciated!
  20. In ancient days, I saw a post of Anne's mini display shelves. It was made of a clear plastic. I want to make my own, but don't know exactly what she used, what she used to glue them together, how much it costs for a sheet (or square foot), etc. Can anyone clue me into those details? Thank you.
  21. Thank very much for your help. Some of the plastic won't be painted because it's chrome looking plastic, and looks great as is. I dont' think painting will add anything to it, and might just make it look worse. Not to mention that it will use up alot of paint. If I paint acrylic over enamel, do I have to still seal it? I know it's smart, but is it essential? Can anyone give me a recommendation for a brush on sealer? I know I'm going to need it at one point or another. Something bright, and cheap?
  22. I am doing a model of a Harley bike. I don't want to go through the trouble of priming, painting and sealing, being that most of it can be left unpainted. However, I have a few questions. 1. Can anyone recommend a brush on varnish that will give it a shine like cars and bikes have? Something cheap, small (I don't need alot) and bright, and works well with both enamel and acrylic paints. 2. Is there a way to shine up the chrome colored plastic? It won't be painted, nor sealed, so I want it to look as shiney and real as possible. 3. If I do a bottom layer of Enamel paints, but want to do washes, or highlights with acrylics over that, how will that fair? 4. I have to paint black leather for the side bags. I'm thinking doing a mix of gloss and flat black (they are shiny, but not as shiney as the metal). Or does anyone have a better idea? 5. How do I paint the tires? Testors has a Rubber color paint, but I don't think the color is going to be right. Flat black might not look right. I know this isn't strictly mini related, but lets face it, the swarm here at Reapers boards is all knowing! This model is a gift for my sweethearts father, so I want it to be perfect and/or awesome. Thanks for any help offered!
  23. I've found that priming with a spray on primer is pretty much idiot proof so long as you keep a distance from the mini. As long as I've kept, say 10 inches or so, the mini's come out decent enough. Perfect, maybe not, but still paintable. In my experience, the rest is just details, almost unimportant for beginners, but something you want to learn and perfect as you go along. This is especially true if you start to get into commission or contest painting.
  24. Now, alot of people are going to tell you advice like, practice, learn this technique, learn that, read these sites, talk to these people. Pish-Shaw! The key to great painting, epic level painting is the cussing, as it is in all worthwhile endeavors. The right web of words can turn a flab mini into a fab mini!
  25. If they are going to upgrade the connection for free, why did they "Offer" it to you? What, like you were going to say no and yell at them for even offering such an insulting deal? Good luck in ruling the world though, remember me when you ascend to your throne. I've always been a kindly and loyal subject so far, my liege.
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