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  1. And in World News today, the first human being was successfully cloned. A miniature painter for a texas manufactor whose name hasn't been released has been cloned, not once, but several times. When asked for comment, the woman said; "Finally I can take a vacation.....I hope."
  2. Hi, thanks for the compliment! For the coins, I actually used "fruit" from Woodland Scenics. They come in red and orange, and are the perfect scale for a treasure pile. They're not the most fun to work with (I mean, they're tiny little balls, right? The end up EVERYWHERE) but they are definitely worth it :) I know something that looks similar to those. I work at a sandblasting plant, and we use little beads of stainless steel that look exactly like that. I may have to use those sometime. Too bad they are more spherical then flat.
  3. maybe we could take up a collection, everyone ship our spare Green stuff to you so you can fix your car. Though I don't evny you for having to sculpt the tread and lettering on the wheels...
  4. Not really, it has some numbers, but not what I was looking for.
  5. So to expand on this kind of question. How many mini's has Reaper manufactured since it started pouring mini's? What kind of market share does Reaper have? Just curious, don't know if anyone can answer these.
  6. Actually, my shop teacher did say that. He was a strange dude. He was down to 3 fingers when I was in his class. I think he went insane soon after and started duct taping everything to the ceiling. I don't know what would hurt more, the initial incident, or the guy coming along with the claw end of the hammer to take them out.
  7. I've never seen a base like that, how did you do that?
  8. I'm by far not an expert. What I did was fill the base (which had a deep lip around the perimeter) with a type of plaster, I forget the name. Then after painting the mini I just dig into the plaster enough to put the mini, and then cover the hole and base of the mini with sand. Some do something similiar, though I don't know the whole procedure, such that they don't cover the mini's base, allowing them to take the mini out of the diarama.
  9. This hasn't been my experience. I've left mine in for a few days, or a week, maybe more. The paint came off easy, and the metal looks clean and brand new.
  10. Don't forget the picnic basket and a mauled camper and blood soaked fur. now that would be a cool mini
  11. You should make a whole Jawa symphony. You just have too. To stop now would be a crime against both the miniature and musical worlds. Maybe have a jedi directing...
  12. You should share that with some germans, cause those germans, they are just nuts for Hasselhoff!
  13. What colors did you use, especially for the Rhino Centuar. What colors would you add to make it better? I have this one to paint....someday.
  14. We all know you are trying your hardest, trying to work a thousand differant jobs at once Anne, we have faith in you. That said, we're sick of waiting! How about we all storm down to Denton and help you out finishing the book? We work on the cheap!! A few miniatures, some mountain dew and potato chips, and we are your slaves until that book is done. :oP Nothing but love for ya
  15. Interesting idea, I can't wait to hear your results. My speculation though. The magnet should hold it, for the most part. I don't know how strong a magnet that small would be. Even if it holds as tight as glue, which I would wager against, it would be weak against rotation. If you pull on it, it might hold, but if you turned the limb, I don't think it would stop the turning. Keep us informed please.
  16. And, we had to make our own brushes. But, we couldn't use horse hair, that was used mainly for wigs back then. So we had to go out, hunt down a wild boar, shave it, and release it without being killed. Ah, those were the days.
  17. That background you use is incredibly distracting. All I see is that. I have to actually concentrate to see any details on the mini. That's not a good thing, my advice, lose the background.
  18. I know how/why Chuck is winning!!!! He's bribing the people with free Total Gyms! I mean I'd like to have a bridge named after me too, but to sink to that level, how sinister and pathetic. We expected better of you Chuck!! Well....no we didn't.
  19. DON'T give Anne more work then she already has, doing so might push the painting book back even farther. Doing so will result in a mob chasing you down! Although that might be fun, we haven't gathered a mob together in a couple months.
  20. Hey now, he lives on in a hilarious and popular Conan O' Brien bit. And that's like a million times more notable then a bridge or the show that spawned the bit.
  21. I wonder how many of those votes were cast by Chuck himself? I'm sure the dudes got nothing but time....
  22. The fact that Reaper has a SWAG program is cool. But keychains, hats, etc, they don't give me any reason to save my points. I have no interest whatsoever. For me, if you guys were to have stuff like mini's, triads of paint or even single bottles, paint brushes, and other "usefull" stuff I would easily start saving up.
  23. ages ago when I got my first set of MSP's, I got a free sample of a pro paint. Nice surprise for sure, and it's small touches like that and the free casketworks that make me adore Reaper
  24. I can totally see Jon Stewarts impression of Bush saying that, finished off with the "hehe" that he does.
  25. This video has been getting rave reviews a few places that I've seen it talked about. For me, meh, it wasn't even worth the download. Didn't laugh, didn't smile. Another week, another mediocre Star Wars video.
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