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  1. The Chronoscope and Charnel Pit look like garbage. Just MHO. Waiting for more good fantasy unlocks. Not a fan of the encounters so far except the first dwarven one.
  2. I have to go all in for the Dark Depths expansion. All of those miniatures just blow me away - and the Sea Giant will be the first thing I tackle when I get my brushes wet with new Bones 5 minis. I have a lot of time to practice my brush skills.
  3. I hate to be a "Dougie Downer" but am I the only one that is getting a little nervous about Reaper sticking to update deadlines now that ReaperBryan is gone? I am new to this whole Bones Kickstarter thing, but it seems like the info channels are struggling a bit with his absence. It makes me hesitate a little when thinking about adding to my pledge. Am I alone in this? If I am, please let me know, as I don't want to be an alarmist without cause. Thank you to everyone here for being patient with me.
  4. No love for the Chronoscope expansion except for the sci-fi dinos, which I will get in retail.
  5. Modrons? Did I miss these? Or are you talking about the High Rollers?
  6. When Jason Wiebe has a good sculpt, it's a really good sculpt. Loving that land terrapin! It seems like he is doing a lot of 3D sculpting lately. I just wish most of Reaper's sculptors would start making their integral bases like this one (below) on all of their figures. I'm a very lazy monk with my miniatures and am tired of re-basing all of the Bones that don't have "round base" looking integral bases. Am I the only one who prefers the 28, 32, 40 and 50mm round bases on their figures? It makes them so much easier to use in a slew of other games! But if I have to keep chopping bases its a small price to pay and easy enough with the Bones material. (EDITED to remove several typos)
  7. Sorry, Sirithiliel if you felt I was "attacking" the game or the crowdfunding effort. I wasn't. I was simply indicating it's been done before and done relatively well. Unlike a first person shooter, where you can have different settings, characters, etc. a dinosaur park is a dinosaur park is a dinosaur park - and even the KS you posted has the "Jurassic Park" feel. I'll personally wait until this one (below) comes out next summer....but I do wish the students well, too. :) PS - Operation Genesis was available actually at discount book outlet the year after it came out for $3.99. They had piles of it at many of the locations where I live. Sadly, I only bought one - I should have speculated, as I could probably make a mortgage payment with a stack of them now. :) And don't be offended by my post - I'm "mostly harmless" - even my forum profile says so. LOL
  8. I'm surprised they're even bothering. Still have this game (video below) and it's great. This has already been done.
  9. Whoa! That's a very sinister looking Yeti! Very nice.
  10. Awesome, Doug, I will check it out. Thank you! And if it works, I'll post some "real" pics back to this thread. As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)
  11. Years ago, I had a nice camera box setup for miniature picture taking. Alas, the box is long gone and my good digital camera is in storage at a different location currently. If anyone has suggestions on a cheap setup that would work better, I would be grateful Thank you for your suggestion! As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)
  12. I was so excited that I painted my first figure yesterday, I thought I'd take a shot at another one. And it's another first, because I've never painted a dragon (or anything even close) before. I was actually sort of happy with this one, although the wings could use some serious work. Thanks to everyone for taking a minute to look as I keep trying to learn how to paint!
  13. Thank you. As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)
  14. Beautiful painting on an extremely different looking dragon!
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