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  1. The Chronoscope and Charnel Pit look like garbage. Just MHO. Waiting for more good fantasy unlocks. Not a fan of the encounters so far except the first dwarven one.
  2. I have to go all in for the Dark Depths expansion. All of those miniatures just blow me away - and the Sea Giant will be the first thing I tackle when I get my brushes wet with new Bones 5 minis. I have a lot of time to practice my brush skills.
  3. I hate to be a "Dougie Downer" but am I the only one that is getting a little nervous about Reaper sticking to update deadlines now that ReaperBryan is gone? I am new to this whole Bones Kickstarter thing, but it seems like the info channels are struggling a bit with his absence. It makes me hesitate a little when thinking about adding to my pledge. Am I alone in this? If I am, please let me know, as I don't want to be an alarmist without cause. Thank you to everyone here for being patient with me.
  4. No love for the Chronoscope expansion except for the sci-fi dinos, which I will get in retail.
  5. Modrons? Did I miss these? Or are you talking about the High Rollers?
  6. When Jason Wiebe has a good sculpt, it's a really good sculpt. Loving that land terrapin! It seems like he is doing a lot of 3D sculpting lately. I just wish most of Reaper's sculptors would start making their integral bases like this one (below) on all of their figures. I'm a very lazy monk with my miniatures and am tired of re-basing all of the Bones that don't have "round base" looking integral bases. Am I the only one who prefers the 28, 32, 40 and 50mm round bases on their figures? It makes them so much easier to use in a slew of other games! But if I have to keep chopping bases its a small price to pay and easy enough with the Bones material. (EDITED to remove several typos)
  7. Sorry, Sirithiliel if you felt I was "attacking" the game or the crowdfunding effort. I wasn't. I was simply indicating it's been done before and done relatively well. Unlike a first person shooter, where you can have different settings, characters, etc. a dinosaur park is a dinosaur park is a dinosaur park - and even the KS you posted has the "Jurassic Park" feel. I'll personally wait until this one (below) comes out next summer....but I do wish the students well, too. :) PS - Operation Genesis was available actually at discount book outlet the year after it came out for $3.99. They had piles of it at many of the locations where I live. Sadly, I only bought one - I should have speculated, as I could probably make a mortgage payment with a stack of them now. :) And don't be offended by my post - I'm "mostly harmless" - even my forum profile says so. LOL
  8. I'm surprised they're even bothering. Still have this game (video below) and it's great. This has already been done.
  9. Whoa! That's a very sinister looking Yeti! Very nice.
  10. Awesome, Doug, I will check it out. Thank you! And if it works, I'll post some "real" pics back to this thread. As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)
  11. Years ago, I had a nice camera box setup for miniature picture taking. Alas, the box is long gone and my good digital camera is in storage at a different location currently. If anyone has suggestions on a cheap setup that would work better, I would be grateful Thank you for your suggestion! As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)
  12. I was so excited that I painted my first figure yesterday, I thought I'd take a shot at another one. And it's another first, because I've never painted a dragon (or anything even close) before. I was actually sort of happy with this one, although the wings could use some serious work. Thanks to everyone for taking a minute to look as I keep trying to learn how to paint!
  13. Thank you. As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)
  14. Beautiful painting on an extremely different looking dragon!
  15. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Every time I look at it and compare it to some of the really fine work on these forums I still grumble at myself. But like they say, practice makes perfect (or at least better) so I continue to plug along.
  16. You're very kind, thank you. Need to brush up with some more monsters before I even try painting characters. Might need new glasses, too.
  17. Ok, so miniature painting is NOTHING like riding a bike. This is the first figure I've painted in over a decade. I can see I need lots more practice before my Bones 4 figures arrive in 2019! Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. Comments and suggestions welcome and appreciated, no matter how harsh. I was overall pleased with how the Ice Devil himself came out, but desperately need to do much better on weapons and armor. Thank you for your consideration!
  18. I'm actually putting together some unofficial (house) rules for a new Mordheim swamp-town setting and warbands using largely the projected minis for Dreadmere. I've already started to replace my GW Mordheim warbands with Reaper Models....dwarves are up first! Dreadmere is fantastic...and actually, IMHO, has much more potential than Mordheim! The Dreadmere expansion is an absolute MUST HAVE! (EDIT: Do you have the link to where I can buy that amazing ship?)
  19. I think this guy is in Finding Dory. Anybody ready to customize the Gulper so we can have the whole cast?
  20. Maybe I'm missing the subliminal message here. Could be all the time cloistered in Paint Monk land :) Raurathos IS very cool; just not my thing.
  21. I understand, I think I remember him writing that. But if you look at the Fan Favorites, it almost looks like the skeletons and Ogre (I think) could have been part of Dreadmere, while the Mammoth could have been part of the Lost Valley. Perhaps another straggler add-on like the Behemoth or the Blacktooth Terror. Even if it's a long shot, I'll remain hopeful. The demon "power-ups" like Raurathos don't do it for me. Maybe a prehistoric Cat Dragon (Sabretooth Cat Dragon?) would be nice. Keep a bunch of folks happy all at once. :)
  22. I know ReaperBryan can't spill the beans on any specific future power-ups in the Pledge Manager, but is there a chance that we might see more Dreadmere or Darkreach related items with future powerups? One can hope!
  23. I can hear the Dragon Turtle now..."Duuuude. I was like, whoaaaa....and then I was like, whoaaaaa."
  24. In the ReaperCon 2017 swag bag, I noticed the following miniature was included: 03845 Mina Splinterheart of the River Widows Dreadmere faction Sadly, the swag bags were all sold out before I could buy one, but I'm curious if this figure was part of the Dreadmere expansion in Bones IV or if it was a new miniature. If anyone has any information or a picture of the figure it would be appreciated. Thanks! I'm hoping I didn't miss a Dreadmere figure...
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