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  1. My take on Rocky the Brushholder.... One, maybe the main reason for me to joint bones V.... Hope you like... Kind regard
  2. tis for sure!! I finished a complete Sword&sorcery set (see boardgamegeek), and its a real treat playing with a full painted set. indeed tottally worth the effort! Keep it up man
  3. really enjoying your Plog AL Capwn!! gonna copy it!! starting priming my first badge! Thx 4 sharing your hobby activities., and family pics..... very reconizable!! keep it up! grtzz from da netherlands
  4. finally done https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87985-44002-crystal-troll/
  5. My Crystal Troll finally (almost) done. Really happy with the result. As a final touch i'm gonna try som resin water pool on the forward corner of the base. The was specially swaed off for this porpuse. Anyway hope U like GRtzz
  6. If I had a back like that, I would face it toward the wall as well... ;-)!!!
  7. Great character indeed... She still needs "some" colour in het hair...;-)
  8. WiP. unfortunately i cant find the reaper bines 4 number Really like this model... trying a new look; grey will callus on the edges... And he is getting a baboon pink butt... say that outloud 3 time in a row.... to show he has a softer side, being a stoll troll and all Hope u like
  9. 3 more pics... very nice to paint... the kids picke the colours and the colours of eyes
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