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    Red Rocky baby dragon

    WiP on this too cute baby dragon from bones 4. One of the reasons for my to back. The kids each pick one, and choose their own coulor. The dragon fly is magnetized, and i'm gonna put more magnetes on some other dragons so the dragon fly can hope from 1 to an other baby dragon. ... keep u posted. grtzzz Peepster
  2. peepster1976

    Lurien, Ghost

    My Lurien ghost figure done. I started it during a teaching session by MaGie (NL). Finally finished it. Learn alott about transission, and tried some new skin tones. Happy with the result. Great sculp!!
  3. peepster1976

    Fire Giant jailor WiP

    Fire gaint... As counterpart for my frost giant.... Long way to go.
  4. peepster1976

    Fire Giant jailor WiP

    Further WiP... I made the skin more orange, a bit more firery... progress on the NMM boots, bracers and whip...
  5. peepster1976

    Fire Giant jailor WiP

    WiP... Mainly on the back and The face. Painting with a magnifying lamp these days.... Very nice!
  6. peepster1976

    Milk Maid Townsfolk

    Milk Maid done... Nice practice in shadow and highlights Hope u like
  7. peepster1976

    Milk Maid Townsfolk

    A little STAR WARSY...... Started the mini before i knew how it was called. So the content of the bucket i painted blue.......so its a milk maid.... apparently its blue milk!!! The lost daughter of Luke SKywalker maybe?
  8. peepster1976

    Vastaryous done

    VASTARYOUS done. Act 1 of S&S also done Hope you like, have a great summer!
  9. peepster1976

    Vastaryous S&S

    WiP, my vastaryous dragon from the Sword&Sorcery board game. Based on the big reaper bones 3 dragon on this forum.... Tail needs to become a bit darker... But happy with the color tones in the different heads and necks. C&C more than welcome... Grtzz
  10. peepster1976

    Vastaryous S&S

    And done!!!
  11. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Finally DONE!!
  12. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Thx guys, much appreciated......after 1 week still very much in luv with my own mini
  13. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544

    Almost done... Just the snow and some painting details... Really liked the model, and is 1 of the main reasons I backed bones 3...the posture was tough, I liked that a lot. One of my first serious attempt of NMM, very happy with it. Unfortunately Tha backside if the axe is better than the front.... A well... Hope u like. Edit: icicles are from train-model building sets. Translucent plastic, and I sprayed a bit of white on the base of the icicle.
  14. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544

    Tis one..
  15. peepster1976

    Dwarf brewer, bones 3

    Dwarf with his beer, from bones 3. Nice model to paint... Twas something in between
  16. peepster1976

    77460, Pigs best friend

    was a nice mini to paint! C&C welcome
  17. peepster1976

    Death figure Bones 3

    An nice death figure I use in S&S, an ares game. Really nice bone 3 model!
  18. peepster1976

    Lady Knight

    Another attempt on NMM! LIKED the miniature alotta! And because of my daughters I'm now painting more female miniature which I have done at all.. Happy with the result. Still big fan of the Bones 3 mini's
  19. peepster1976

    Volkor character S&S

    Volkor ready, one of the kickstarter characters. Wanted a golden look of the draconic mini, a practic for bigger models, very happy how it turned out, just as planned so to say. Base colors with airbrush.. And that an attempt for glazing. C&C welcome
  20. peepster1976

    Cobra Bones 3

    Cobra finished, liked the model alotta, so it moved up on the "to-do ladder". It's 90% airbrush, just started using one, so very happy with it. Base is from scibor
  21. peepster1976

    NMM first attempt

    First Attempt at NMM. Watched some videos on Youtube, but i find it difficult where to put the "reflections" on the gold, aka where and how much, do i put the white. plzz advice. Colour used white middlestone, Vallejo air Dark earth, vallejo air burnt umber, vallejo air carroburg crimson, citadel shade I use vallejo air, because i like the waterys viscosity of the paint. I can wetblend with it on the model. Just started with Airbrush, so i try to basecolour as much as posible with airbrush
  22. peepster1976

    Sword&Sorcery, starterset Heroes

    D&D is a long time ago..... S&S Is really good, My group is enjoying it big time!
  23. peepster1976

    Sword&Sorcery, starterset Heroes

    Started painting the core set heroes of Sword&Sorcery, very nice dungeon crawler. Hope u like it!
  24. Changing picture forums. And since I am enjoying the KS bones 3 alot! And backing Bones 4... Reaper is the logical choice, so i would like to share some miniature painting, some old and new, of mine her. Thx for your C&C. Big fan of the work from Tabletop world....
  25. peepster1976

    Mina Splinterheart (ReaperCon Exclusive)

    Very very nice paint job! Excellent the colorful clothes is fitting for a pirate! Gonna read/watch it more often, thx for the additionele painting lesson! Grtzz