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  1. I'm sure the cats appreciate your efforts to keep their area clean and sanitary. They are still going to blame you for the pipe bursting. That's a funny story, in a black humor sort of way. Good luck on repairs and glad the damage wasn't worse. GEM
  2. This isn't a fix but a temporary work around. If you have a fan, put it in the attic and just let it run all the time. It will keep the air moving and some of that air will find its way to the vents and exhaust to the outside. It probably won't stop the condensation but it may help to slow it down until you can get somebody out to add more ventilation. GEM
  3. For a single sheet, no. For a whole wall, you might want to investigates some alternatives. Tempered Masonite is the Masonite that has one side treated so that it has a very hard and smooth surface. I think it's a process that involves oiling the surface and then subjecting it to heat and pressure. But don't quote me on that as it's been decades since I last looked up how it's made. GEM Who is "home" from Stagecoach right now.
  4. From what you describe you've got a bunch of people in such a rut the ends are starting to close in. It's too bad because just a slight bit of inquisitiveness or willingness to explore what's just on the other side of the line that defines the box could make their individual and collective worlds so much more interesting. It's most likely not you, just a bunch of people stuck in a place where they are "comfortable" enough they don't want to entertain any change. With respect to your ex, just maintaining a friendship is a good starting point. GEM
  5. The saga of developing a new property draws one series of steps closer to completion. Post Office has put our street address on the postal route, and I managed to get the mailbox installed streetside. Propane setup will be done on Friday except for setting the tank annd charging the system. Water system is nearly complete and the major holdup is still Nevada Energy pulling the lines from the power pole and settting the meter. GEM
  6. Here's hoping everything goes according to plan and that your recovery is fast and smooth. GEM Adding prayers from here. You keep count? I have basically one cup of tea that starts shortly after I get up and ends shortly before I go to bed. Of course, that "one cup" will use up two to three 5 cup coffee makers full of hot water. GEM
  7. This is an example of MURPHY'S LAW in action. GEM For future reference for anyone else attempting this, after sanding the surface one or two sealer coats, with sanding in between, of a neutral color surface sealant will give you a fully prepped surface, almost as good as tempered masonite to apply your chalk board paint to. >Tricks learned from learning how to do model railroad backdrop painting. GEM
  8. Get back to me when you've been collecting for more than 5 decades. Just an occasional purchase adds up when you have multiple decades of items collected for "retirement". GEM
  9. It's even worse with Model Railroad "stuff". High end model steam locomotives require careful packing and storage and the suitcases I use take up a considerable amount of space. Same with rolling stock. My "roundhouse in the closet" takes up most of a bedroom closet. GEM
  10. BTDT and have the filing cabinet full of "stuff" to prove it. GEM
  11. At least one 4 legged resident of Tyler, Texas is enjoying the cold weather: https://laughingsquid.com/husky-refuses-to-come-in-from-snow/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=laughing_squid_blog_posts&utm_term=2021-02-18 GEM
  12. Relative to the hot areas, yes. A reduction in sunspot activity is related to the reduction in magnetic flux line breaking through the outer layers of the sun, related to the Maunder Minimum. That's the very basic level explanation. If you want the actual mathematical explanation I defer to Dr. Michio Kaku and several other well know physicists with specific expertise in this area. GEM
  13. But it beats the alternative of waking up looking at the bottom side of grass. GEM
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