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  1. We're here, and with our worldwide participants [and some insomniacs] we're open 24 hours a day. GEM
  2. Samantha our Desert Tortoise is currently obsessed with the deck outside our dining room. She can go out there and sun for half an hour and turn into "hot rod rock" when she comes back in, cruising at high speed all over the house. When the energy runs out she finds a spot to collapse, legs splayed, and she barely moves for the next 24 hours. GEM
  3. He Did It! Sir Richard Branson has been to the edge of space as the last test flight before commissioning for regular tourist trips of the Unity Spaceship. Wife and I had the privilege of seeing the first test flight out of Mojave of Spaceship One and were there when it was announced that Branson was partnering with Scaled Composites [Dick Rutan's Company] to begin the venture which has reached its penultimate goal today. GEM
  4. Sorry to hear about everyone having medical related difficulties. Personally, I spent another night in Migraine Land with way too much time trying to call Ralph on the porcelain telephone. Still have the queasy stomach and light sensitivity but the axe-in-the-forehead headache is starting to ease off. GEM
  5. Had to run errands this morning. Leaving the neighborhood I spotted what I thought were two turkey vultures dining on a rabbit. When we got home I looked it up and it's about 99% positive for turkey vulture. We have 3 wild horses in the local area on a regular basis, stallion and two mares, that we passed by on the way out, plus other small groups scattered all over the valley. Errands successfully run, MAMA had her hair done, and the lady who runs the shop she went to is from the same town in California [Antioch]. That makes two people from Antioch that we know of who als
  6. I've observed the "invocation of the ritual" among those without a solid grounding in technical subjects for several decades. The technical device does its "magic" only when "the ritual" is correctly performed. Deviate from the learned ritual by even an iota and it all breaks down. Small changes in the system require the "learning" of a new "spell", just changing the "old spell" to fit the new circumstances is outside of the realm of their comprehension. It's the basic dichotomy between the technically conversant and the non-technical mentalities. While a person with technical co
  7. Sounds like this is an opportunity to write/initiate a new policy: All support services are provided in English. It is the responsibility of the site owner/operator to provide for any translation services for non-english literate personnel. Note that I specified literate, not just a rudimentary ability to communicate in english. If you are dealing with the sort of situation I suspect, the mind of the barely able to communicate person has "technology" in the same mental box as "magic" so any change in the "ritual" that invokes the report requires the learning of a new "spell".
  8. He'll do just fine. I know this doesn't make the separation anxiety any less difficult but we're all here for you, and cheering for your son. He's going to have many "interesting" experiences over the next few weeks, sort of like living an RPG Adventure where the dice will hardly ever give you a "good roll". But he will get through it and he will be a better person for it. GEM
  9. Perhaps something similar to this? https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/274209/boozy-fruit-salad/ GEM
  10. Sorta toasty around here. Temps were supposed to top out at 102 F. House is holding at 79 F, with no awnings or trees to provide a shade/sunbreak. Once we get a few trees planted things should be very comfortable inside, no matter what the temps outside. Just set up trash service, which means we are completely up and running in the new digs. Now for the mountain of boxes to be unpacked and furniture to be placed in its initial final position. Next task is preparing an inventory of the stuff that was stolen. The loss of my best airbrush and two Dremel tools hurts but
  11. Brian left shortly after I stumbled into this little sanctuary on the Internet. From my perspective, his shoes have never been adequately filled. GEM
  12. I almost did that. On a 550cc Yamaha. Engine started making "noises" that got rapidly louder until the final [and expensive] noise was the sound of a connecting rod breaking and sending pieces through the engine casing. Hot oil immediately was ejected and landed on the exhaust pipes, catching fire and putting me in the position of riding a very broke bike at 70 mph on a busy freeway with a fire burning in the "engine room". By maintaining a cool head I was able to disengage the clutch at the first noise and got the bike into neutral and headed for the side of the road. Fortunately, t
  13. We had BBQ. Wife had pulled pork and I had pulled pork plus St Louis Style Ribs [beef]. We both brought boxes of deliciousness home, for later consumption. We were both comfortably full when we left the restaurant. - Surprise of the year! Somebody picked up our dinner check. Only reason I can figure is because wife and were wearing matching shirts, USA Flag with an eagle superimposed. I'm liking our new area more and more every passing day. - Can you believe Joey Chestnut? The already World Champion Hot Dog Eater once again won the Nathan's Hot Do
  14. A Happy Fourth of July to you all! Whether or not you celebrate it locally as a recognized holiday, it is a date that is noteworthy, if not downright earth shaking. And Now - - - The Quest for Barbecue will commence. We're going to the Famous Dave's in Reno. GEM Hoping you all have unsinged digits when we get back.
  15. Thanks. I'm slowly recuperating. Told my wife not to expect me to do much of anything for the next week. My "big project" for yesterday was moving the desk I intend to use for hobbying from the family room where everything got packed and stacked by the movers into my office and positioned under the north facing windows. Big project for today is going to be to drive to Reno and investigate a well recommended BBQ joint. It seems that the troubleshooter for Craftsman Homes has fixed the problems with the water heater and the leaking kitchen sink faucet. He replaced the entire fa
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