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  1. This is going to be my last message until we are up and running in Nevada. Play nice and everybody please stay safe. Bye for now. system shutting down in 3 - 2- 1 ....... GEM
  2. It's been an incredibly busy day, and I'm exhausted, but it isn't over yet. I'm running on powerade, tramadol [prescription painkiller], red bull, and the last of the ice cream from the freezer. Movers are here, living room is a big empty except for a few boxes we will be moving, the appliances are ready to move, hence the ice cream cram and the dining room table is still there because they need it for wrapping and packing boxes. SWMBO office is all moved out, my office and the master bedroom are left, plus the kitchen cabinets to pack. Forgot to mention, they started just after 1:
  3. May I humbly suggest that starting out you use "light" weight and concentrate on repetitions? When you can comfortably manage two sets of 20 reps each, with a couple of minutes of rest time between sets, you are ready to add more weight. Might take a little longer to get to your desired goal but it's easier on the body. It also gives you multiple sense of accomplishment as you progress to heavier sets of weight. GEM
  4. Nah. In my version it would be on a panel festooned with switches reading: "clear cache", "terminate all programs on shutdown", "reboot from Initial State" and similar. After the initialization command "Let there Be Light" there would be a substantial period of time before the concept of "critical systems" even came into play. The critical systems trying to be rebooted would be things like an oxygen rich atmosphere. GEM
  5. Thanks. If it wasn't so difficult to hire movers right now I would be firing these people. The whole situation could have been avoided if the <redacted> running the office had just explained last week that we would need to pay for the truck up front. The difficulties with dealing with the bank would have been discovered when there wasn't such a time crunch and been dealt with without all the attendant drama. As it is, I'm borderline migraine from the excess stress and just want to crawl into a cardboard box and pull it in behind me. Adulting under these circumstances is
  6. AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had a button marked "Planet Earth - Press to Reboot" I wouldn't just be pressing it, I would be hammering it. Our Bank is showing a debit for nearly a thousand dollars as pending and the movers are saying it shows as declined on their end. I've had to go and make a digital copy of the transaction report and send it too the movers, who are now complaining that Gmail is taking so long to send it through their system. Is anyone else having this level of difficulty with machines right now? GEM
  7. Today was supposed to be "moving day". Got hit with a surprise over the weekend, that being we have to pay for the truck rental up front because of people in the past having caused problems with interstate moves. Long story short, as it was an interstate transaction the bank flagged the debit card and our efforts to try to unscramble the situation ended up with the card being locked and reported as stolen. Got it all straightened out at the bank this AM. Currently waiting for the crew chief to get back to the rental place so we can complete the rental. So loadout will happen tomorrow,
  8. You all might want to wander over to Fat Dragon Games website in the next day or so. A graphic I found amusing is pitching their current promo. It's the one with the birthday cake and a certain recognizable character that looks remarkably like someone on South Park. GEM Having been talking with somebody this last week about insurance the thought occurs to me that you might want to have a talk with an Insurance Underwriter [not just a salesman] about the possibility of obtaining an insurance policy to insure against the [however unlikely] undesirable outcome. An Insurance Un
  9. "Because your meeting is interrupting my regularly scheduled lunch break" "I've already done a half a days work, have you?" GEM
  10. Turn it into an Eastwood binge and add The Outlaw Josey Wales. GEM
  11. An observation: Additional storage devices are a special class of "stuff". Have you ever noticed that the larger the storage devices get the faster they seem to fill up? GEM I know, First World Problem.
  12. The perspective of too many who don't actually understand how the world works beyond where the sidewalk ends. GEM
  13. If it has pockets then it's a Utilikilt. Pockets are practical and when combined with a kilt provide a maximum of male "freedom" GEM
  14. Thanks. I read about your problems with migraine, and I literally "feel your pain". Most of the time I can keep mine under control. Right now, with the increased stress of moving combined with a failing AC System on the place we are living things are just getting out of control way too often. GEM
  15. Blurg! Ever have a headache so bad it induces muscle cramps in your neck? That's me, basically all night long. Finally took one of the Large Red Capsules this AM and passed out for several hours. Still have the headache, which has been my constant companion since early 2007, but it's backed off to where I can function, sort of. GEM Remembering shipmates and squadron mates today, especially the ones who died in a stupid freak accident.
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