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  1. We have a Santa Ana wind condition in So Cal right now. One of the weather stations in the Magic Mountain area has recorded a wind gust of 96 mph. This is below Tejon Pass where I-5 leaves So Cal and enters the Central Valley. Meanwhile, on the Mojave which is north of the mountain ranges, we have moderate winds and clear skies. All the smoke from the wildfires has been blown out of our area. GEM Addendum: And it is now long sleeve shirt weather.
  2. ^^^This^^^^ For anything short of rock crawling, a race car [which is going to require special tires anyway] or a big rig always go with more traction over more power. There are very few situations where more power will get you out of danger but a lot of times when more traction will keep you safe or safer. GEM Who has seen way to many instances of stupid combined with poorly equipped vehicle result in an accident.
  3. Sounds like a synopsis for a Benny Hill sketch. GEM Cue Yakity Sax . . . . .
  4. Made bbq grilled pork chops for dinner. Tried something a little different and sprinkled dill weed over the chops and then let them sit for an hour before they went on the grill. They were delicious! Going to repeat the entree for tomorrows dinner. GEM
  5. Consider this as L.O.T.S. contribution to the promotion of our plant based cousins who spread through extending tentacular vines. And may you indeed be blessed by a visit from THE GREAT PUMPKIN! GEM
  6. Just learned that "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" won't be seen on broadcast TV this year. It's available on Internet Archive [which is a tremendous resource] here: https://archive.org/details/ItsTheGreatPumpkinCharlieBrown_20181102 GEM
  7. L.O.T.S. is adopting a tentacles off, wait and see attitude. GEM
  8. I see the Hamsterlet is already plotting world domination. Starting with "How do I gain control of that remote control thingy?" GEM
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