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  1. There's never a Rust Monster handy when you need one most. Does anyone in the party have any kind of a spell in their spellbooks that might weaken the metal of the collar/chain? G'Luck GEM
  2. All the talk of ice cream has made it necessary for a pilgrimage to the Blue Bunny section of the frozen foods aisle. With a stop at Menchie's [fro-yo] on the way back. GEM
  3. I want one of these: It's a 3G cell phone kit. Fully assembled 4G model supposed to be available in September. GEM
  4. It all depends on where you store it! GEM We need more Blue Bunny Storage Capacity..........
  5. So when you run out you can explain to HR via telephone that you can't come to work today because you are out of your medicine. If they don't arrive in the mail today, you won't be in tomorrow. The current world situation is demonstrating all the flaws in reliance on "just in time" delivery systems with too many moving parts. Best of luck. GEM You can hot glue the clothespin to a piece of doweling or other bits of wood at whatever angle is most convenient for the intended project. And if the angle can't be arranged without interfering with the opening and closing of the clothes pin, a second pin can be glued to the first at 90 degrees to get acloser fit. GEM Didn't know whether to put laughter or sad so I split the difference with confused. Wife did something almost as bad recently. She ordered Iced Tea and I ordered Coca Cola. They were very close to the same color and she confused my Coke with the Iced Tea and put three packs of Splenda into the Coke, which immediately turned into a lab experiment. Unfortunately, when it calmed down it was undrinkable for me as it was sickeningly sweet from the Splenda. I hope that both your sinuses and the laptop survive the ordeal and remain fully functional. GEM
  6. Don't feel bad. I've done a similar thing when we've been on the road and between planned laundry days. While truck driving, running out of clean fill-in-the-blank is so far down the priorities list as to not even register. GEM
  7. That's either a very well done model diorama or an extremely large scale model on a full size truck. GEM
  8. We did the most productive thing we could do today. Truck has been in the Dealers Shop since Friday afternoon, they called this AM to say the work was done and I said OK, we'll be in in the afternoon. Had to wait to pick it up because the HVAC guy who replaced a starting capacitor last week had to come back and replace the whole blower motor today. That was $425 we didn't really want to spend right now. Picked up truck, gassed it up and after dropping the sedan off at home we Went For A Drive. Did a big loop through the San Bernardino Mountain Resorts including a Sit Down Prime Rib Dinner at The Captain's Anchorage in Big Bear. Yes, Real Food with Real Linen Table Service and Live People to Serve It. Food was excellent, it always is there. They serve actual Prime Graded Cuts of Beef and Select Seafood. Place has a "history" as it was originally built by Character Actor Andy Devine as a mountain getaway for all his Hollywood Cronies. A high class Roadhouse near a quiet Mountain Resort. The area has grown and it's now just off of a busy State Highway with a shopping center less than half a mile away and the Bear Mountain Ski Resort about two miles drive up the street. When we decided to go for a drive we figured we would roll the dice come dinner time. We arrived at their front door precisely at 4:30 with a couple walking down the front of the building so we knew we had gotten lucky. Parked the truck, walked in, and they asked us if we had a reservation. We stated no, they said not a problem and had a table ready for us in less than a minute. They have obviously taken some tables out due to the virus and there is a big sign on the door "Must Have A Mask To Enter", which was no problem for us. Service was attentive and the beef was So Good, as were the soup, salad, and accompaniments. I couldn't finish mine so there is a hunk of melt in your mouth Prime Rib currently chillin' in the 'fridge that will be made into a Prime Rib Sandwich later. We needed the break, they needed the customers, so everybody is a winner. I hope the rest of you have had as good a day as ours. If not today, hopefully tomorrow. GEM
  9. Talking in front of people is easier if you know a few techniques. First, there is the old standard of imagining the audience in their underwear. I've never used this one. Second, and something I have used is to imagine that you are a speaker in a movie, and the audience isn't there you are actually speaking to a camera crew, with the audience to be filmed and cut in in editing. Third, pick out just a few people scattered through the audience and address your remarks to those people. As your focus moves from person to person your gaze will take in the whole audience of people you don't actually see. Fourth, start small [just a few people] and work your way up. It doesn't take long this way to become comfortable behind the podium and once you get up to 40-50 people a really large audience is no problem. My own development as a public speaker occurred through our fraternal order, The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. As my level of responsibility increased so did the need for facility as a public speaker. One final tip: It helps to have a couple of simple anecdotes or jokes that you can relate as an icebreaker. Good Luck. GEM
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