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  1. Eldest Grandaughter turned 16 on Sunday. [Where has the time gone?] We wished her a Happy Birthday and appologized for not being there but she said because of the virus she was glad we hadn't risked it. [One of many reasons why I love this child.] Christmas is still up in the air, I've expressed my concerns about family unity in the face of the virus. SWMBO and I are in agreement that we can't afford the risk of exposure represented by Christmas including non-family members for dinner. We'll see how it plays out. GEM
  2. Sci-Fi's most iconic screen villain. May he Rest in Peace.
  3. This just came across my desk and it seemed like a fitting meme for today: GEM
  4. First World Problem. We've rounded off and padded all the sharp corners to the point where they no longer represent a danger, much less a fatal encounter for the people who used to get darwin'ed by their stupidity. GEM
  5. More like pork gravy, if the references to "long pork" are to be taken as accurate. _ The new power supply for my desktop arrived late yesterday. Bumped the replacement up from a 600 watt to a 750 watt spec. It's a lot quieter than the old supply, which is a big plus for me. To all my fellow citizens in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving. For the rest of the world, I hope that you have had a Thursday without sturm and drang. GEM -
  6. Whelp, Number One Daughter Unit as decided to invite a local friend and her daughter to Thanksgiving. SWMBO is not comfortable with non family at dinner as California has gone back into lockdown for most of the populous counties. So - we are staying home and I will be doing steaks and baked potatoes for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Wife is not much for turkey so it works out, I guess. I overstressed my lower back and have been dealing with excruciating low back and hip pain so the extra days not having to drive will be appreciated. I do have to be in Carson City on the 2nd for a DMV appointment. Finally getting the trailer registration processed, which is another delay caused by this broccoli virus. GEM I'm so sorry for you. Please remember this; Lucy not only was a good girl, she is a good girl who will be waiting for you when the time comes. Requium Et Pace good and faithful companion. GEM
  7. As a "public service" I'm posting a warning about the new menu at Cracker Barrel specifically the new Ham Steak Dinner. It's a full slice of bone in ham, almost an inch thick, and it takes up all of one of their dinner plates all by itself. Ended up taking most of it home so I will be eating ham sandwiches from now till Thanksgiving. @CrowleyI know you have a difficult decision to make in the not to distant future. Just knw that most of us have walked this road with our furry family members and that we stand there with you. If it helps, think of Lucy as going on an advenure that you can't share yet, but that Lucy [and all of our furry family] will be there to welcome you when the time comes. GEM
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