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    RPGs of various flavours - Lifelong Train Nut - Lasagna - Touring Motorcycles - Lasagna- Steam Trains - Lasagna - Active member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, currently serving as the Grand Marshal for the Jurisdiction of Nevada and official chauffeur for my wife who is extremely active at the state and national levels.

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About Me

I started playing RPGs about the time the original White Box [the one with the self destructing dice] was released for Dungeons & Dragons.

The shop {Brookhurst Hobbies - still there in OC Cali.} still had a couple of the brown box sets but they wanted a Dollar [as in one] more than for the just released box.  Being a college student on a limited budget [even with the G.I. Bill after 6 years in The Navy {Phantom Phixer on F-4js}] that was a stretch in the mid-1970s.

Have spent many fun hours at the gaming tables, and a few laced with sheer terror 8^) {Curse You Call of Cthullhu}.

Out of the gaming scene for a couple of decades [having a life that requires many hours per day/week on the road will do that]

Over the years I've accumulated enough gaming stuff to fill a filing cabinet, and that doesn't include all the minis!

Was introduced to Reaper a few months back and am now a Backer for the latest Kickstarter after having picked up most of the Bones II Goodies off of eBay, also backing the Fat Dragon - Dragonlock KS and have a 3-d printer on order.

Since I'm officially retired and disabled [no thanks to the Drunk Driver who put me in the disabled category] I've got time, but very few contacts for gaming near where I live, about an hour east/northeast of Palmdale, Ca.

You can reach me:  [email protected]

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