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  1. They would fit right in with the crew over at ElReg. GEM
  2. Squid on the bike going to fast for sight lines plows into back of vehicle proceeding at posted speed. How lots of squids get made into squid jelly. GEM * See C-19 surcharge schedule. GEM
  3. In a situation like that, a broken neck is often the CoD. I've been witness to the aftermath of a number of grisly "accidents", most of which can be attributed to negligence or recklessness on somebodies part. FYI: Roughly 70% of motorcycle accidents involve a turning situation where the four wheeler driver isn't alert enough to see the motorcycle. Most of the "accidents" that happen on restricted access highways are preventable. Often you have a situation where the motorcycle rider thinks he's invincible, isn't trying to mentally drive every vehicle around him [a necessity if you want to become an old motorcycle rider fully aware of his own mortality] and is doing something inherently stupid, too often with fatal consequences. I'll put my soapbox away now. GEM
  4. No doubt they will be broken in "unique" and "interesting" ways that will generate hours and hours of troubleshooting time, for which you will only receive a tithe of the times actual value. Good Luck. GEM
  5. I've worn progressive lens bifocals for more than 25 years now. Once you get used to them they are much better than traditional bifocals. You have to get used to the transition zone but once you do you can use the transition gradient to your advantage. GEM
  6. Only if 23 of your closest friends, also equipped with pikes, are going to be available for the formation. One pike isn't very effective. It becomes more effective when supported by a shield wall. It doesn't become really effective until you have sufficient numbers to form a Hedgehog. And gunpowder nullifies all mass formation strategies. GEM
  7. Kitchen Experiment a success! Had a pizza for dinner. I start with a Red Baron thin crust frozen pizza and add stuff until the term "subsidence angle" comes into play. Tried something different tonight by adding chopped Lebanon Bologna along with the rest of the goodies. The smokey flavor of the Lebanon Bologna brought the flavor up to another level. AnD SWMBO approved! I'll be adding two slices chopped next time instead of the one I used tonight. GEM
  8. Ran across this today on Parler: They're all birdhouses. GEM
  9. I've experienced similar intermittently. sometimes I can go 18 hours with no calories except what is in the beverage I'm drinking. On a few occasions it's how fast can I stuff high calorie junk into my face while I have a case of the shakes. GEM
  10. It's a guy who uses tools all the time thing and also an Old Guytm thing. My first Leatherman tool saved me a lot of trips back to the truck for a tool bag. GEM
  11. Usually a large glass of O.J., followed by tea. Today, tea as I'm out of O.J. until tomorrow. GEM
  12. Set those forms aside till you can have a talk with your supervisor. In the interim, complete all the forms that are legible and intelligible. If it's just one of twp sources that are causing all the problems then it needs to be dealt with at a level above your "pay grade". When you have your talk with supervisory person explain that these few forms are slowing down production and taking X amount of extra time to decipher. Best of luck GEM This sounds like a job for a product called J-B Weld. It's a metal filled 2 part epoxy that is strong enough that it is used to literally glue engine blocks together. This is the retail packaging for the original product: They have expanded the line into several niche products as well. If I were having this sort of difficulty with a no longer available plastic part I would encase the entire molding with about a 1mm layer of J-B Weld and use a heavier layer over all the stress points where it has broken in the past. Addendum: After the material has set it can be carved, filed, ground, or machined so any close tolerances/clearances can be maintained We used to use a similar product produced by GE when I was in the Navy, as a sealant for the pressurization housing for the portions of a radar set that required less than 10,000 feet atmosphere to function properly. This on a high performance jet fighter routinely thrown off the front end of an aircraft carrier and then "trapped" by a steel cable to bring the craft from 160mph+ to zero in less than 200 feet on landing. Lots of vibration, temperature changes, and angular stresses that you won't experience on an automobile, so it should do the job. Good Luck GEM
  13. *APPLAUSE!* GEM Recovering from an hour and a half of no electricity due to a Wide Area Power Outage. We Hatses WAPOs, yes we does.
  14. Stuff comes up on the Bay of EE regularly. But it's somewhat of a crap-shoot as you have no idea what the storage conditions have been. Cool and dark, you're good. But the seller probably has no idea of the history of storage as if it's job lots it's most likely from a closed down hobby shop. Singles, somebody's hobby materials being disposed of by family. GEM
  15. Only if you drink the stuff. And to have the equivalent intake of what was fed to the rats you'd need to drink about a gallon a day for 6 months or more. GEM
  16. Today is supposed to be the peak for temps this cycle, with a moderation of temps starting tomorrow and continuing into the week. You guys should be part of the same weather system so hopefully it will start to cool for you as well. GEM If you want to extend the life even more, store your paints in as close to airtight containers as possible. I use cookie [biscuit] tins and will tape the joint shut for long term storage. I have Floquil Model Railroad Paints that I have treated with this care for a couple of decades and the paint remains viable, which is good because Floquil is no longer in business and it is illegal to manufacture and sell paints, even in hobbyist quantities, to their formulation in the USA. It seems they use some of the petroleum distillates that when fed to lab rats in quantities that would be the equivalent of feeding the rats a bottle of paint minus pigments every day caused cancer. Nobody makes a paint with the adhesion and thin film qualities, while providing excellent opacity, that Floquil achieved. GEM I'll put my soapbox away now.
  17. Good luck with the job move and all the attendant "fun". GEM >Trundles through thread pushing Tea Caddy.< GEM
  18. W.O.O.F. in "action". https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=8dayofDFbqQ&feature=emb_logo GEM
  19. L.O.T.S. just requests that you don't upset the Tea Caddy. GEM
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