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  1. Eldest Grandaughter turned 16 on Sunday. [Where has the time gone?] We wished her a Happy Birthday and appologized for not being there but she said because of the virus she was glad we hadn't risked it. [One of many reasons why I love this child.] Christmas is still up in the air, I've expressed my concerns about family unity in the face of the virus. SWMBO and I are in agreement that we can't afford the risk of exposure represented by Christmas including non-family members for dinner. We'll see how it plays out. GEM
  2. Sci-Fi's most iconic screen villain. May he Rest in Peace.
  3. This just came across my desk and it seemed like a fitting meme for today: GEM
  4. First World Problem. We've rounded off and padded all the sharp corners to the point where they no longer represent a danger, much less a fatal encounter for the people who used to get darwin'ed by their stupidity. GEM
  5. More like pork gravy, if the references to "long pork" are to be taken as accurate. _ The new power supply for my desktop arrived late yesterday. Bumped the replacement up from a 600 watt to a 750 watt spec. It's a lot quieter than the old supply, which is a big plus for me. To all my fellow citizens in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving. For the rest of the world, I hope that you have had a Thursday without sturm and drang. GEM -
  6. Whelp, Number One Daughter Unit as decided to invite a local friend and her daughter to Thanksgiving. SWMBO is not comfortable with non family at dinner as California has gone back into lockdown for most of the populous counties. So - we are staying home and I will be doing steaks and baked potatoes for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Wife is not much for turkey so it works out, I guess. I overstressed my lower back and have been dealing with excruciating low back and hip pain so the extra days not having to drive will be appreciated. I do have to be in Carson City on the 2nd for a DMV appointment. Finally getting the trailer registration processed, which is another delay caused by this broccoli virus. GEM I'm so sorry for you. Please remember this; Lucy not only was a good girl, she is a good girl who will be waiting for you when the time comes. Requium Et Pace good and faithful companion. GEM
  7. As a "public service" I'm posting a warning about the new menu at Cracker Barrel specifically the new Ham Steak Dinner. It's a full slice of bone in ham, almost an inch thick, and it takes up all of one of their dinner plates all by itself. Ended up taking most of it home so I will be eating ham sandwiches from now till Thanksgiving. @CrowleyI know you have a difficult decision to make in the not to distant future. Just knw that most of us have walked this road with our furry family members and that we stand there with you. If it helps, think of Lucy as going on an advenure that you can't share yet, but that Lucy [and all of our furry family] will be there to welcome you when the time comes. GEM
  8. Just read through the whole thread. All I can say is to remember the last thing to come out of Pandora's Box was HOPE, and that the news on the vaccine front is encoraging enough to raise my own hope, and hopefully that of others a well. I'd encourage everybody to look into the benefits of an increased intake of vitamin D, especially as we are moving into that part of the year when the methods for natural vitamin D generation and acquisition diminsh due to the winter weather. And for those having problems with Dry Skin, check into moisturizing creams, particularly those with Aloe Vera. This is probably the most trying time that a lot of us will have to deal with as we have all the social distancing problems generated by this brocolli virus just at the time of year when most of us are looking forward to special time with family and friends, that won't be happening in the normal fashion [and just when we could all really, really use an extra dose of normal]. We're just fortunate to have this extra outlet in these forums to maintain some semblance of normality, share our personal difficulties and stresses with sympathetic eyes and ears, and hopefully receive a little extra encouragement and sympathy to help boost each other over the roughest patches. I'm ever grateful to REAPER for hosting these forums, especially in these trying times. GEM Saying a few extra prayers right now for all my Reaper Peeps.
  9. . If you ever decide that it needs a power up without increasing your financial outlay, check into a Linux Based operating system, either as a replacement for or in a dual boot configuration alongside Windo$e. The Ubuntu flavor of Linux is a good starting point and you will be pleasantly surprised at the increased response of your "old and creaky" hardware for tasks such as web surfing, email, word processing, and etc. It's even good for gaming if you enjoy any of the Steam based games as there is a well developed version of Steam available for all flavors of Linux. I ditched windo$e over a decade ago and the only thing I've missed is a couple of games I used to play. Most printers are even easy to install, although I do have to confess that our all in one Epson tank system has not had the scanner working properly, mainly because we don't use it enough for me to spend the time to sort it out properly. GEM GEM
  10. But you get paid by being allowed to bask in the reflected glow of their regal presence, getting purred at, practiced upon for kneading bread dough, and a host of other demonstrations of affection. And I found the shirt. GEM
  11. Seems particularly appropriate for the staff of black cats. Is it possibly available on this side of the big pond? GEM
  12. Watched the docking of the Dragon Crew Capsule with ISS. Japanese astronaut came aboard ISS pushing Baby Yoda ahead of him . GEM
  13. My sister had a Malamute. Great big loving dog that requires a lot of exercise. Remeber, they were bred as working dogs, intended to pull sleds, so they are strong dogs, and they just love to run. Malamutes are often used as the lead dog in a team as they are smart, which helps with ease of training. GEM
  14. O On charging a fee for table usage: The thing too many people don't stop to think about is that all that table space costs the owner money every month to maintain. Not just the rent for the additional square footage but also utilities cleaning, and insurance, and it all adds up. I've always thought that the most eqitable way to deal with this issue is for the store to have a program where for every specified amount of money spent on merchandise a certain amount of table time credit will be credited to the customers "running account". That way, the people who are actually buying stuff are supporting the additional overhead get free time at the tables. Those who are just casul drop in's and aren't "buying stuff" can be charges a reasonable fee for table time. It's the same way that a billiard parlor or a bowling alley operates, where you pay a set rate for the use of the facilities, and may be given credit if you buy certain specified items. Comping the table time for the DM/GM is always a good idea because that person is performing what would otherwise be a staff function, but without all the additional costs involved in staffing. In these time where table space may be limited due to the current virus concerns, mainitaining full or nearly full tables is a necessity. If it takes a small "reservation fee" to get people to take reservations seriously and actually honor a committment to show up, then so be it. It isn't right that the responsible and conscientious players be penalized by less responsible individuals who make a reservation and don't show up. If the reservation fee is really that big an issue, then one possible solution is to convert that fee to a store credit when the player shows up. Times like these require some thinking in a creative manner, and the businesses that are going to survive are the ones who most sucessfully deal with the changes in the operating environment made necessary by decisions being made by people with no concept [and quite frankly, no actual care for how a gaming store needs to function] of how this sort of niche business operates. Estimates range as high as 80% for the number of small businesses that will fail due to the virus mandates. Here's hoping that your Friendly Local Game Store doesn't become a casualty. GEM
  15. I've never been on the tweeter machine. But you will find me on Parler. Tonight you will find me flat on my back after too long a day building heavy dutyshelving in our conex box, which I have named "the attic", and then putting the contents of my wife's office onto the newly constructed shelves. Everything is now being "watched over" by my Colosal Red Dragon, which is safely ensconsed in his original [slightly battered] box {Heartburn was a thrift store rescue}, inside a snug fitting shipping box and sitting on top of a large cabinet. While I was doing that one of the contractors was flying around the property on a skid-steer rig backfilling and leveling all the utility trenching. What's a skid-steer? It looks like one of the very compact bobcat tractors with a bucket on the front only with rubber treads instead of wheels. Great for working on the sandpile that is our new domicile. After he filled in an area I was putting concrete brick "bread crumbs" over the filled in trench work.. Contractor wanted to know what that was for, I responded "So I can find the conduits if necessary". At which point he showed me how to dowse for utility lines with a coat hanger. Actually works but you have to clear your mind in order for it to work very well. If you are thinking about other things it won't work. GEM
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