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  1. An observation based on personal experience: As one of the few people who actually have "skills" in dealing with snow and ice, especially on the roadways, you won't like the response of the natives.. The local bodyshop owners and tow truck operators will be the only ones pleased with the outcome. GEM
  2. On the contrary. Shoe laces definitely belong in the kitchen, in that drawer where small hand tools and miscellaneous useful "stuff" is either assigned or accumulates. GEM
  3. There's always paper plates and plastic tableware from the picnic aisle at the nearest grocery store. Wife and I have done that routine many times in our ramblings when we didn't want to eat out while traveling. Order food for delivery and break out the disposable ware when the food shows up. Good Luck with the unpacking and organizing. GEM
  4. Leon Spinx has passed at age 67 from cancer. Most well known for having once bested Muhammad Ali.
  5. You can add to today's list the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard playing golf on the moon. He hit two golf balls with a 6 iron head attached to a collapsible tool shaft. I remember seeing video of this. I can't even imagine what the course layout would be for a par 72 moon golf course. GEM And no, I'm not a golfer.
  6. There's also another person, barely seen, behind the two women in the foreground. The person behind the main subjects works to confuse the image. It;s either poor composition or, as mentioned, a bad photoshop. GEM
  7. Well, my day tomorrow has been "planned" for me. Shortly after 5:00 PM I heard a noise outside and figured I should check on it. Go out the back door and the trailer isn't sitting where it should be. Go around the corner of the house and the neighbors daughters car is on the sidewalk, jammed between my truck and the block wall, with the drivers door open right in line with the curb side headlight on my truck. They are shook up but otherwise uninjured. She calls for the police to come out and take a report, officer rolls up, eyeballs the situation and says "contact your insurance companies". We exchanged information and I told her the important thing was nobody was hurt, cars can be fixed or replaced. It's a hassle, but it could have been worse. They will definitely have to replace the bumper shroud, the headlight bezel, and possibly the fender and hood. Headlight still works, wonder of wonders, but no turn signal. Ravioli Lasagna in half an hour for dinner. And my constant companion headache just got worse. GEM
  8. Thanks for the offer, but we're already into the mud-slide zone on the rain-o-meter here locally, with another storm working its way down from the Pacific Northwest. GEM These dogs aren't just trained to bite, but to savage any perp they sink their teeth into. GEM
  9. Veteran Actor Hal Holbrook passed away on January 23rd it was just announced. One of the highlights of his career which spanned Television, Big Screen, and the Stage was the long running one man show "Mark Twain Tonight"
  10. Lesson from the School of Hard knocks: Make sure your brand new plastic bucket full of tools is not in the output stream of the generator exhaust. Your bucket will melt if left there long enough as will the cheap plastic case cordless drill that you bought several yeas ago at Pic and Save. And your plastic speed square. GEM
  11. If this doesn't put a smile on your face you need to seek medical attention immediately: Spoilered in case there are any ads on the page [which I don't see because of my ad blockers] GEM
  12. If it's the same storm that blew through Nevada/Eastern California a few days ago then you probably will get the full measure. Driving back from Stagecoach yesterday I had to route around the road closure of US 395 from the Nevada border to Bridgeport, Ca. Once on 395 I was driving through walls of snow in the Mammoth Lake/Mountain area. Reports are they got between 8 and 9 feet of badly needed snowfall. It brought the snow pack up to between 75% and 85% of "normal" which is critical for preventing us from slipping even farther into drought conditions. CalTrans was still trying to get the road completely plowed out with both lanes open northbound and only one lane opened southbound. They had the heavy duty equiipment, very big trucks with huge augers equipped with big teeth, working to chew their way through the walls of snow and throw it far enough to be clear of the right of way. Looks to me like they will get the road fully opened just in time for the next storm due in to hit, then the battle will go to the next round of man and machine vs. the full resources of mother nature. Our new home is fully secured and when I left the exterior set up crew was just placing the last of the skirting in place to fill the gap between the bottom sill of the house and the ground level. This will cut down on the utility bills by keeping cold winter air and hot summer air out from under the floors. Now if Nevada Energy will just finish up their electrical installation, the well driller will be able to finish up the equipment install and we will be ready for the propane service to place their tank and install the correct jetting for the gas appliances to run on propane. GEM
  13. Some good advice here on how to deal with the problem. Let me add a couple of observations, based on a million miles plus of safe driving on everything from small displacement motorcycles to 18 wheeler tankers. Check into a basic motorcycle safety course. They teach certain techniques there related to situational awareness and mentally getting inside the head of the other drivers on the road that aren't generally on the radar of the teachers in 4 wheeler driving schools. These techniques will help to reduce your internal anxiety level by giving you a mental toolset that makes you more aware and able to anticipate the actions of other drivers, putting ~you~ in greater control of the situation on the road. Besides, getting on a small displacement motorcycle on a closed course under the supervision of a trained instructor can be fun. Learn how to establish mental "zones" for all the vehicles around you and how to classify and track the actions of the vehicles within each zone. As a [now retired] big rig operator you need to be aware of all the vehicles around you and how to identify the safe drivers from the "squirrels". I'd rather have a safe is slightly slower driver near me than one of the erratic drivers with a race course mentality on the streets and highways. Race track driving requires a different skill set and mental attitude from safely navigating city streets and intercity highways. You can become more comfortable with the mechanics of driving in a track environment. Once the operation of the controls becomes a matter of muscle training and calibration of reflexes you will be able to devote more of your brain's processing power to "threat assessment" of surrounding drivers and environmental factors. You are no doubt an inherently safe driver, based on my reading of your comments. It's a matter of calibrating your anxiety level so that you accurately assess the "threat level" of other drivers on the road and learn how to deal with various driving situations. Whatever you do, don't let others "guilt trip" you into doing things that put you in situations outside of your competency level. Panic reactions in emergency situations can be a killer, literally. Once you learn how to respond to the everyday "oopsies" that are part of driving on the public streets and highways you'll do fine. The only way to learn how to deal with those situational variables is through experience as an operator of a motor vehicle.
  14. Sent to me by a friend: This is a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. GEM
  15. And the poor privilidged babies are complaing about "how unfair it is". IMNSHO they are getting the equivalent of a small dose of castor oil when they should be force fed a full pint. We are witnesing what happens when greedy people find out that their reach exceeds their ability to grasp. GEM
  16. "I'm from the government and I'm here to supervise the required assembly." GEM
  17. You actually probably did more than me. The soup I made consisted of opening two cans, pouring them in a pan and adding enough milk. The rest of the day, spent on the internet and playing Forge of Empires. I did go from High Middle Ages to just barely into Late Middle Ages, so I guess I accomplished "something". GEM
  18. It's on the local news that they have had hail and actual snow in Malibu, home of surf, sand, sunshine, and 60's teenage exploitation beach movies. Some of the locals are freaking out at the presence of water in a solid form, not involving ice cubes. GEM
  19. Actually, viewed from a slightly different perspective, you have done 20 things. That they are all basically the same finished item doesn't negate that you have done 20 things. GEM For contrast, my biggest accomplishment so far today is making soup for lunch.
  20. Back from an exhausting trip to Carson City. @strawhat I'm so sorry to hear about your Mother. Loosing a parent is never easy. @ManvsMini it is never easy when a beloved furry family member crosses over that Rainbow Bridge. You gifted them with a life of loving attention and they have returned that love with their own love, a set of memories that can never be lost. Our new home is on the property and the setup crew is well on the way to having the exterior work completed. I started on the front stoop and steps, but the house is sitting slightly higher [about a foot] off the ground than I had anticipated so the bill of materials needed adjustment and I don't have the steps finished yet. that will happen later this next week as well as the back stoop and the deck off of the dining room sliding door. Now if the various people responsible for utilities will get their work done we will be major steps closer to moving day. I'm spending today doing my vegetable imitation as I'm just flat out exhausted from too much physical exertion. A sedentary 71 year old man with multiple physical problems doing a "full day's work" several days in a row leads to an aching body and a brain feeling sluggish. SoCal is getting some badly needed rain today! Now I just hope we don't get too much in one dose otherwise we move from fire season straight into mud slide season.
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