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  1. I'm back! :bday:

    We currently have some 400 feet plus of RG-58 laying on the ground before it goes up the utility pole to junction with Spectrum's FO Line, but even though the recommended max run for this cable is 250 feet it seems to be working OK for our humble needs.  They tell me our service comes out of the Reno Hub instead of the Carson City Hub.  At a guess, since we are over the hill from the mega industrial park where Musk has built his OMG how huge battery factory, we are on the same spine as the entire Industrial Park Complex.

    Our furniture and SWMBO precious things are all here.  Movers and packers stuffed a 26 foot truck with as much as it would carry, plus our utility trailer.  After we got back to V.Ville they loaded up another utility trailer load with the last of the furniture plus most of the outside stuff.  The trailer is still over half full of stuff for me to unload but it's in the upper 90s, I'm tired to the point of wobbly legs and since the installer just finished up I figured it would be a good idea to check out what's happening to the rest of the world while I get some strength back into my legs.

    I have one more load to do to finish up my office, which has been totally trashed due to a break in while we were making the big move with the U-Haul.  ::(::angry:  The thieves emptied every box out into a heap, including all the drawers in my wooden machinist chest where I keep most of my modeling tools and some supplies.  I don't know for sure what all they got away with, fortunately all the irreplaceable stuff [I think] got moved before the break in happened.  Having to deal with that put me a couple of days behind last week as they went through every room and emptied every box.  Sheriffs were sympathetic but offered little hope in the way of catching the criminals.  They currently have 7 deputies per shift to cover an area larger than the State of Connecticut, and that's just the high desert areas of Victorville and the surrounding desert communities, plus too many square miles of scarcely populated area that is still within San Bernardino County but north of the San Bernardino Mountains.  Such is the world we live in.:unsure:

    Won't have to worry much about such things at the new place, neighbors keep a watch on each other and every body is armed, from compound bow for the guy behind us [who has set up archery butts after talking with me about it and me saying go for it] all the way up to whatever caliber of portable artillery you can afford to feed. 

    Our tortoise, Samantha managed to exhaust herself just checking out the new house.  I kept her "penned" to the laundry room are for a coupe of days after we first got here and now that she has been granted free roam of the house [more or less] she spent two solid days just cruising around checking out every nook and cranny with her head held high and her legs extended to make herself as tall as possible while exploring.  She completely wore herself out and has spend the last 36 hours in one of her customary "parking" spots without moving more than 2 feet.

    Going to take me days to get caught up.


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  2. It's been an incredibly busy day, and I'm exhausted, but it isn't over yet.
    I'm running on powerade, tramadol [prescription painkiller], red bull, and the last of the ice cream from the freezer.

    Movers are here, living room is a big empty except for a few boxes we will be moving, the appliances are ready to move, hence the ice cream cram and the dining room table is still there because they need it for wrapping and packing boxes. SWMBO office is all moved out, my office and the master bedroom are left, plus the kitchen cabinets to pack.

    Forgot to mention, they started just after 1:00PM and it's now 5:30PM.

    Not the movers we had contracted with, they bailed over the problems from the weekend.  These guys are a local crew, with all 5 star ratings.  And they are flying through the work, faster than I can get what I need to get done ahead of them.

    Four strong healthy young people, three guys plus the owners sister, have done more in just over four hours than I could accomplish in a month.

    I feel very old.


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  3. 1 hour ago, Marvin said:

    Weights have been lifted. Embarrassingly little weight. But my arms and shoulders are toast. 😓


    Self-improvement kinda sucks. This dang well better be the day to which I someday look back to see when I finally made a change for the better. 👀

    May I humbly suggest that starting out you use "light" weight and concentrate on repetitions?  When you can comfortably manage two sets of 20 reps each, with a couple of minutes of rest time between sets, you are ready to add more weight.  Might take a little longer to get to your desired goal but it's easier on the body.  It also gives you multiple sense of accomplishment as you progress to heavier sets of weight.


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  4. 8 minutes ago, ratsmitglied said:

    That button would've broken months ago

    so we'd still be having tech problems trying to get critical systems working again

    Nah.  In my version it would be on a panel festooned with switches reading: "clear cache", "terminate all programs on shutdown", "reboot from Initial State" and similar.

    After the initialization command "Let there Be Light" there would be a substantial period of time before the concept of "critical systems" even came into play.

    The critical systems trying to be rebooted would be things like an oxygen rich atmosphere.


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  5. 32 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

    @Green Eyed Monster---I'm sorry to hear of your digital troubles. I hope that the rest of your move goes more smoothly.


    If it wasn't so difficult to hire movers right now I would be firing these people.

    The whole situation could have been avoided if the <redacted> running the office had just explained last week that we would need to pay for the truck up front.  The difficulties with dealing with the bank would have been discovered when there wasn't such a time crunch and been dealt with without all the attendant drama.

    As it is, I'm borderline migraine from the excess stress and just want to crawl into a cardboard box and pull it in behind me.  Adulting under these circumstances is no fun.


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  6. AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I had a button marked "Planet Earth - Press to Reboot"

    I wouldn't just be pressing it, I would be hammering it.

    Our Bank is showing a debit for nearly a thousand dollars as pending and the movers are saying it shows as declined on their end.

    I've had to go and make a digital copy of the transaction report and send it too the movers, who are now complaining that Gmail is taking so long to send it through their system.

    Is anyone else having this level of difficulty with machines right now?


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  7. Today was supposed to be "moving day".  Got hit with a surprise over the weekend, that being we have to pay for the truck rental up front because of people in the past having caused problems with interstate moves.  Long story short, as it was an interstate transaction the bank flagged the debit card and our efforts to try to unscramble the situation ended up with the card being locked and reported as stolen.  Got it all straightened out at the bank this AM.

    Currently waiting for the crew chief to get back to the rental place so we can complete the rental.  So loadout will happen tomorrow,  We drive up to the Carson City area on Wednesday and have stuff delivered on Thursday.  Spectrum is scheduled to do an inspection and hopefully install on Friday, so there will be "radio silence" occurring until then.  Hopefully they will be able to lay the cable and get the basic hookup all done on Friday.  I explained that it will take 200 feet plus of cable to get from the street to the house "so bring a fresh spool of cable".  We'll see if they are actually paying attention.

    I'll probably post at least once more before I pull the plug on the internet here.

    I'm so looking forward to having my new office/hobby space.  The north light into the room is going to be very good for painting and model building.


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  8. You all might want to wander over to Fat Dragon Games website in the next day or so.

    A graphic I found amusing is pitching their current promo.  It's the one with the birthday cake and a certain recognizable character that looks remarkably like someone on South Park.


    6 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Day off today..



    I will have to dig out the pipes for the pump.

    It doesn't work and probably leaks.

    My girl's brother will fix it but I'll have to dig it out first for access.


    After that some more chores in the garden.


    Still in doubt about the retirement plans.

    Still considering and weighing the options and risks.

    According to the Union there should be no Risk, according to HR there are always small risks...

    People I talk to all have different opinions of course.

    At this moment I'm inclined to go for the longer route and hope that the Union is right, but that small chance of getting into trouble at the end still nags me.

    But it's serious money to add to the real retirement fixed income.

    I'm waiting for a few more answers and then I'll decide, probably in a month.

    The early retirement means less stress right now, no risk of getting fired ( should the Union be wrong or things change too much) but less money and not certain if I will be able to get a temp job in the area etc..


    Adult decisions...I never had problems with them, but this one is a killer.




    Having been talking with somebody this last week about insurance the thought occurs to me that you might want to have a talk with an Insurance Underwriter [not just a salesman] about the possibility of obtaining an insurance policy to insure against the [however unlikely] undesirable outcome.  An Insurance Underwriter will see things from a different perspective and may have questions for the different people giving you varying opinions that you wouldn't even think to ask.

    IMNSHO it's worth investing some time just to pick somebody's brain who does risk assessment for a living, even if they can't write a policy for this somewhat unusual circumstance.


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  9. 23 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    ... I just realized I get to spend like two hours on the phone tomorrow, or being part of virtual meetings.  Ugh, not looking forward to such, or the inquiries from someone in Montreal wondering why I sound tired at 10am...  Because I'm two hours behind you? ::P:<_<

    "Because your meeting is interrupting my regularly scheduled lunch break"

    "I've already done a half a days work, have you?"


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  10. 23 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    I have a strange (or not so strange) urge to see High Plains Drifter - a movie that I haven't seen since the Eighties.


    It probably means that I am hankering for Deadlands.


    *EDIT* High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider double feature?


    The Auld Grump

    Turn it into an Eastwood binge and add The Outlaw Josey Wales.


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  11. 1 minute ago, Mad Jack said:


     Remember - you can never have too much stuff, just not enough storage... :B):



    An observation:  Additional storage devices are a special class of "stuff".

    Have you ever noticed that the larger the storage devices get the faster they seem to fill up?


    I know, First World Problem.

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  12. 1 hour ago, ShadowRaven said:

    Yesterday was full on crazy. With everything planned going wrong. Equipment we were supposed to be renting to seed the neighbors field (we farm it for the lion's share of the hay crop) was returned broken. So we had to spend better than half the day securing and picking up a replacement, that is about half the size, so in addition to lost hours, we've got almost twice as much work to do, in somewhat less time. So if the weather holds, it's gonna be at least a 14 hour day for us today.  Not -too- bad when we can spell each other off on the tractor, but there is talk of rain this evening. Which will shut us down and then who knows if we will get the seed in the dirt in time to get a harvest off some of it. 

    "life on the farm is kinda laid back, early to rise early in the sack"  If he wasn't dead, I'd find John Denver and throw a horse turd at him. 

    The perspective of too many who don't actually understand how the world works beyond where the sidewalk ends.


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  13. 8 minutes ago, SparrowMarie said:


    All the time. It sucks so bad. Hope you feel better soon.


    I read about your problems with migraine, and I literally "feel your pain".

    Most of the time I can keep mine under control.  Right now, with the increased stress of moving combined with a failing AC System on the place we are living things are just getting out of control way too often.


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  14. Blurg!  :zombie:

    Ever have a headache so bad it induces muscle cramps in your neck?

    That's me, basically all night long.

    Finally took one of the Large Red Capsules this AM and passed out for several hours.

    Still have the headache, which has been my constant companion since early 2007, but it's backed off to where I can function, sort of.


    Remembering shipmates and squadron mates today, especially the ones who died in a stupid freak accident.

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  15. 2 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    Megan has created a new deity! One that I can believe in!


    The Stealer of Sneezes, Spreader of Vague Discontent.... (She started to sneeze, and then the sneeze... disappeared.)


    The Auld Grump

    Oh yes.

    I hate when a sneeze starts to crank up and then just goes on hold/dissipates.

    Living in a low humidity environment sneezing is a regular event and when the body gets all cranked up and ready to let loose then pushes the emergency stop button "vague discontent"  is an apt description.


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  16. The ongoing saga of setting up the new digs continues.

    Our new modular has a built in microwave, which is defective.  Whirlpool has been contacted about a warranty replacement.  They just phoned to explain that the new microwave was shipped to a local dealer, who received it "damaged in shipping".  :down:

    So it's going to be another month, or two, or three, until we have all the appliances in functioning order.

    On a happier note, I discovered that the new range has one touch button settings for both pizza and lasagna.  Cooked pizza over the weekend, Freschetta frozen with added cheese and meats.  It  was  very  good. ::):


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  17. 2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Every Citizen in the Netherlands needs to be insured for Health Care.

    Usually one pays about € 125 per month for a basic insurance which will cover most medical stuff, dentist excluded.

    You have a amount that's deductable, meaning you need to spend that first and pay yourself until you did that and then the bills are paid by the insurance after that.

    Being in the Military it's all done from Bruto Salary, meaning I don't notice a thing, I get medical treatment from the Military ( On Base) and we have our own hospital as well.

    Meaning I get the best care as a sort of secondary benefits of the job.

    That alone is a lot of money I can save by working two years longer.

    One of the things I'm considering.



    First World problems I know.

    But I'm trying to make the right decision and getting all sorts of different calculations for the same thing doesn't make it that much easier for me.




    In better news..

    We got visitors.


    This Tree Clover and Woodpecker decided to visit at the same time.




    In the USA Military Retirees continue to receive a medical benefit through the Veterans Administration, which runs a very large system of clinics and hospitals across the nation.  Admittedly, the system has some problems but there are remedies being worked on.

    Do you have anything similar in the Netherlands for your Military Retirees?  Something like that could make a difference in your retirement and needs to be checked into.



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  18. On 5/21/2021 at 8:52 AM, Pegazus said:



    So. Came into this work project last year. Lead design engineer was... young, inexperienced, Master’s degree without a gap from earning his Bachelor’s, poorly skilled, unmotivated, and had an unwarranted high opinion of his work. Think feces and roses. Well, he disappeared from our email system a couple of months ago, with no celebration or announcement of his departure, which isn’t usual. Even “traitors” going to the opposition get going away parties. Even if they’re just virtual ones during the pandemic. But what I found today makes me glad he’s gone. 

    Just found a drawing and document he created that has everything contradicting itself. Those errors have seeped into a dozen or so manufactured parts, three assemblies, a released test plan, and a test procedure. I now get to try to unwind all the horrid knots created by his lack of attention to detail.


    Not happy.

    There's a name for this, as it describes an actual identified syndrome.

    Dunning-Kruger Effect.


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  19. I'm back!

    What a trip.  You never know what kind of adventures you might have once you leave your own front door.

    Trip up was - - - exciting???

    Gale force winds on the south end of the trip.  Snowstorm on the north, with near white out conditions.  Eastern Sierra got hit with   a very late winter storm starting just about the time we left Victorville.

    We got in safe about 2:30 AM.

    Got our work done over the weekend, one step closer to fully moved.  June 7th can't get here soon enough for me, which is when the young and strong muscles with a big truck show up.

    Going to take a couple days to get caught up.


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  20. 2 hours ago, CaptainPete said:

    I think there's something loose in our (general) area. I got sick last week, I had a coworker call out, with "food poisoning." when I was manning the desk Monday night, and I've heard about other people getting "food poisoning." :zombie:


    EDIT: Huh. Just noticed I've got my halo. Is changing your title thingy to something custom still a thing?

    Congratulations on hitting the 1000 post milestone.

    You may change it, or not, all up to you.


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