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  1. The think is, policy or not, there are civil law considerations. And I won't say any more on the matter as I don't fancy attracting hornets. GEM
  2. Glad to see that you are taking a positive and active hand in reigning in this sort of bad behavior. As to the sweetness issue on BBQ Beans. You can modulate it by reducing the amount of sweetening agent, be it honey, sugar, molasses, etc. and also by adding a tart or sour ingredient. A small splash [more like a drip for starters] of white vinegar adds a hint of contrast to the sauce. GEM
  3. Absolutely no reason you should be subjected to this sort of behavior - ever, under any circumstances. The person who did that to you should not have just been banned, he should have been arrested. GEM
  4. I believe this is what is known as a "happy accident". Cooking "on the fly" can be fun [when it goes right]. GEM
  5. I've been wandering through the archives, picking a topic and skipping through till I find a "this looks good" spot. Just noticed today that the counter for this topic was approaching a digit increment point and was just curious. GEM
  6. Can't like this. I feel your pain. GEM Curious as to whether it was a significant number or not. Could envision either confetti bombs or the other kind. GEM
  7. So I'm looking at the tally for number of posts in this topic and wondering what happens when it gets to 9999 +1 ??? GEM
  8. Beware of the Were Dust Bunnies. When agitated they can inflict egregious sneezing fits on any person in the vicinity. Since they have a were form they may not look like dust bunnies until actually disturbed, at which point it is too late. . . . . GEM
  9. With the top hat the goggles should be worn around the neck. Or an elaborate mechanism should be fashioned to allow the goggles to be quickly swung over the brim, and when not being worn over the eyes the goggles conform to the curvature of the hat. For maximum effect the mechanism should be steam activated, requiring one or more small steam cylinders, flexible piping to the compact backpack boiler, and control valves mounted either on a cheek or wrist control pad. GEM Of course you know, we'll need a full report on how the encounter turns out.
  10. More Vitamin C! Also Calcium - helps with the vit. C uptake Magnesium Zinc. The last two help to suppress the cold virus. And Chicken Soup, lots of Chicken Soup. GEM Colds suck, back to back is suck squared.
  11. "I don't give a damn" is a shortening/corruption of the phrase "I don't give even a tinkers dam". With a tinkers dam being a mold made for casting metal for a quick repair made by scratching the shape to be cast in the dirt. The mold being ignored, stepped on, or kicked out of the way once used.
  12. Depends on the location of the fox and whether or not you are soliciting the opinion of a chicken. GEM
  13. >accepts a glass< >swirls and holds up to light< >inhales aroma< >sips< >allows to gently slide over tongue< >looks up and smiles with a soft sigh of approval< Projects for today: Make "shoe sole" support out of portion of pill bottle for a mini that just won't hold pose because the rear foot of the walking forward pose won't maintain desired walking stance without additional support. Go to 99cent store for some clear nail polish. Take mama to new movie and then a light dinner Talk with new friends on Forums. GEM
  14. The description of your working conditions brings the term sweat shop to mind. GEM It's not that I have a dislike of Lima Beans, they actually stimulate a gag reflex. The only way I have found to prepare them that works for me is dried limas re-hydrated and simmered [for about 12 hours] with ham hocks. GEM
  15. Acetone is the go-to solvent for cyanoacrylate [superglue] adhesives. Most nail polish removers contain a high enough percentage of acetone to work as an effective debonding agent for those unintended flesh gluing incidents. Been there - done that, enough times that I had to research the problem. GEM
  16. Fortunately, We live at a high enough elevation that if it were to get our feet wet most everything south of Flagstaff all the way to New Mexico would be swamped. GEM
  17. In an attempt to balance the books for the several less swirly wind seasons in a row. GEM
  18. I can relate, and commiserate. There are a lot of myeah and really bad hot dogs in the world. When you find a good one Personally, I can't stand lima beans. GEM
  19. You've probably never had: New York = Nathan's Chicago = Portillo's Los Angeles = Pink's Santa Monica = Hot Dog on a Stick GEM
  20. I have a hunch that a lot of people here fall into that category. Not that of Hubby, but having the view that the exchange part is for others. Books are something to be acquired, read, and then cherished. GEM
  21. Have fun, make lots of happy memories [especially with your mother], and if you are into interesting wines check out Akadama. It's a pleasant plum flavored wine and has been a favorite in Japan and among Americans who have spent time in Japan for many decades. GEM
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