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  1. That's taking a blowtorch to the work week. Trust me on this, you don't want to push yourself into full blown burn out. GEM
  2. A strategically timed and placed "accident" with a specially prepared, excessively sweetened, hot beverage might provide a temporary respite. At least until a new noise producing box may be acquired. GEM
  3. A sad commentary, but very true. Plus you get expected to pick up the slackers load. GEM
  4. It was Bones! Bonesylvania Expansion Sets #1 and #2 plus #77257 Chimera Now to open the boxes and just stare at the contents. . . . . GEM
  5. A similar technique may be employed with Pliobond/Walthers Goo [same stuff, made by Goodyear, the Goo is available at any reasonably well stocked Model Railroad shop] or Barges Cement [Wally World carries this in craft supplies]. The contact technique is to put a thin layer on each side of the surfaces to be joined, let it have about half a minute of air exposure and then press firmly together. Gives a little more working time to get an exact positioning than the cyanoacrylate [super glue] technique.
  6. The Post Lady delivered a small parcel this afternoon containing: Please ignore the colossal Fire Breathing Dragon on the right hand side of the picture. It is there for purposes of scale only. GEM
  7. Understand that. Any possibility of discussing the situation with your/his supervisor? After all, this does fall into the category of the sort of thoughtless action constituting harassment that reduces work output for everybody else in the office. The Postman just knocked - I hope it's Bones! GEM
  8. Adams Family and the Munsters. Any episode but the Made for Halloween shows are a hoot. GEM
  9. Start talking to him in just above a whisper. Get everybody in the office to do the same. He probably won't be able to hear you over the self-induced ringing in his ears from having the volume set at way too loud. Suggest that he get a hearing test. Which will probably confirm that he has self-inflicted hearing damage and will soon need to replace the earbuds with hearing aids. GEM
  10. One of the [now ancient] Kings of Science Fiction. When it comes to 'splaining Scientific Concepts to the scientific semi-literate he has few peers.
  11. On the blurring eye problem.... You might just need some standard reading glasses, available at any pharmacy or place like Wally World. If you don't notice any other problem than eyes not focusing after a period of close work it could be just the sort of changes that naturally occur with age.
  12. I'll try to remember that in the future, but for right now, it stands for; people who make it their business to be highly offended. GEM
  13. If you've got any US coinage 1964 or earlier it is 90% silver content for dimes, quarters, and half dollars, Worth a lot more than face value, either as "junk silver" [sold by weight by precious metals dealers] with a specified melt value, or possibly as actual collector grade coinage. GEM
  14. If possible, check the screen refresh rate for the device you are using. If there is any way to tweak it try a slightly higher or lower rate.
  15. Since my unwanted trip through drunk driver land I've had little use for a cell phone. The one I had prior to my accident was destroyed when Igot hit, it was in my hand and I was on the phone with 911 operator when the guy came off the road and nailed me. So, since I would only make one or two calls a month and the land line serves my limited needs I haven't replaced it.. If I can't get the image stabilization and depth of field issues sorted out I'll be forced to break out the "big gun" a tripod mount with a Panasonic digital movie camera on top that takes really good still pics. GEM
  16. May the Good Job Fairy smack you up side the head with her wand. But in a nice way. GEM
  17. I've got this incredibly bizarre mental visual of trying to make soup out of a barbecue. I leave the details up the readers imagination. GEM I actually had this piece running through my head earlier this afternoon. Several hours before checking in on this thread. GEM
  18. Although it was anticipated, the day that Sir Terry's passing was announced was a happy/sad one for me. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Terry Pratchett just after The Light Fantastic went to paperback in the US. I was first introduced to The Color of Magic by a fellow SCA member [who later became a fraternal brother in my/our Odd Fellows Lodge]. I am ever so grateful to my Brother, Chris Meyer for having introduced me to the wonderful state of mind known as The Discworld. GEM
  19. Look up the legal definition of "detrimental reliance". At least you now have confirmation that your building manager is a "duplicitous bastich". Do yourself a favor and make some notes to "memorialize" what has just occurred. If it happens again, you can "remind" the BM that this is starting to be a pattern. There are few things in life lower than a person in charge of the place where you live who behaves in such a duplicitous manner. Your home is supposed to be the one place where you can actually feel safe from the world. You shouldn't have to be looking over your shoulder all the time, waiting for the next assault against your sanity and physical well being. GEM
  20. Depend, if they're a Troll they're probably OK. Now if they are of the Dwarvish Persuasion - that could present a problem GEM
  21. YIKES! Not a good sign. Might I suggest a sandwich on garlic bread, with a garnish of wolfs-bane? GEM
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