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  1. My mind is an open encyclopedic book. Unfortunately, when you go to a page there may not actually be any visible text. Or you may be reading along just fine and there will be a blank where some descriptive term is supposed to be. There may be a footnote with all sorts of explanation that talks all the way around the exact term but the term isn't there. The term may randomly appear someplace else in material on a completely different topic, several minutes to several days later. All part and parcel of the after-effects of a contra-coup concussion, which involves both short term and long term memory loss, as well as the hearing problems. Massive quantities of B vitamins help.* It's "interesting" when my brain goes into a full wheel lock -smoking tires stall in the middle of a conversation and the next word in the sentence just isn't happening. *"Massive Quantities" means 4 to 6 of the big horse pills a day, each containing the RDA of B vitamins for the average person.
  2. No matter what you do in life the people who make it their business to be offended will find a reason to be offended. Do it anyway, those of us that "get it" will be highly amused at the visual. And when you ignore the pwmitbtbo they will get further offended at being ignored. GEM
  3. Just got back from Ophthalmologists Office and she told me she doesn't want to see me for a year unless I notice a sudden change. This is very good news as I have a slow growing cataract in my right eye and the ongoing medical issues resulting from a detached retina in my left eye. So it's time for a small celebration, which will get larger if the clip on lenses I just bought for the camera on my tablet let me take half decent pictures of my Bones projects. GEM >Off to play with picture taking stuff<
  4. If you are having a problem with ear infections you need to switch to the industrial grade disposable foam earplugs. I use the Flents brand Quiet Time which have a NRR of 33 db. Bulk packs are available at Wally World Pharmacy. I get the 10 pack, which usually serves my needs for from 2 weeks to a month, for about $4 a box. I know all about the headphone pressure, which is why I really like my Sennheisers. Very big ear cups [which with my large ears is a major comfort factor] so they fit completely over the ear and all the pressure is on the skull. Of course, after about 6 hours straight even they start to feel like a carpenters clamp has been screwed to my head. Still, they are the best balance of comfort, noise canceling, and durability [all metal for the headband and hinge pieces] I have found in 10+ years of them being a necessary survival tool. As to the fire alarm problem, can you maybe barbecue someplace that is guaranteed to set off the alarm? I know it's a pain but if it happens frequently enough and they can't figure out what's triggering it when the ~other people~ complain they may decide to tone down the noise. Also, you might have a talk with your landlord and let them know that these unannounced fire drills are affecting your health and that you would appreciate some advance notice, say two weeks for starters. If they start to object remind them about the Americans With Disabilities Act and that it encompasses a lot more than just wheelchair accessibility.
  5. I can't like this but I can certainly relate and empathise. Do you have any earplugs? When I'm outside the house I need both my Sennheiser Noise-Cancelling 'Phones and industrial grade earplugs. Sometimes at home I have to use the earplugs, especially when the local sheriff decides its time to buzz the area in their noisy helicopter. GEM Keep that one and delete the folder with the real peoples faces. That way, when your phone "phones home" to report in on it's activities as instructed it will upload all of your minis faces into the master database, further degrading the quality of the entire program, to the benefit of all mankind. GEM
  6. "Complicated" in the backstory makes for fun characters - and games. GEM Ask the little old man with the broom in the saffron robe. GEM Welcome to my world. GEM
  7. Cudos! If you guys are thinking about making this a regular program you might think about contacting some of your local Service Clubs and Fraternal Orgnizations and pitch them some sort of sponsorship support. It can be adult personell to help out, money for supplies, or even providing space on a regular basis for the program to be run in. You are providing a community service by hosting these games, even though I know you are having fun while doing it. This is the best of both worlds where you get to have fun while doing something of value to the community. Besides, when you make your pitch to the service clubs and fraternities you may turn up some new adults interested in RPGs and Wargames. GEM
  8. You can build a modelers paint booth for not very much money. The cabinet can be made out of cardboard stuck together with duck tape or a hot glue gun. The expensive part is the air exchange system. You will need something to act as a filter. The blue roll of paper shop towels will make an effective filter media and it can be used wet or dry. A couple of wire coathangers can make the retaining clips for your filter media. For a fan, either a 4" personal fan or a 4" computer case fan will work. The personal fan can be had in either battery operated or wall plug configurations. The computer case fan will need either an external power supply or a battery holder arrangement. The most important part is to make sure that the exhaust air from the paint hood goes all the way outside. While it's nice to get it out of your working area for the project, it isn't very good for your lungs or those of the people you live with to put that finely aerosolized material, even after it has been run through a filter, into the air you are all breathing. This is just a short explanation. There are how to do its on You Tube if you want pictures and step by step instructions. Have Fun GEM
  9. Have to disagree with part of what you say about Pigments. "Everybody uses the same pigments" Across a given line of paints you will have fairly uniform grain size. This is not necessarily the case for different lines/brands of paints or paints formulated for different applications. The manufacturers of paints for model work need a finer granulation in pigments than somebody making paints intended to be used as industrial coatings. The reasons being, model paints absolutely must have a finer "film" in order to not fill in and blur details than paints intended for large surfaces with little to no surface detail. The grain size for model pigments is so small that it requires a techniques called "float separation" in order to sieve the material fine enough, no screen separation technique will provide a small enough grain size. Manufacturers have to balance economic factors against product quality/specification. The finer the milling of a given pigment the more costly that pigment is to manufacture and therefore it will be more expensive for the paint manufacturer to acquire. Model paints are formulated in small batches, so small that the normal 'run' for a model paint manufacturer would barely qualify as a test batch for an industrial scale manufacturer. If you are really interested in seeing the difference in different paints for different applications do up a 'test panel', where you take the same or as close as you can get color [white/titanium white for example] and do a patch of each on the same panel, hardboard with a sealed surface or metal for preference [so there is no absorption into the material] . When the test panel has cured study the differences. You will see a noticeable difference in thickness of the film between model pain, a paint for automotive use, a house paint, a standard industrial coating, and etc.. If you want to take it to a higher level of comparison then prepare a test panel with alternating black and white stripes. Seal and allow to dry thoroughly then paint as before. This will allow you to compare not just the film thickness but also the "coverage" or how effective a single layer is at completely covering a different color. Have Fun. GEM
  10. Then we have some homework to do, don't we? GEM I didn't even mention the File Cabinet [and boxes] of RPG and boardgame stuff. GEM
  11. I can definitely relate and empathise with your suffering. It's the bigger, badder version of my own Migraine Monster. When mine gets to the can't stand it any more stage I take what used to be called Midrin. It's now back on the market at about three times the price it used to sell for as Isometheptene-Dicloral-APAP 65mg/100mg/325mg Ir usually gets me enough relief that I can function after a 4 hour lie-down. GEM
  12. So? You need to organize the paints you will be using, taking inventory in the process so you can clear your mind of any worries about running out of a key color mid-project. You have to have shelf space ready for 'the box' when it arrives. I think I remember somebody talking about the need to rearrange their lighting setup. AND. . . . . You've got a party to arrange. GEM
  13. Well her it is for the public record. My first attempt at painting Bones. Two Crates One Barrel Three Creepy Crawlies Two Mummies Sorry for the poor picture quality. Best I can manage with an RCA Gallileo tablet and ambient lighting. G.E.M.
  14. My wife has GERD, otherwise I'd be asking "what's a GERD?" and asking the seer of Duck for information. I would be extra cautious in trying this and would deffinitely get information form your treating physician before trying anything. On the pic, nice cateye. G.E.M. looks up in wide eyed innocence. >Twinkle, Twinkle.<
  15. Can't like this. But I can definitely commiserate. There has been a Great Disturbance In The Force. Some of us feel it in ways that anybody that does not feel it can not even comprehend. GEM
  16. For those close enough here's a possible plan: >Looks up< Cyradis, you need to go do something out of earshot for just a minute, please? [Whisper] OK people, huddle up. If you are coming, bring food - in a crock pot. When the parties over leave the pot as a parting gift. Note: The food you bring doesn't necessarily need to be cooked in the crock pot. Just when you show up, it's in a crock pot. Are we good? Then: Break. Anybody showing up, give me a private message. This is far enough away that I have to operate by remote control. OK Cyradis, You can come back now.
  17. Which brings up the question: Was your character in North Africa during the Second World War? GEM
  18. This was a charity auction find. Box was kinda scrunched, no stat card, and the other box insert stuff was missing. Figure extremely nice and more than adequate for my purposes. But for the price - I'm happy to have 'adopted' this one. GEM
  19. This from the man that invented a flavor of Barbecued Soup. GEM
  20. "Sure I can give you a late quiz. It'll be a special quiz with emphasis on the questions with the fewest correct answers from the regular quiz, plus all of the material since you dropped out. Stupid should be made painful at every opportunity that presents itself. GEM
  21. Actually I think Figmentia is one of the more virulent mutations of the general malady. I've had a lifetime case of Feroequinologists Disease. Also: Audiophilia which is a specific expression of Technophilia. [now morphing into an interest in 3d printing] Rockpox the rockhound version. [I still have about a half ton of "samples" in storage] Obsessive/Compulsive Plastic Model Builders Syndrome [which was most virulent during my growing up years, subsided when I reached adulthood, but has recently resurfaced through the Adams Family Mansion [under construction] and the Munster House [sitting in the queue]. A period of building and then 'flying' [mostly crashing] model airplanes. And various other side tracks, which don't even count the Hot Rod phase. GEM
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