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  1. Too Late! I have Pernicious Hobbypox. Thanks for the info on >yet another< thread I must read. GEM Especially when they know what they have and how bad a case of "gottahaveits" you are under the spell of. [see exhibit A in the Acquisition thread] GEM
  2. Se whadidjaget? Pictures? >'Shiny' usually makes for good pics< GEM
  3. Good Maybe the woofies will stay away from my Lasagna a little while longer if there's enough unattended pies around. GEM The phrase "Market Testing" brings the mind to a state of near catatonia. GEM
  4. You work it out on a spread sheet. Ducks -runs - cackles fading into the night GEM The plus size one with the orange outfit. GEM
  5. Which opens up a whole range of possibilities that puts the mind dangerously near boggled mode. GEM
  6. I used to have a Corgi - Pomeranian mix. When you put Rusty next to a full Corgi he looked like the sports model with a fluffy tail. The mention of In-And-Out [Burger] was enough to stimulate ears high-tail wagging- jumping for joy. "We would like a number two and a puppy burger with cheese please." Requiescat in pace my old friend GEM
  7. I will not advocate for either position but I will give you this thought: Nothing focuses the mind or acts as an incentive to "improve skills" quite like working on 'something expensive'. May your deliberations take you to a place of serenity. GEM
  8. If you are open to trying something short of prescription Migraine medication, particularly when the nausea has set in, I have a suggestion based on personal experience. Cayenne [yes, the red pepper]. Comes in gelatin capsules and available at most any pharmacy or health food store, and that includes Wal-Mart Pharmacy. Make sure the label reads 40,000 STU and not 100,000 STU. FYI: STU stands for Scovill Thermal Units, named after the professor who did the first research on which spices are hotter than others. The 100,000 STU version is used by military special forces as a keep alert when in mission critical situations. This strength should only be used if you have previous experience and training with Cayenne. If misused it can actually cause a stomach ulcer. The 40,000 STU Cayenne, should you choose to try it, should be taken with food, a portion of a slice of bread is enough. This acts as a buffer in the stomach. If you don't take a morsel of food with the capsule it will tend to stimulate the urge to throw up if you are already nauseous, but only after a period of increased misery that can include a temporary elevation of temperature. Under normal conditions if taken without food you will feel the same sort of "burning sensation" as when eating spicy foods, only the sensation will be in your stomach instead of your mouth and throat. The way Cayenne works is to open the capillaries, providing a slight decrease in blood pressure while stimulating blood flow. The extra blood flow to the brain helps flush out the toxins faster and provides an increase in the oxygen and nutrient supply. When I was driving long-haul I always had a bottle in my kit. Saved me many times from having to go to heavy meds [and therefore park the rig], as well as acting as a legal 'pick me up' on long boring runs when I didn't need to risk caffeine jitters. I would recommend trying this first time when you don't already have a migraine episode underway so you can familiarize yourself with how your particular system reacts. Some people need a little more than a morsel of food if they have a sensitive stomach. In any case, it is a good idea to discuss this with the Dr. who treats you for your Migraine condition before self medicating.
  9. To drink Bloody Marys and Zombies While listening to Bobby "Boris" Picket. And not looking at themselves in the back bar mirror. GEM
  10. Oy. Sounds uncomfortably close to my life. Hope the episode passes quickly. GEM
  11. Did somebody say Puppies? The only remedy for the too much sad I can offer is to make the area around you as "less sad" as possible and surround yourself with people who refuse to act as parts of the Sad Distribution System GEM You actually had a pizza that lasted for 2 days? Sompthin' wrong here. GEM
  12. Thank You for the link to that thread. Most informative. I did pick up some Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium yesterday after a visit with my Orthopedist. Tried it last nite and it seems to help. Paint stayed workable on the palette for much longer time. The real test will be the next strong Santa Ana we get. GEM
  13. A little clarification for those not familiar with military and particularly Navy culture. Every job category in the military has what they call an 'MOS' which is the acronym for Military Occupation Specialty. In the Navy, they have used a job category description for centuries, such as, bosun, gunner, helmsman, and etc.. As technology grew more complex so did the number of job descriptions. When he was referring to ordinance, it wasn't to the things that go BOOM but to the people who make the things that go BOOM ready and able to actually blow things up, as in Ordinanceman. My own job in the Navy was as an Aviation Fire Controllman. And no, I didn't as a general rule have to put out fires [although I did have specific Damage Control training in Firefighting]. My job was to maintain the systems of electronics, hydraulics, and analog computers [I functioned in the age of Magic Rocks{which is the nickname for early logic circuits}] used for aiming and controlling the firing of air to air missiles. . Much of the ballistic computing for both shipboard gun mounts and aviation ordinance was still done using the same sort of mechanical computing devices [refined and miniaturized] as were used in WWII. For aviation use this was several large metal boxes full of motors and the sort of complex geartrains that watchmakers dream about. Most of this mechanical stuff has been replaced by microprocessors and software, except for the hydraulics needed to control positioning of movable antennas.
  14. Thanks for the link! And especially thanks for taking the time to make me feel welcome. If I got this right there should be a new signature showing up when I post this. GEM >Standing on tip toe and waving< [it's a long way with big mountains between us, as well as a rather large pond] Hello and Thank You. GEM
  15. "If you aren't ordinance you aren't $..." Note the use of the military technical speak in the final word. GEM
  16. Polly S was one of the first successful attempts to deal with the EPA regs by going to a water based formula. The EPA, in their well intentioned but ham-fisted manner of regulation, destroyed a large segment of the specialty coatings market [of which all hobby paints are just one minute segment] and the best scientific instruments can't even detect the difference of not having these products "polluting" our environment. I think I'd better not go any further down that line of thought, I don't want to attract the attention of any nectar gatherers. GEM So true. I've probably still got near half a ton of "samples" in my storage lockup. GEM
  17. Thank You. Have you looked at the top of my profile page? In real life my eyes are a greenish brown. Ex rockhound here. Used to cut and polish semi-precious materials of all kinds. GEM
  18. You've never had your desktop beverage taste really weird until it has been treated to a paint brush/stirring stick loaded with Floquil/Floqupak paint. This was the go to paint for model railroaders for decades. When the EPA starting mucking about with paint formulations it put a real strain on the Floquil people. They used pigments milled incredibly fine and the formulation for the carriers and binders allowed for incredibly thin paint films to be laid down, with minimal brush strokes. Owners eventually gave up on trying to maintain the product quality and keep up with rules and restrictions that would change again just about the time they got the problems caused by the last set of rule changes ironed out and sold the lines to Testors. I am really going to miss those paints when my hoard runs low. GEM
  19. Greetings! As long as you bring more chips, dip, and drinks you aren't too late. From my first impressions this place seems to have activity going on around the clock. The Guild House thing sounds intriguing. Only have one vehicle currently so have to do careful negotiating in order to leave my better half "stranded" for the amount of time to make the trek there and back. If I could get her interested in miniatures......... She doesn't have any interest in this area, even though she is an artsy craftsy kind of person. Please be aware that I deal with a hearing disorder {Hyperacussis} that forces me to limit my time in noisy environments, with noisy being defined as any environment where people are talking loudly. When in public I wear bot industrial grade earplugs with high quality noise-canceling headphones over my ears. This unfortunately places an even larger constraint on what I can do with my time. Boy do I dislike drunk drivers. GEM
  20. I've tried various configurations and when the humidity gets really low, as when we have a strong Santa Ana wind condition, I can wet the brush, swipe it across a towel with a rolling motion to shape the point and watch as the paint dries at the tip with the bristles still carrying a normal load of paint. I use various sable brushes and am careful not to get paint up into the ferule, clean them thoroughly after each use, and store them with the brush end up. It's frustrating with Acrylics, which is what I prefer now for most painting except for some occasional Model Railroad projects where my good old Floquil Paints have been the go-to since I was a pup. GEM
  21. The "dry season", which as I stated before is basically any time when water isn't actually falling out of the sky, has us with dry days down to circa 10% and an average of circa 20%. When we get into the 30% plus range during the summer the "desert rats" [those of us who are thoroughly acclimatized] start to 'feel the humidity'. Our summertime temp range is 90s to about 112 daytime [Fahrenheit] with night time temps dropping into the low 80s high 70s. Winter temps will find us with highs in the 40 to 60 degree range with night times dropping down to well below freezing with temps in the mid teens being a regular occurrence. Not much snow [usually once or twice in the season we get enough of a dusting to be 'picturesque'] and when we do get snow it has a low moisture content. We get winds, the 'famous' California Santa Ana winds where the normal wind direction reverses and it starts coming out of the Great Basin Area [Central Nevada] and races out over the coast at express speeds. When that happens the humidity drops [even lower] and even the plant-life requires extra water to keep from drying out. Things get literally "tinder dry" and that is when we have the greatest wild fire danger. As for brushes, I generally use anywhere from a round #0 up to a flat #2 in sable. I've ordered a wet palette from Dick Blicks, a nationwide art supply retailer, and hopefully that will help the situation. If not, I will have to put off finishing some things until the temps drop into a range when I can keep a pot of water heating on my 4 cup desktop Mr. Coffee without overheating my office. Most of my 'office'/'cave'/'bunker' is lined with the sort of pyramid foam used to sound proof recording studios, with the window cover in sound deadening so the room holds any heat generated incredibly well, even with multiple fans to keep a constant air circulation from/to the adjacent hallway.
  22. "IYAOYAS" Maybe, because without the AQ Shop your ordinance is just so much gravity bomb. Thank You. Right back at ya. Believe it or not, I wore a shorter version through the later half of my active duty time. The "Auld Salt" Admirals really hated Zumwalt. GEM
  23. Unless of course it is a Cake Brownie. Not overly heavy on the Chocolate, a nice balance of dark and milk will make for yummy eating and drinking when served with a glass of cold milk. GEM
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