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  1. Oh - WoW! Thank you, one and all who have responded to my introductory ramblings. Up two hours, and on a Saturday Nite, and already 5 warm and fuzzy responses. Thanks for the tips, is there any place in particular I should be looking for the House Rules, and just as important, the local conventions on how things are done [like the purple prose lettering thingie]? Also, as I'm a backer for the Bones IV Kickstarter [my wallet is still making whimpering noises {and I haven't told it yet that I intend to buy ~even more~ before next July}], where might I obtain one of those Backer/sponsor banners? A hoist of the jack in salute to: knarthex, Doug's Workshop, Citrine, Little Bluberry, and Sylverthorne for taking time to make me feel so welcome.
  2. Just wandered in a couple weeks ago thanks to the Bones Kickstarter and decided that this might be a good time to introduce myself. I'm one of those people who used to be an avid gamer, until my real life took over all of my time. Well, my real life took a hard turn, accompanied by the sort of aerial maneuvers that left WWI fighters as smoking holes in the ground, a little over 10 years ago. So now, I find myself in the position of being Forcibly Retired due to injuries caused by an accident caused by a Drunk Driver. I am healed up as well as the current state of the medical arts and sciences permit, but that still leaves me as a disabled old phart who gets around with a cane and some other "interesting" orthopedic appliances. My recovery period sort of renewed my interest in RPGs, but being mostly housebound unable to find local gamers [which is problematic anyway, living on the Mojave Desert] or actually do much of anything else. Not complaining, just when life deals you a rough hand, you either play it or fold - and I have no intention of folding. I've really enjoyed reading some of the threads from a couple of years ago with people talking about games in progress. My fingers start getting twitchy to start rolling up new characters. So who am I besides an old Grognard? A nerd who spent 6 years of my "youth" turning wrenches and monitoring 'silly-scopes in the Navy helping keep a flying brick known as the F4j Fighter operational. After getting out of the Navy I used my G.I.Bill to return to school and acquire a BS in Business from Cal Poly, Pomona - the place where I was introduced to this "new game" called Dungeons & Dragons by classmates in a Science Fiction Literature Class. From the descriptions given, it sounded like it might be fun so a trip to Brookhurst Hobbies in Orange County soon found me in posession of a small white box containing three brownish colored books and a set of "weird" dice. The original D&D books were really incomprehensible unless you had some previous experience with wargames [I didn't, just the full size naval version] or somebody to teach you how things worked, which fortunately I did have. It wasn't long before we had a regular group with regular games, I ran a campaign on Friday Nites for a couple of years. Everybody ran 'house rules' games then, our group mostly used the Warlock rules for Magic [Cal Tech rules] and a modified combat system based on SCA combat experience. Having people who could actually explain in detail how a fight was happening was almost as good as live action with play by play commentary. Fast Forward into the early 80s and life was starting to make demands on my time that saw 'recreational activities' severely curtailed. Pac Man became a big hit and the video game craze presented an opportunity for my parents to start a small video game route with me doing all the heavy lifting and mechanical/electronic repairs. That business expanded to the point where, with the addition of vending machines and juke boxes it provided a comfortable income well into the 90s, which also saw both of my parents pass away. As the decade progressed, the inroads into coin-op from console games and then the introduction of the PC and then the Internet pretty well ended the opportunity for small business in the area we had been so I moved on to to other business ventures, mostly involved in transportation and logistics. In the meantime, my involvement with the Fraternal Order of Odd Fellows saw me involved in a number of charitable and fraternal projects that led to me being asked to serve as a State Level Officer, where I met the lady who was to become my wife as she was the opposite number officer for the Rebekah's, the ladies portion of our order and the oldest continuously functioning womens organization in the nation]. Out courtship saw me wear out two Gold Wings and a Honda Civic as she lived in Northern California and I was still in the Southland. Fast forward to 2006 and I am pulling High Cube Bulk Tankers for a regional company when I got nailed by a drunk driver on a cold and windy February Night on Hwy 99 just a little north f Bakersfield, Ca. [The hard left turn] While securing the accident scene a Chevy Pickup came off the highway and nailed me [according to the CHP Report] doing about 60 mph [cue scene of WWI aircraft screwing themselves into the ground]. By some miracle I was punted about 100-130 feet down the road, but I don't remember much of that trip because my last conscious memory was of the world flaring white with pain and then shattering into red edged jagged fragments falling into a black background. The next few weeks involved a lot of painkillers - bandages - and time with doctors and nurses. My convalescence was long but mostly uneventful. My advice to all is to carry as much uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance as your underwriter will sell you. It's some of the cheapest insurance available for the amount of coverage, and if we had been carrying the max we probably wouldn't have lost our house. Get AFFLAC if your employer offers it, mine didn't - until about 7 months after I was put out of commission. So here I am, another casualty of the Drunk Drivers, looking for a game, and hoping to have a few good conversations here. If I've bent your ear too long, sorry. You tend to do that when you have a long tale to tell. Innkeeper - another round - and It's my turn to buy.
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