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  1. >Walks into new thread> Fresh Paint and Glitter. Feels homey already. Migraine dealt with, after effects hanging on. So much room. <Stretches arms out and slowly spins a circle> I'm getting a glass of Orange Juice [Donald Duck, the best!] and going back to bed. GEM
  2. You're welcome to my share. I have something very much like a hangover without the party beforehand . Broccoli - Fairy -- Story Drunk Driver. GEM
  3. OY! Today is a borderline migraine day. All the symptoms, lights sensitivity, upset stomach, feeling like I've been turned inside out. Plus the whacking big headache. Just took "the big red pill". If that doesn't work in an hour it's time for a dose of hydrocodone, which, on top of the big red pill, will probably almost knock me out. GERM
  4. Check the manufacturers web site for a copy of the warranty. Worth a shot. One year seems awfully short for something like a pump assembly. GEM
  5. Please don't have calamari on the menu. L.O.T.S. ^^^^^^^^^^ Me Wants! GEM
  6. That happened about 35 miles from where I grew up, but nearly 10 years before I was born. I also grew up about the same distance from In-N-Out Burger but grew up on them as they started in Baldwin Park and I spent the first 7 years of my life in Covina, circa 6 miles away and close to the Drive-In theater that my parents would go to regularly. The routine was get In-N-Out and then go to the Drive-In. I had my first In-N-Out Burger circa 1951 but never had McDonalds until the mid '60s when I went to work for the Ontario, Ca. company owned store. GEM ^^^^ This^^^^ Only downside is a situation I'm currently in where the shipping service a Kickstarter contracted with turned everything over to Fed Ex, when Fed Ex will not make delivery to PO Boxes. I have very carefully explained to the Kickstarter people that in my opinion Fed Ex accepted the package under fraudulent conditions as they knew going in they would not deliver to the PO Box. I've presented them with the alternative of issuing a full refund or sending the package to the PO Box, as the Fed Ex Terminal they were demanding that I pick it up at is a 2 hour drive from my house. GEM
  7. In the southeast USA prices are very close to that currently, due to the hack of the Colonial Pipeline system. GEM
  8. You can loose Rhode Island in San Bernardino County and a number of other counties across the nation. GEM
  9. Here's a taste from the Pilot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSc-jFgYsas GEM Note: The regular series was all shot in color.
  10. We're connected to commercial power for electricity [with a large generator for backup in the barn] have a largish propane tank outside the back door and are on well water. Going to have to lay 200ft+ of cable in order to get internet service into the house. There's a cell/microwave tower within line of sight because the tower is 75' high, and the local vegetation is knee high sagebrush and pinion pine, plus some cottonwood trees.
  11. Sounds to me like it's time to institute an "afraid to go outside" surcharge. We drive 425 miles plus one way [700 km+], and usually towing a trailer, across deserts and through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range between Victorville, Ca. and Stagecoach, Nv. and that's just a comfortable day trip. IMNSHO, any trip that may be accomplished in 9 hours or less, including one fuel and one meal stop is an easy day trip. Jack Palance Voice /ON "City People" Jack Palance Voice /OFF GEM Addendum: At our new place it's 15 miles to the nearest full grocery store [a Kroger brand called Smith's], and 13 miles the other way to the nearest Post Office. You might say that we are "out in the country". GEM
  12. HEY! I like Hogan's Heroes. Well, maybe not 24-7 but a couple of episodes every week day works OK. GEM
  13. Tales from the moving front: My preferred mover is booked out till July 5th! so went on Yelp and after reviewing about a dozen entries, everywhere from Truckee, Cal [a non starter] to Moundhouse, Nv. [right down the hwy from our new digs] I settled on a mover who is in Carson City. they didn't say on the page whether they did interstate moves so I rolled the dice and called. The Nice Lady tm who answered was extremely helpful and we are booked for May 29th. It's take a deep breath time and also time to start seriously humping boxes and stuff that we don't want the movers to deal with. GEM
  14. You have many valuable skills that command a respectable salary and benefits package in the civilian workplace. Don't sell yourself short. I'm sure in your logistics work you interface with civilian contractors and vendors. Talk to some of these people and explain your dilemma. There are companies out there who pay a bounty to their employees for "head hunting" exceptionally qualified people, so they may be very willing to explore options with you. Who knows, one or more of them might be eager to add somebody with your skills and particular knowledge of how the nitty gritty of the military side functions to their staff. True story: When I was preparing to go back to civilian life one of the Technical Representatives for the electronics systems I worked on [somebody who had watched me develop from a newbie electron wrangler into a competent technician and troubleshooter] attempted to recruit me for the Tech Rep. Program for the company that built the hardware and software I maintained. I wasn't very receptive to the offer as I was at that time in my life tired of banging my head on a daily basis against malfunctioning equipment and equally tired of the treatment of mid-level petty officers being doled out by Navy Brass. You are in a somewhat different position and mindspace so keep an open mind to any offers or overtures prior to offers. I'm here for you to use as a sounding board either on the forums or through PM. One proviso: we don't have an internet connection yet at our new place and I'm not sure how long it will take to get service established as it requires laying a couple hundred feet [or more] of cable from the streetside connection to the house. GEM Normally, there is a small amount of loss through evaporation in a barrel of aging whiskey, called "the angel's share". It seems you have some very "thirsty" angels in your neighborhood. GEM
  15. I concur with everything that has been recommended. My perspective is 6 years in Naval Aviation Maintenance plus being in business for oneself after completing my BS, so here goes. - You are someone with many years of expertise in Logistics, a skillset that is highly valued in today's society. Having specific expertise in Aviation Logistics is a big plus. As a troubleshooter you are a problem solver by nature and inclination, another valuable skillset. As a Warrant Officer you are mid-level management and know how to manage not just things but people, yet another valuable skillset. As has been recommended, put out some feelers. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at the responses you receive. Don't worry about approaching 60. If you are in good health and reasonably fit you are good for the better part of a decade, possibly longer, as a working person. Oh by the way, you forgot to include your talents as a Chef/Gourmet Cook in your skills. A lot of the pics you post have me drooling from the western side of the USA. Best of Luck to you my friend in this major life transition. GEM
  16. 1804 - The Lewis and Clark Expedition set out from St. Louis, Mo. USA to explore the new territory acquired from France two years earlier. The expedition would take nearly two and a half years to reach the Pacific Ocean and return, with a treasure trove of scientific information on the new lands. GEM
  17. Just back from our new house in Stagecoach, which will soon be home. Tales from the road: At the California Agricultural Inspection Station {A.K.A "Bug Check"} The guy on duty, who I haven't seen before, asked where we were coming from and I replied "Stagecoach, Nevada." Next question: "Whatcha got in the trailer?" I replied, without missing a beat: "Dirty Laundry". The guy did a perfect double take, looked at me then took a squint at the trailer, peering between the gap in the front corner. Which contained two Wally World short wardrobe boxes each with empty packing boxes on the bottom and then bags of trash and dirty laundry on top. Third question: "How did you end up with dirty laundry?" [At this point I realized we weren't dealing with the sharpest pencil in the box] My answer: "Easy, We've been working on our property." He had run out of questions and I still had a whole hatful of answers so he bid us a good day and we eased out of the station and proceeded on down the road. I'm looking forward to meeting the same individual on the backhaul of our next trip. GEM
  18. Please! Don't give my sub-conscious brain any ideas like that. I'd need six months of remedial physical training just to get into shape enough to go through that again, plus bilateral knee and hip replacements, bilateral shoulder replacements, and a new left ankle. "Uncle" would be loosing money on me. GEM
  19. M.E.O.W. HQ needs to be aware of this: https://gizmodo.com/scientists-find-that-cats-love-to-sit-inside-squares-ev-1846828029?utm_source=gizmodo_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-05-05 GEM
  20. Sad Face for the fact that this is not just a relevant comment but a reminder that needs to be made. Such are the times we live in. GEM
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