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  1. My father was a Junior and they didn't want to burden me with roman numerals so they took each grandfathers name when naming me. Since my father and I shared the same first name it was a constant source of confusion until ten years after my father died. GEM
  2. I've had the staying in one place problem too. Generally when being prepped they have used foam blocks and tape to immobilize the area to be studied. Not sure how that would work out for a full back/spine MRI. Being knocked out for an MRI isn't pleasant either, but it beats the alternative. They do a simultaneous injection on each side right over the kidneys which is immediately followed by the sensation of strong acid surging through your veins. When it gets to the head you [thankfully] go unconscious. It's tricky to get the dose right as I've come to near the end of an MRI and it has taken all of my will power to not start thrashing about from the noise. The after effects aren't pleasant either, as you feel like you have been beaten all over. GEM
  3. Good Luck on your upcoming surgery/ies. They can't get me in one of those things unless they knock me out. Claustrophobia causes panic and my Hyperacusis puts me in a murderous rage from the noise. Then the migraine hits. GEM
  4. I can relate. Let us remember the good times. I lost my father on May 5th, 1990. Medical Misadventure subsequent to a heart attack. GEM
  5. When driving long haul I had to have the windshield replaced on one side of the truck [two piece Freightliner windshield, split in the middle] a couple of times due to owls cruising too low over the Interstate in the middle of the night. GEM
  6. ^^^^^ This. I spent a couple of months online doing research and seeing what was out there before going to look at the Nissan Frontier Grandpa Truck we bought. What's a Grandpa Truck? It's a suitably sized pickup truck with a full back seat for the grandkids! When I first started looking a Nissan wasn't even on the list but after researching specs, features, and weighing that against price it moved up the list quickly. Went to the dealership with printouts in hand so the sales people knew I was A. serious and B. probably not interested in any other offerings. Looked at the truck, went home and got mama to have a look, and 4 hours later we were driving it off the lot. The Bonny Blue Dent Collector is serving us well, and as soon as we are settled in the new house the front end damage will be repaired. GEM #XVIII Randomness, Now Voting Age. GEM
  7. Minuit is, according to family legend, one of my ancestors on my mothers side. GEM
  8. "Brass is Class", and it shines up so much better than steel. And if you look, you will find a lot of brass tipped canes with really neat cast brass toppers. GEM
  9. "I need to buy a top hat." Because I don't own one. "I need to buy a top hat." Because this one is different from the one I already own. Don't get me started on hats. I already have a shelf [that is full] for nothing but hats. GEM
  10. I just stumbled across this: https://www.makeuseof.com/tips-fix-100-disk-usage-improve-windows-performance/?utm_source=MUO-NL-RP&utm_medium=newsletter Seems there is a bug in Windows 10 that is causing instances of 100% disk usage. Some suggestions here for how to deal with this and other performance issues. G'Luck GEM
  11. 30 lb kitteh who went on a semi hunger strike is probably a lot healthier now. I hope your friend is getting better. GEM
  12. Try giving them nothing but dry kibble for three days and then offer them something from the regular menu. "Here's the deal. You get fussy, the menu gets trimmed back to field rations." GEM
  13. When he who operates the can opener speaks, kitty listens. GEM
  14. 500 Gb is ok, as long as you don't have very many large files, such as video files saved. If you have very many stored videos it will use up the space pretty quickly. If you are over 80% of capacity you need to offload some stuff to other storage to free up some overhead. Weekly defrag is OK, unless you get into a situation such as you describe where it is running at 100% a lot of the time. Running that way is an indication that the hard drive is spending a lot of time moving stuff just to find enough space for current operations to run on. GEM
  15. Assuming your laptop is a Micro$oft operating system computer, when was the last time the hard drive was defragmented? Also, how close to full is the hard drive? Congrats on finding a new platform! GEM
  16. There was a period of time when large corporations with lots of cash went out and bought other companies, whether they fit into the conglomerate corporate mix or not. Disney acquiring Marvel makes logical sense. Revlon acquiring Marvel, just because they could, doesn't, unless they intended to bring out a Superhero Makeup line. Which they never did. GEM
  17. That is because you are obviously not working on what the master/mistress of the manor has determined to be the highest priority item. GEM
  18. There's also a squeeze all along the production process from trees to lumber ready to ship. GEM
  19. ^^^ This^^^ Among other material used for all kinds of purposes one of the things I transported was diatomaceous earth, used for flux at a steel mill. Electric Hearth process to turn scrap steel into circa 6" x 6" x 8' billets that were allowed to cool then reheated, sent through a rolling mill and made into rebar of all sizes. The heat of the cooling stacks of reprocessed metal were incredibly hot as the stuff cooled from orange hot down to black over several days. GEM
  20. Look into MDF. That's Medium Density Fiberboard, which is a manufactured product used for furniture grade construction. You'll find a lot of it used for IKEA grade products. Being a manufactured product where wood fibers are shaped and adhered using a strong glue it's strong, slightly heavier than an equivalent pine board, easy to work with, free of knotholes, and usually has an exterior cladding of a durable surface material that will accept either a veneer or paint quite well. And yes, the price of wood is astronomical right now. I've been cringing every time I have had to go to the lumber yard for materials for our new home. Almost as bad as concrete as there is a shortage in Northern Nevada so prices are painfully high, to the point where I will be installing boardwalk instead of concrete walkways. GEM
  21. Your "problem child" will most likely be looking at a 25% premium and having to wait in the queue of the rest of the "I can wait till the last minute" owners across the continen By that time he may well be looking at competition with deep pockets. We've had a new outfit move into our area and they have opened up at least 5 brand new from the bare ground up car washes in the last 6 months. Best of luck with "problem child" GEM
  22. Suction head may need to go a few feet deeper to have reliable water takeup. If you are at the top of the water table you may be sucking air due to variations in the exact level of the water at any given time. Best of luck. GEM
  23. Most processors are equipped with an internal heat sensor that will shut the chip down if it gets above the normal operating range. If that sensor functioned properly you may get more life out of the card that you think. Here's hoping it continues to do the job for a long - long time. GEM
  24. You must have smelled good to that particular bumblebee. That or your not defaulting to Attack Mode convinced it you were friend, not foe. GEM
  25. I am happy to report that Wally World must consider the pandemic at an end. I have deduced this from the evidence in store, with all packages of face masks reduced to $0,50 per package. Somehow I don't think they would be trying to unload stock at fire sale prices if they felt there was going to be any future market. GEM
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