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  1. 15 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


    As someone who deals with medical records, I can confirm that situations like this tend to cause both computers and humans to trip up sometimes. If the name is the same, I look at date of birth next, followed by other demographics to hopefully figure out which human this record belongs to. Computers, not being as good at this type of pattern recognition, will sometimes de-duplicate (merge) records that it thinks are for the same person. They are...not always correct....


    Twins etc. can also cause confusion. We once had a set of adult twins with the same address, phone number, last name AND workplace, with first names only one letter off. THAT took some time to sort out. <_<


    Common names can cause issues too. For example, our area has a very large Hispanic population. If you're trying to find a test result for a "Maria Gomez" you'd better bring me a whole lot of other info, or I won't be able to sort through the thousands of other Maria Gomez's to find the one you're interested in. 


    Fun with records and data entry! :winkthumbs:



    --OneBoot :D 

    My father was a Junior and they didn't want to burden me with roman numerals so they took each grandfathers name when naming me.

    Since my father and I shared the same first name it was a constant source of confusion until ten years after my father died.


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  2. 1 minute ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

    Yeah, I found it very confining (I'm not a small lad) but I'm not Claustrophobic so it was bearable (I'm not sure how back it would be if they were doing my neck though....my head would be way further in then......).  The noise was pretty loud, but I've been to a number of metal concerts.  Needed more bass though :)
    But anyone with noise sensitivity would not enjoy that at all.  So have both is most unfortunate.

    My biggest problem was the staying on one spot part.  With my back the nerve pain started after about 10 minutes of not being able to move my back/hips/legs. By the end it was getting really unpleasant.


    I've had the staying in one place problem too.  Generally when being prepped they have used foam blocks and tape to immobilize the area to be studied.  Not sure how that would work out for a full back/spine MRI.

    Being knocked out for an MRI isn't pleasant either, but it beats the alternative.  They do a simultaneous injection on each side right over the kidneys which is immediately followed by the sensation of strong acid surging through your veins.  When it gets to the head you [thankfully] go unconscious.  It's tricky to get the dose right as I've come to near the end of an MRI and it has taken all of my will power to not start thrashing about from the noise.

    The after effects aren't pleasant either, as you feel like you have been beaten all over.


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  3. 1 minute ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

    Wow, took a bit to get caught up.  I need to stop not-reading the forums on the weekends......


    So my back has been awesome for a long time.  And I've been having yet more issues with nerve pain in my left leg for....3+ months now?  
    Got in to have an MRI on Friday (boy that tube is not overly big, is it?) and the doctor's office called yesterday to book an in-person appointment today. (Bad sign right off, since almost nothing is done in-person these days.)

    As expected my back has deteriorated of the last decade or so.  Stenosis is to the point where I have a shiny referral to a back surgeon.

    Not the best news but not unexpected (my dad had severe stenosis causing permanent nerve damage and now walks with a walker) so I'm happy that, if it has to get taken care of, we get it done as early as possible to avoid what dad went through.

    I wonder if I can get a two for one special and get him to look at my neck too?

    Good Luck on your upcoming surgery/ies.


    They can't get me in one of those things unless they knock me out.  Claustrophobia causes panic and my Hyperacusis puts me in a murderous rage from the noise.  Then the migraine hits.


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  4. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


    I like to add


    • 1945 The Netherlands are liberated from the Nazi Occupation.

    Today is Liberation Day.

    Yesterday we remembered the Fallen


    Also..on a personal note, my mother passed away on May 5th 2007...

    I can relate.  Let us remember the good times.


    I lost my father on May 5th, 1990.  Medical Misadventure subsequent to a heart attack.



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  5. 3 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:


    I.. might have been less charitable had I not had a three hour car ride to get most of the vitriol out of my system.

    I really was not amused; Subaru Guy was not reading the room at /all/, and I'm pretty sure we were both bristling a little by the time we left the dealership. 

    Ah, well; we were looking for reasons to shorten the list further, and that counted. Going through the new information and double-checking it against a couple of new sources just put the nails in. 


    I'm sort of looking forward to tomorrow, even though the bit where we're gonna be on the road for half of forever, and I'm not actually going to get to drive it (yet), because HECK CITY DRIVING ... *sigh* Seattle... Seattle is a *redacted* hillside disaster. I really don't like city driving; and I've done more of it than I like to think about. ^^;

    It's mostly an anxiety thing; I can do it, but it's generally better for my stress levels if I /don't/. The handful of times I haven't been able to get out of it, I've been deeply grateful for my driving gloves.  


    I cannot more strongly recommend taking a couple of weeks to do some deep research into the car (or truck) you want, and the options you're interested in. Every time we haven't done that (once!), we ended up not entirely happy. Mind, I wouldn't actually trade Grendel, for all the trouble she's been, but dang if we couldn't have side-stepped some epic problems if we had done some actual research before sniffing around in person.

    ^^^^^ This.

    I spent a couple of months online doing research and seeing what was out there before going to look at the Nissan Frontier Grandpa Truck we bought.  What's a Grandpa Truck?  It's a suitably sized pickup truck with a full back seat for the grandkids!  When I first started looking a Nissan wasn't even on the list but after researching specs, features, and weighing that against price it moved up the list quickly.

    Went to the dealership with printouts in hand so the sales people knew I was A. serious and B. probably not interested in any other offerings.  Looked at the truck, went home and got mama to have a look, and 4 hours later we were driving it off the lot.

    The Bonny Blue Dent Collector is serving us well, and as soon as we are settled in the new house the front end damage will be repaired.



    Randomness, Now Voting Age.



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  6. 7 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Trivia of the Timeline for May 4th:

    • 1626 – Dutch explorer Peter Minuit arrived in New Netherland (present day Manhattan Island) aboard the See Meeuw after becoming the third director of the Dutch colony.

    • 1904 – The United States began construction of the Panama Canal.

    • 1961 – Malcolm Ross and Victor Prather attained a new altitude record for manned balloon flight ascending in the Strato-Lab V open gondola to 113,740 feet (34.67 km).

    Minuit is, according to family legend, one of my ancestors on my mothers side.


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  7. 1 hour ago, NebulousMissy said:

    I have always wanted to go steampunk. Get some cool brass-rimmed glasses. Carry a steel-topped cane.


    I finally have the disposable income to do so.


    And I'm in the right part of the country. Fit right in here in Philadelphia.

    "Brass is Class",  and it shines up so much better than steel.

    And if you look, you will find a lot of brass tipped canes with really neat cast brass toppers.


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  8. On 4/30/2021 at 1:48 PM, SparrowMarie said:

    Tried many things last night to get the laptop to run better. Nothing worked well enough to where I am happy with it.


    Husband decided that for mother's day from the cats I could get a new one. So I ordered a new laptop last night. Not as much RAM as I'd like (8 instead of 16) I just couldn't find one with more in my price range.

    I just stumbled across this:


    Seems there is a bug in Windows 10 that is causing instances of 100% disk usage.  Some suggestions here for how to deal with this and other performance issues.



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  9. 1 minute ago, redambrosia said:

    More like cranky old men who don’t like change! 

    I have a friend who had to switch to cheaper food while she was out of work (because her ankle shattered), and in protest her cats won’t eat much of it. The one cat, who started off as a 30lb monster is now 15lbs. 

    Cats are extremely stubborn and stupid.

    30 lb kitteh who went on a semi hunger strike is probably a lot healthier now.

    I hope your friend is getting better.


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  10. 26 minutes ago, Inarah said:


    Try telling that to my cats.  I got two 14 yr olds that want food, but not what I put out, and we've tried like 6 different cans this week. Hrmph.  Teenagers....



    Get a good night's rest. You'll be tired and a little sore tomorrow. Call in sick. You deserve it. 


    Try giving them nothing but dry kibble for three days and then offer them something from the regular menu.

    "Here's the deal.  You get fussy, the menu gets trimmed back to field rations."


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  11. Just now, SparrowMarie said:


    It's supposed to defrag like once a week, I'll see if I can run a manual one in the next few days. It's got, I believe, a 500GB hard drive so pretty sure it's no where near close to full.

    500 Gb is ok, as long as you don't have very many large files, such as video files saved.  If you have very many stored videos it will use up the space pretty quickly.

    If you are over 80% of capacity you need to offload some stuff to other storage to free up some overhead.

    Weekly defrag is OK, unless you get into a situation such as you describe where it is running at 100%  a lot of the time.  Running that way is an indication that the hard drive is spending a lot of time moving stuff just to find enough space for current operations to run on.


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  12. 1 hour ago, SparrowMarie said:

    I may be getting a new laptop! It has to wait a couple months but the longer I can make this one live the nicer a laptop I will get. It'll be our wedding anniversary and, possibly, my birthday gift(s). This one takes forever to do like anything anymore. It runs at 100% disk a lot of the time and it's older amongst many, many other quality of life issues. Not sure how old because it was my mom's before me.


    I'm excited but should probably start doing some research since I don't really know much about computers anymore. I, until recently, thought that 8GB of RAM was a lot for a basic computer. Turns out that's pretty much standard these days. It pays to have nerd friends who build computers. They helped me pick out Husbands laptop he just got for school (which we didn't pay for).


    In other news, lots to do today. The big one is to make sure Husband goes down to the gate and lets the yard guy in on time. Dunno how long it's gonna take but it's going to be taken care of today. Also, found out yesterday that we don't actually own part of the yard that we thought was our responsibility so it doesn't need done. So Husband is going to talk to him and see what else he can do that will fill his time or whatever.


    I will spend the time he is here upstairs, with very loud music, painting because the sound of lawn work drives me nuts and I don't know this guy well enough to just up and leave for awhile while he works on it. Should be a fairly productive painting day if it takes as long as I think it will.


    Also, dishes, lots of dishes. Our dishwasher quit draining all the water out (I may have mentioned this semi-recently). We have concluded through various means that our drain pump has probably quit working. No idea how much that'll cost to fix or if this means I need to start looking for a new one. I'm very elfed off about it because the thing is just over a year old and just out of warranty as far as I can tell...<_<


    And last thing because this has gotten long. I may have found a new selling platform. I need to look more into terms but it will allow me to also take donations free of fees and open a shop which I can upgrade to a higher tier and not have fees come out of sales or commissions. I'm going to hold off on that for a while and see if I can do enough business to actually warrant the $4.50/month for a yearly subscription for that, which I think is a steal.

    Assuming your laptop is a Micro$oft operating system computer, when was the last time the hard drive was defragmented?  Also, how close to full is the hard drive?

    Congrats on finding a new platform!


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  13. 13 hours ago, PaganMegan said:



    There was a period of time when large corporations with lots of cash went out and bought other companies, whether they fit into the conglomerate corporate mix or not.

    Disney acquiring Marvel makes logical sense.  Revlon acquiring Marvel, just because they could, doesn't, unless they intended to bring out a Superhero Makeup line.

    Which they never did.


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  14. 9 minutes ago, strawhat said:


    House 2 is a lot of fun.  House is another one I like as well, but I like William Katt and Richard Moll.  And, of course, the whole "You're No Good" scene is (IMO) worth the proverbial price of admission.  I still think, though, that An American Werewolf in London is the premiere horror-comedy movie.



    It's like this, from what I hear, across the country.  The home construction industry is really putting the squeeze on those type of materials.

    There's also a squeeze all along the production process from trees to lumber ready to ship.


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  15. 29 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


    I'm ALWAYS interested in car wash drama! ::D:


    I'm actually serious, I really enjoy reading your experiences. I love hearing tradespeople stories; every one gives me a greater understanding of everything that goes into making modern civilization work, and a deeper appreciation for those that put up with nonsense like you describe on a daily basis in order to keep all the gears turning (or at least mostly functioning). Ever since MrBoot had a temporary job in a metal-working shop, I look at street signs and think, "People MADE that. Someone designed it, someone else provided the raw materials, someone else turned them into a sheet of metal, someone cut it out, someone painted it, and lastly someone else installed it. Not to mention everyone that transported those various parts all over the world."


    It's beautifully mind-boggling when one stops to think about it. ^_^



    --OneBoot :D 

    ^^^ This^^^


    Among other material used for all kinds of purposes one of the things I transported was diatomaceous earth, used for flux at a steel mill.  Electric Hearth process to turn scrap steel into circa 6" x 6" x 8' billets that were allowed to cool then reheated, sent through a rolling mill and made into rebar of all sizes.

    The heat of the cooling stacks of reprocessed metal were incredibly hot as the stuff cooled from orange hot down to black over several days.


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  16. 3 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

    Looks like I might have to scale back my plans regarding the new shelves/hobby area. I've been hearing from various quarters that the price has lumber has skyrocketed, so my original plan isn't going to be workable. Looking into alternatives, hoping to avoid anything made of particleboard if I can help it. Lack of a painting area is starting to get to me, and most of my supplies are currently packed away.

    The War with the Weeds has resumed and I've been gathering a pile for the Wulpurgis Burning of the Forsythia, which looks to be a yearly thing now. Debating if I should add an effigy of King Olaf to it, but do I really want bards cluttering the yard afterwards...

    Still no progress on provoking a rain of fish either.

    Look into MDF.  That's Medium Density Fiberboard,  which is a manufactured product used for furniture grade construction.  You'll find a lot of it used for IKEA grade products.

    Being a manufactured product where wood fibers are shaped and adhered using a strong glue it's strong, slightly heavier than an equivalent pine board, easy to work with, free of knotholes, and usually has an exterior cladding of a durable surface material that will accept either a veneer or paint quite well.

    And yes, the price of wood is astronomical right now.  I've been cringing every time I have had to go to the lumber yard for materials for our new home.  Almost as bad as concrete as there is a shortage in Northern Nevada so prices are painfully high, to the point where I will be installing boardwalk instead of concrete walkways.


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  17. 23 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

    oh boy.  I get to deliver bad news that will probably be ignored. 

    Details, if you're interested in more Car Wash drama. 

      Reveal hidden contents

    Just received word that our last remaining dial up credit card processing platform is starting to shut down their dial up servers.  No hard date yet, but it will probably be within the next 2-3 years, if not sooner.  At this point, they're just not replacing modems as they die, so the number of modems and phone connections available to answer incoming dial up connections will be dwindling.  Busy signals will become more common

    We stopped officially supporting dial up credit card processing for new customers and accounts in 2012, so the only people we still have on dial up processing are ones who activated their systems prior to 2012 and have made no account changes since then.  These are typically the same people who should have replaced or at least upgraded their equipment years ago, and include my problem "child" who's still running multiple sites on obsolete tellers we haven't had 98% of the parts for in a decade.

    If that wasn't bad enough, I was also told that since the new teller product launch is looking good, we will be discontinuing our existing line in the next 18-36 months. We'll still have parts for them for the next decade or so, but no new sales of them, or their accessory equipment (which is compatible with the obsolete stuff). 

    What does all this mean? It means that my problem child needs to upgrade to internet credit card clearing pretty much RIGHT NOW. If he doesn't, and waits until he's forced to, then the $20k or so upgrade he'll complain about today will become a $200k upgrade later. 

    I'm in the process of laying out 5 upgrade options for him with the pros and cons.  Option 1 is Replace Everything ASAP, which is still $200k, but at least he could spread it out over the next two years, while Option 5 is Do Nothing, which pretty much means he'll be out of business as soon as the dial up processing shuts down.   I'm hoping he'll at least do Option 4, which is the $20k bare minimum, but still keeps him limping along. 

    Let's see, spend $20k spread out into six installments over the next 12-18 months while still processing credit cards, OR wait until the last possible moment and have to spend $200k all at once before being able to accept credit cards again?  Which choice do you think he'll make? 

    If history is any guide, he won't do anything until he's forced to, and he won't be able to afford it then. 


    Your "problem child" will most likely be looking at a 25% premium and having to wait in the queue of the rest of the "I can wait till the last minute" owners across the continen

    By that time he may well be looking at competition with deep pockets.  We've had a new outfit move into our area and they have opened up at least 5 brand new from the bare ground up car washes in the last 6 months.

    Best of luck with "problem child"


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  18. 7 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



    We had a pump installed to use groundwater to irrigate the garden.

    Tested it 5 times, worked.

    Used it Monday for real, worked.

    Tried to use it yesterday and today...no go...

    It won't pump up enough water with enough pressure...


    We filled the vertical pipe a few times to try to restart it.

    Pump makes sound, very little water comes out.

    We hear bubbling sounds from the water.


    I have a feeling it sucks air with it...

    Brother in Law will come over somewhere next week to try and fix it..



    Suction head may need to go a few feet deeper to have reliable water takeup.  If you are at the top of the water table you may be sucking air due to variations in the exact level of the water at any given time.

    Best of luck.


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  19. 55 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    I just managed to fix Megan's graphics card - the fan had somehow gotten unplugged from the board, so the board was overheating.


    Leaving a note on the monitor, so she knows who to thank. ::P:


    The heat has probably damaged the card, but we may be able to eke a few more months out of it. ::):


    The Auld Grump

    Most processors are equipped with an internal heat sensor that will shut the chip down if it gets above the normal operating range.  If that sensor functioned properly you may get more life out of the card that you think.  Here's hoping it continues to do the job for a long - long time.


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  20. 1 minute ago, Mad Jack said:


     Well, that was interesting... :rolleyes:


    An enormous bumblebee somehow found its way into my basement. I was debating the best way to chase it back outside without harming it...


    ...When it landed dead in the middle of my forehead. :huh:


    So I just walked outside, and brushed it off.


    ...Whereupon it proceeded to decide it felt like crawling over my hand for a minute or two, then trying to walk up my arm.


    At which point I finally managed to blow on it hard enough that it decided to fly away.




    You must have smelled good to that particular bumblebee.

    That or your not defaulting to Attack Mode convinced it you were friend, not foe.


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  21. I am happy to report that Wally World must consider the pandemic at an end.

    I have deduced this from the evidence in store, with all packages of face masks reduced to $0,50 per package.

    Somehow I don't think they would be trying to unload stock at fire sale prices if they felt there was going to be any future market.


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