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  1. On 4/23/2021 at 11:16 AM, Inarah said:


    Not quite.  The reintroduced formula known as "Coke Classic" is made with high fructose corn syrup.  The flavor change was subtle, but after the New Coke debacle very few people could tell the difference.   


    While Coke Classic was being distributed in cans, a few plants were still making the real original formula using cane sugar and bottling in glass because there were still many vending machines that only dispensed the older style bottles.  Sadly they were eventually phased out.


    Today you can only get the early formula Coca Cola made with sugar, in glass bottles,  as an import from Mexico.  



    We had a really old vending machine at work which was still filled with "the real thing" in glass bottles, for a nickle, because the boss was too cheap to upgrade to a newer machine.  Cleaned that thing out nearly every day. 


    There was a tactile difference in the old formula Coca-Cola, almost an astringency in the mouth.

    Also, I don't remember it being as sweet, there was a definite undertone of slight bitterness which I attribute to one of the oils [clove and other oils are part of the formula]that is now overwhelmed by the sweetness.

    I only drink Coca-Cola when in pubic anymore, having found Kroger's Big K Cola more to my taste as it isn't as sweet tasting.


    Addendum:  Going to track down some of the Mexican Glass Bottle Coca-Cola and do a taste test.  Should be easy, I think the local Winco carries it.

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  2. I'm Baaack!

    What an ordeal.

    Intention was to be in Nevada late afternoon and get the keys to the house/do walkthrough on 04-19.  things didn't work out as there was a rolling roadblock from circa 10 miles south of Bishop all the way through town and out the other side.

    A HUGE piece of machinery, some sort of pump and piping manifold that was extra high and two lanes wide.  Yes, I said two - lanes - wide.  FOUR Pilot Cars, a Bucket Truck to lift wires, and At Least TWO Highway Patrol cars to enforce the knuckleheads actually stopping when it was necessary to wrong way the load to dodge immovable overhead obstructions like traffic light heads.  Was entertaining as I used to run a Pilot Car Service, but it put us far enough behind schedule that we ended up in a motel in Carson City overnight.

    Which means we picked up the keys/did walkthrough on 04-20, but it wasn't a nice answer at all.

    The rest is spoilered due to length and the gruesome details are - gruesome.


    For starters, only one of the four keys that actually fit the keyways for the door locks worked.  There were six keys total on the ring, no clue what the ones that didn't fit the keyway are for.  They ended up sending out a guy with new door-lock sets to get the mess unscrambled, but that didn't happen till Wednesday.  [Talking with the guy, they have frequent problems with the factory locks and keys not matching]

    Go inside and the place is an absolute mess, with roofing materials on a plastic sheet in the master bedroom.  Paint and plaster mess all over the vinyl flooring we paid extra for in place of the standard carpeting, and a layer of construction dust over everything..  The lady they sent to clean up freaked out but she got the master suite ready for us while we took care of some of the business that comes with setting up a new residence in a different state.  I'll finally be able to get my truck registered in Nevada next trip. She asked us not to go into the rest of the house any more than necessary so we didn't track dirt back into the master.  She came back Wednesday, with a helper and after she was seen at Urgent Care for having messed up her back trying to get the floors acceptable in our Master Suite.  She also told us they had to send yet another person out to turn on the water heater as she discovered it hadn't been lit off when she started doing her work.

    Was able to cook dinner Wednesday, TV dinners for simplicity and ease of cleanup but had to use the conventional oven because the brand new - built in microwave doesn't work.  The buttons all work, the clock works [once it is set], the timer works, but the turntable doesn't turn and the magnetron [the thingie that makes the microwaves] doesn't hum.  Didn't get a straight answer from our builder until this afternoon when we were already on the road to Victorville that there is a tag with a phone number under the sink on the door [this is starting to sound like something Arthur Dent would have encountered] for warranty service on all the appliances.

    The air conditioner didn't work.  Heater was fine, air circulation fine, but the ground package for a/c wouldn't work.  They hadn't checked it, and some piece of kit in one of the electrical boxes had to be put in "the other way" in order for the a/c to function properly.

    Bunch of other smaller stuff has to be fixed/replaced, but will take time "due to covid and longer shipping times".

    Am I being unreasonable for having expected all this stuff to be checked and/or done between Escrow Recording on the second day of the month and us actually picking up the keys 18 days later?

    On the good side, our well is functioning properly and it will take me some time to get used to drinking actual water without a lot of chemical treatment as baggage.  It tastes good, almost like bottled spring water, but coming out of the tap.  And the ice cube maker functions properly.

    I'm pooped


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  3. 17 minutes ago, Kuroneko said:


    It's a Scottish dish made from potato, neeps(turnip) and cheese. As to how to make it.....you guys can all speak Scots, yeah? 





    I believe that it's an age thing, young whipper snappers often find the taste of brassicas too bitter for their youthful palette ....

    Mah wee bren dinna ken his spaaken the furst time thru but I did ken enouh on tha secon go ta ken the cukin.


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  4. 10 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

    I doubt that the Egyptians will ban Evergreen from the canal, they will just find very "creative" ways to charge them extra for each transit. The Egyptians are very clever at this sort of thing. I knew someone on an oil tanker that had a minor bump with a container ship just before going through Suez, and ended up with a couple of containers falling onto the tankers deck. The Egyptians allowed the tanker to go through the canal... and then fined them big money for carrying undeclared cargo!

    Ah yes, the ever inscrutable mind of the Grand Vizier Class Bureaucrat.


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  5. 13 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

    GEM has it right: The ships master is responsible for the vessel, cargo and crew at all times, During a canal passage the Master (or officer of the watch) will hand over the navigation to a pilot. However the Master is still in command of the entire vessel and has the duty to resume navigation if he is not satisfied with the safety of the vessel. This gives most Masters grey hair.


    Still waiting the full outcome of this. The Egyptian will have worked out pretty accurately how much they can expect to sue for and will be happy to keep the ship tied up until they get every dollar. If there is any indication of poor decision making by the master he will be out of a job. Any sort of mechanical foul-up means the Chief Engineer packs his bags as well.


    Glad I wasn't there.

    The way I see this playing out is Evergreen and the Japanese Ship Owners only have a limited amount of time to achieve a meeting of minds with the Egyptian Authorities or the Egyptians will bar access through Suez to any vessel owned or controlled by these parties.  Which translates into longer transit times around the Horn and higher cost shipping.

    We'll se how this plays out.


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  6. 32 minutes ago, TGP said:

    There is a limit to what they could conceivably force the owners to pay. If they ask for more than the cargo and hull are worth the owners will just walk away and declare the vessel a loss. 

    I am puzzled by one thing: the ship was under the command (?) of a Pilot who worked for the Suez Canal Authority at the moment she veered off course and grounded. I don’t get how they can be holding the owners responsible when their man was in charge of the ship’s course, speed, and giving the helm orders. 

    There are (probably?) laws that prevent a collective lawsuit being filed (by everyone with financial interest in a container) against the Egyptian government for essentially high jacking  their cargo. 

    Where is @paintybeard when we need him..?

    Under Maritime Law the Master of the Vessel [Captain] has ultimate responsibility at all time, regardless of what a pilot does.

    The theory being, the Master knows his vessel, its capabilities and limitations, and the pilot doesn't, even though the pilot has specific expertise related to the area under transit.

    Maritime Law works somewhat differently in many areas than what we are used to as "the law of the land".

    The claims and counter claims that will result from this incident may actually write or rewrite sections of Maritime Law for generations to come.


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  7. Remember when the Ever Given got stuck and blocked the Suez Canal?

    Egyptian Authorities have impounded the ship until the Japanese owners pay them $900million [US] or more for the damages and revenue loss while the ship had worldwide shipping jammed up.


    Shippers/receivers with containers on that ship must be tearing their hair out.

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  8. Question for today:

    What is going to happen to Rocky Moselle when the Space Aliens make their presence known?

    Whose Rocky Moselle?  That's the guy that has been advertising for years and years the "Name A Star" thing.

    Personally, I think when this guy finds out there's somebody someplace other than Earth who already has the Universal Franchise [or even Galactic Franchise] he's going to be in trouble deep enough to make the Marianas Trench look like a shallow rivulet.


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  9. 2 minutes ago, haldir said:


    The Verizon thing sounds similar to my T-Mobile bill this month. Bill jumped from 185 a month to 205....WT%!!!!! The guy at the store said it was due to a promotion when I bought S10 had expired. Ummmm dude I paid my phone off  the first time we got gov't stimulus checks. He was then, oh well they weren't charging you, now that the promo has expired, they are. Starting to boil over, I asked why should I be charged when the phone is mine.


    All I know, the guy kept repeating the same broccoli over & over. I looked at him & said "Well then I guess it's time I look for anther carrier? Hmmm?" He gave me a dumb stare & just walked out on him. It didn't help I stood in the store for probably over 30 mins as 4 employees helped 3 customers (1 customer couldn't figure out here Apple ID + she kept forgetting things in her car...sigh. Anther was setting up a new account & the other with the forgetful Apple person).


    I did decide that my daughter is old enough that she can start paying her bill each month + I think I'm gonna "drop" her off my service & put her on her own. Again, she is old enough for this. I also used the new round of stimulus to pay off my son's iphone, which when we first got it, he agreed to pay me, monthly, but that ended a few months ago. I ended up just saying it was his Christmas present last year. I also paid my daughter's phone & the only phone left to buy is my wife's & that is only got 90 bucks left (comes out to 10/month), so my actual bill from them is 140....Seems a bit high if you ask me.


    I still may look into other carriers, as I don't use my phone that much, other then to stream music at work & some basic internet browsing.

    We just switched to Consumer Cellular and so far, no problems.  I have a new flip phone with a larger screen than the old LG model I've been  using for so long I can't remember how long it's been.  New phone is 4g old one was 3g.  Suits my humble needs for an actual phone and not an electronic addiction enabler


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  10. 11 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

    Something I've learned over the years is that troubleshooting is a skill set that is completely separate from other skill sets. 

    It works best in conjunction with another skill set, such as knowledge of electronics, but a person who is good at troubleshooting can often make more progress on solving an issue in a field they know little about than someone knowledgeable in that field who has no troubleshooting skills at all. 

    The tech I'm working with is a great example - she started off in the chemical sales and delivery side of the company, got thrown into a few situations where she was able to figure things out, and eventually moved into being a tech, despite having no formal training in electronics, electricity or plumbing. In fact, her schooling is for nursing.   But she has such a knack for troubleshooting it was a natural progression for her. 

    You are spot on in your observation about troubleshooting as a separate skillset.

    Navy sent me to a year and a half of electronic school, with about a week of one module in B school dealing with troubleshooting.

    It wasn't until I was confronted on a daily basis with malfunctioning systems that my troubleshooting skills were developed to a really useful level.

    To this day I can often identify a problem in something I haven't dealt with before just by asking a few basic questions.


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  11. 1 minute ago, kristof65 said:

    It's not, currently, at least by me. I haven't talked directly to the site yet, only to the distributor tech - she's been handling all of the communications with the site owner.  It's mostly been me answering her emails, texts and occasional phone calls.   The distributors get a quantity of "free" support time based on their sales volume, and she's from one of our bigger ones. 

    Apparently the site owner was an electrical engineer himself before he got into the car wash business. 

    Sounds like the guy is qualified to troubleshoot anything up to the point where the power circuits enter the car wash operating hardware and software.

    A Double EE is in way over their head unless they have a lot of experience in the control side of power distribution, and I'm not talking about the modern equivalent of the big high power knife switches but the computers and servo's that control the entire distribution system.


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  12. 1 minute ago, kristof65 said:

    Currently dealing with a site owner who is too smart for his own good. After a week's worth of helping the distributor troubleshoot the guy's problem, I finally realized that the site owner has been biasing the info he's feeding us by doing his own troubleshooting without really understanding how the system works.  Instead of chasing the real problem, we've been chasing a problem that doesn't exist because that's how the system works!


    Back to square one. 

    I hope that all of the wasted time is billable.


    A "little knowledge" is usually enough to get you into trouble eyeball deep.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Not really. If that had happened, someone might have decided that the bear was a 'menace' and needed to be put down. I'd really rather that didn't happen.

    The "environmentalists" have enough influence in SoCal that it would take an attack on a human being for that to happen.

    When it's just property damage the bear gets darted with a tranquilizer gun and then transported to a remote area outside of its normal range.  Poor bear wakes up with a case of "where am I and how did I get here".

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  14. 1 minute ago, TGP said:

    Did you notice how tidy and "just so" the house looked?  Almost like a TV set…


    To stage the events?  …in order to create a video that has a shot at going viral. (?) Like ya do……?


    It would have been a more fun video if the bear had savaged some of the artfully placed designer furnishings…

    I'd watch that video multiple times.


    Especially if the bear trashed a $3000 refrigerator.

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  15. 14 minutes ago, sumbloke said:

    Watching the video, it looks like the bear had already walked back outside before the dogs started barking.


    But why would you leave your doors wide open so a bear can just stroll in? Especially when they've been in your yard before?

    I could make some sarcastic remark about being "terminally stoopid", but the person[s] who need to read it will never see it, and wouldn't think it applies to them in any case.


    Addendum:  The long term danger here is that the bear population is loosing its wariness of contact with humans.  Numerous reasons for this but all side issues to the basic problem of bear/human interaction in urbanized areas.  The smarter bears are learning to equate "humans" with "source of tasty food", which often leads to complications that become undesirable for all parties.

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  16. This was on SoCal news a couple of days ago, and has since gone viral:



    Some background info:  Southern California is a series of valleys defined by mountain ranges.  The mountains north of the Pasadena area are populated by a growing population of wildlife that sometimes comes down out of the mountains to forage and explore. The indigenous bear population is growing to the point where population pressure is resulting in more and more of these incidents.  Every summer there will be multiple reports in the local news of bear sightings in urban areas, often involving a bear in a swimming pool or "dining" on the contents of trash cans set out on pickup days.


    Gotta love those feisty terriers.

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  17. 1 minute ago, haldir said:


    Sad to see you won't make it this year, but it's probably for the best. Here's to a road to full recovery!


    Simple but I like it! I usually never put anything with my GCS, but this has me intrigued for sure.



    Finally got into my personal page/account at work last night. I needed to see how much vacation time I had left as co-worker has his time in. It appears I can take 2 full weeks off before August, if I included my bday pay in 1 of those weeks. I can hand that!! Since I won't be able to take the actual day off (then again, it's been many years since I did that, I think RCON weekend was the last time). So I guess I'll have a bday vacation in June this year & repeat that in July.

    Was very tasty.

    A swipe of butter on the bread, place the bread butter side down on a flat griddle pan, add the cheese {Kraft American because it melts so nicely] and then add the pieces of already cooked and drained bacon.  When the cheese melts assemble the sandwich and serve.

    Wife had  hers on white bread and I fixed mine on sourdough.

    Simple preparation and easy clean up.

    With deliciousness in between.

    Enjoy your vacation time.


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  18. Oy!

    Just got back from the Doctors for the first check on SWMBOds broken arm.

    Going to be a long road to recovery as she has managed to compress the upper end of the humerus.

    Nurse Practitioner described it as "an ice cream cone where the ice cream has been mashed down into the cone".

    So we're looking at shoulder replacement surgery after we get moved, and a lot of pain in the interim.

    I'm tired.

    Guess its a good thing I wasn't planning for ReaperCon this year.

    Grilled Cheese with Bacon sandwiches for dinner.



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