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  1. Kinda rough night. The pain meds are helping, but, Cathy has a low pain tolerance and she woke several times, that I am aware of. When I came too about 5:30 she was in pain because she had removed her sling. After I got that sorted out and tried to make her understand she can't remove it, even if it is uncomfortable she got back to sleep. Thanks again for all the positive vibes. - @Sylverthorne, sending you all the prayer and positivity I can muster. - Going to try to get some more sleep. I have a hunch it's going to be a precious commodity the next couple of weeks. GEM Chart is defective. I need sleep and have a headache and still saw the numbers. Never mind about the spot for minis. That ones was a given several decades ago. GEM
  2. Me neither. But it is what it is and we will get through this. I want to thank every body for their prayers and positive vibes. It does help. She is resting quietly now so I know the pain meds are starting to help. GEM "If it fits, I sits!" As demonstrated by the numerous kitteh pics showing our favorite felines in charming and unique sitting poses. GEM
  3. Have you checked at places like Petco/Petsmart? Thanks for the observations on shelter kitteh. Will have to scout the are once we get all moved. - Cathy did break her arm. Humerus and an additional fracture just below. They have her trussed up in a sling to immobilize the joint and she has pain meds. Doctor wants the joint as immobile as possible for a month. My plate just got a second helping served up. GEM
  4. The pic reminds me of the motel where we stayed, a place we have used before. There is a new "Superintendent" for the property, the friendliest black cat I've met in a long time. A young tom kitty who made friends very easily and started following me as I was moving our luggage from the room to the truck. Of course he got lots of scritches, and jumped up on the hood of the truck to get more. SWMBO isn't a cat person so was not happy when "kitty" decided to invite himself into our room where I had left the door partially open. He's obviously well cared for and just before we left they let him into the office, so he has people who are tending to his needs. Hopefully, we will meet up again on our next trip. I'm negotiating for the possibility of adopting something like a Maine Coon as designated mouser and vole patrol for our new digs. GEM
  5. We got her x-rayed this morning. Now waiting for her regular doctor to call with the diagnosis, and hopefully a scrip for pain meds. Both of my shoulders are bad, thanks to my accident, and one has been pieced back together surgically so I know exactly what she is going through. She has resisted surgery on her shoulder, mostly due to her age, plus having seen what the recovery process looked like for me. So, we wait. I'm going to try to get a nap. GEM PS: Thanks for the positive words.
  6. Had to go to Nevada to try to get our new home moved closer to completion. The good news is I finished the front porch and steps, constructed a small patio off of the sliding door from the dining room, and we now have working electricity. I used kits from the Blue Big Box Hardware Store to construct the stair and porch railings, white plastic extrusions for the horizontal pieces and uprights and round anodized aluminum [black] for the uprights with ornamental caps on all the uprights. Looks really inviting and will look even better when I finish the decorative work around the base of the porch and install planters and landscaping. Cathy and I both have mobility issues so I built the steps with a 6 inch rise instead of the customary 8". I can really feel the difference in the amount of strain on my bad knees The working electricity means the well guy and the propane people are now able to finish their install work. Bad news is that SWMBO tried to control a heavy door on our mini-barn while a Washo Zephyr [what the old timers call a gale force wind storm] was raging yesterday. The wind/door won and Cathy has re-injured her bad shoulder. Scheduled for an X-ray this AM and then the Dr. will determine what needs to be done. She is in a great amount of pain, and I'm stressed out to the max. Observation: In general the people in Northern Nevada are a whole lot kinder on average than what we have been dealing with in SoCal. Everybody is polite, courteous, and considerate as a matter of course. The Rat Race isn't running in our new neck of the woods. One of our neighbors [everybody is on 5 acres or more so "next door neighbor" is a short hike away] says "Everybody watches out for everybody else, and most of us are pretty good shots". There's an informal area to go plinkin' just up a draw less than a mile away from our new digs. The guy directly behind us is putting up a couple of archery butts, no problem as our lots are each 600 feet deep so any misses will run out of gas long before they can become a concern. He has had a problem with the local herd of wild horses. He planted trees without the foresight to put a chicken wire cage around them until they were well established and the horses ate them down to bark, and then ate the bark. He says he's going to wait until the end of the summer clearance at the Big Box Hardware Stores before he buys any more trees. The gentleman who subdivided the area is a semi-retired judge who lives almost next door. There's a sign out front of his property that reads "Justice of the Peace". That in addition to his part time work as a sitting judge. - About 9 pages behind. GEM
  7. Plan Big. Then scale it back as needed to meet whatever budgetary restraints are the limiting factors. GEM If you don't aim high then you will never achieve your maximum potential.
  8. Might I suggest a crockpot and a hot plate for your consideration? GEM Addendum: Ninjad on the crockpot. Surprised nobody has suggested a hot plate as one of these lets you use your regular pots and pans and will do stuff [like grilling or boiling water]] that a crockpot/instapot won't, or will only do with great difficulty.
  9. Just a guess, it sounds like you have a corroded main battery cable/terminal that is intermittently disconnecting all electrical power to the vehicle. GEM Best of luck with the troubleshooting/repair. Addendum: It's an extremely rare occurrence but you might have a battery with a warped plate. If that is the case the warped plate can intermittently cause an internal short circuit when the plate makes contact with the adjacent plate. A load test will often reveal the presence of such a defect.
  10. I'm sure the cats appreciate your efforts to keep their area clean and sanitary. They are still going to blame you for the pipe bursting. That's a funny story, in a black humor sort of way. Good luck on repairs and glad the damage wasn't worse. GEM
  11. This isn't a fix but a temporary work around. If you have a fan, put it in the attic and just let it run all the time. It will keep the air moving and some of that air will find its way to the vents and exhaust to the outside. It probably won't stop the condensation but it may help to slow it down until you can get somebody out to add more ventilation. GEM
  12. For a single sheet, no. For a whole wall, you might want to investigates some alternatives. Tempered Masonite is the Masonite that has one side treated so that it has a very hard and smooth surface. I think it's a process that involves oiling the surface and then subjecting it to heat and pressure. But don't quote me on that as it's been decades since I last looked up how it's made. GEM Who is "home" from Stagecoach right now.
  13. From what you describe you've got a bunch of people in such a rut the ends are starting to close in. It's too bad because just a slight bit of inquisitiveness or willingness to explore what's just on the other side of the line that defines the box could make their individual and collective worlds so much more interesting. It's most likely not you, just a bunch of people stuck in a place where they are "comfortable" enough they don't want to entertain any change. With respect to your ex, just maintaining a friendship is a good starting point. GEM
  14. The saga of developing a new property draws one series of steps closer to completion. Post Office has put our street address on the postal route, and I managed to get the mailbox installed streetside. Propane setup will be done on Friday except for setting the tank annd charging the system. Water system is nearly complete and the major holdup is still Nevada Energy pulling the lines from the power pole and settting the meter. GEM
  15. Here's hoping everything goes according to plan and that your recovery is fast and smooth. GEM Adding prayers from here. You keep count? I have basically one cup of tea that starts shortly after I get up and ends shortly before I go to bed. Of course, that "one cup" will use up two to three 5 cup coffee makers full of hot water. GEM
  16. This is an example of MURPHY'S LAW in action. GEM For future reference for anyone else attempting this, after sanding the surface one or two sealer coats, with sanding in between, of a neutral color surface sealant will give you a fully prepped surface, almost as good as tempered masonite to apply your chalk board paint to. >Tricks learned from learning how to do model railroad backdrop painting. GEM
  17. Get back to me when you've been collecting for more than 5 decades. Just an occasional purchase adds up when you have multiple decades of items collected for "retirement". GEM
  18. It's even worse with Model Railroad "stuff". High end model steam locomotives require careful packing and storage and the suitcases I use take up a considerable amount of space. Same with rolling stock. My "roundhouse in the closet" takes up most of a bedroom closet. GEM
  19. BTDT and have the filing cabinet full of "stuff" to prove it. GEM
  20. At least one 4 legged resident of Tyler, Texas is enjoying the cold weather: https://laughingsquid.com/husky-refuses-to-come-in-from-snow/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=laughing_squid_blog_posts&utm_term=2021-02-18 GEM
  21. Relative to the hot areas, yes. A reduction in sunspot activity is related to the reduction in magnetic flux line breaking through the outer layers of the sun, related to the Maunder Minimum. That's the very basic level explanation. If you want the actual mathematical explanation I defer to Dr. Michio Kaku and several other well know physicists with specific expertise in this area. GEM
  22. But it beats the alternative of waking up looking at the bottom side of grass. GEM
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