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    In no particular order: reading and writing fiction, single-player video games, cooking/baking for a grain-free lifestyle, calisthenics, and apparently also painting miniatures.

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  1. Thanks . I just rolled with the expression that was sculpted on there already, so most of the praise really ought to go to Gene Van Horne.
  2. I've been working on this one on-and-off since around the middle of January. Finally got around to finishing it, on the eve of going out on a long business trip As usual, more photos and thought process are available at my blog: link For my first time making a complete custom base, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. The paint job itself is to a slightly lower standard than what I usually try for, but I rather wanted to finish it before being away from home until March C&C welcome
  3. Watch/Follow: NFL, NBA, college football I used to play football (strong safety and fullback) and soccer (fullback), though neither at an organized level outside of public school, so that era passed several years ago.
  4. I haven't read any in quite some time (read: at least a year for the most recent, and several years for the rest), but I was a fan of: 8-Bit Theater - A cute parody of a lot of stuff from the Final Fantasy series. Exploitation Now (NSFW) - Also started out as a raunchy joke series, but it ended up growing to have a pretty nice storyline. I'd downloaded the whole series way back when, just in case the site went down, though I'm oddly happy to see that it's still around. The Last Days of FOXHOUND - Pretty cute parody of the villain cast of Metal Gear Solid, with some appearances from other characters in the series. Sexy Losers (NSFW) - I just found most of the storylines hilarious. Also one of the original popularizers of the "fap" onomatopoeia, so it has cultural value! Twisted Kaiju Theather (sometimes NSFW) - Honestly, I think the main draw of this one for me was just the merciless mocking of the 1998 Hollywood "Godzilla" movie. Not sure if this is the sort of remedy you were expecting, but from what my father tells me, one remedy for a dog who just ate something poisonous is to immediately feed it some yogurt. I've never had cause to see if it's true, though
  5. Seems like my focus's been revolving around this for the past couple of weeks, but I've got to go with getting together with an artist to work on the covers for my ebooks. Should they do well, it's not unreasonable that I could switch to being an author as my job, and given how much I enjoy writing, that'd pretty much be a constant vacation, which was how I described my Ideal State.
  6. Social butterfly. It's just...so completely the opposite of how I am No bonus for me. I didn't realize that there were Tuesday songs, until the whole topic of [x]day songs came up earlier in this thread.
  7. Same this as I was looking forward to on the weekend
  8. I can't think of any. I've got amusing stories about making really dumb mistakes when I've forgotten to think at times, but that's a different question
  9. Gotta lump myself in with the crowd who didn't realize that there were songs about Friday Ebook cover art progress. I took the plunge this week to start working with someone, and it's been exciting to see things start to come together, so I'm really looking forward to whatever the next step is.
  10. Tear out of the horribly undersized clothes that I'd be wearing. I mean, I feel constricted just from wearing stuff that I'd bought about 10 years ago, so waking up to find myself squeezed into something from back when I was 5 would be awful.
  11. I think the closest I come to that is associating plantain pancakes with the weekend, since I usually make them for breakfast on at least one of those days. And then eat the rest as dessert later on, since I tend to make them sweet and thin enough that they straddle the line between pancakes and crepes
  12. I had been meaning to actually get to painting the mini that I've got prepped, but I got preoccupied with something else, so I ended up just doing a few more detail touches on the base I've got ready for it. Very happy with how it's turning out, for my first time making a complete base, but at the same time, I really should put some paint on the mini that'll mount it at some point
  13. Went out for lunch with a friend. The meal was nothing remarkable, but the company was priceless. I can't say that I know enough about what's available in the hobby to know what's underrepresented, but I'd be interested in creating more in the vein of non-humanoid creatures. Stuff like the Shambler from Darkest Dungeon, this representation of Nyarlathotep, Barachiel from Star Ocean 4, the eldritch horror from Age of Wonders 3, or Satan from Shin Megami Tensei.
  14. Never trying. Failure is something to be learned from.
  15. If it's a meeting of some sort, I try to be prompt, because I feel like it'd be disrespectful of others' time to expect them to wait for me. If it's something that I'm doing, then it's more a matter of the mood I'm in, how busy I am, and whether I see any problems with putting it off There are these little dark chocolate squares that I'm borderline addicted to at the moment.
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