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  1. Given the choice of getting more paints and getting nothing, wouldn't you pick MORE PAINTS? Yes, we get a lot of cool swag with our passes, especially if we get VIP passes, but there's still the fact that we have all this currency that goes unused. And some people are expressing unhappiness from not being able to spend them at all. Yes, Reaper & generous vendors can choose not to do the auction. They can also choose to not give us any swag. I'm not complaining about that. This is awesome. The auction is awesome. No other con does this. But it could be improved with just some simple consolation prizes. It's just a suggestion.
  2. Could there be a prize section available all throughout the con where you can buy some cheaper stuff with the Reaperbucks? Single Bones (there are extras from classes too), melt table credit, the $1 mis-labeled paint bottles, pencils & pens, notebooks, Chinese finger traps, snacks & candy, etc? That way people who don't have very many Reaperbucks can still get something, people who aren't going to be there on Sunday can still get something, and it's a way to spend leftover Reaperbucks from the auction. It would help deflate the auction too, since if person A could just buy some stuff from the prize area for themselves, they wouldn't be giving those Reaperbucks to person B on auction day because person A can't afford the auction anyways. People who REALLY want the auction items can still get them, but people who don't have enough funds can still get some cool stuff :)
  3. Maybe have "LFG" tables clearly labeled or sectioned off where anyone can plop down in an empty seat and socialize or paint?
  4. Is there a "friendly faces" thread with pictures of forumites? Just so newbies can match faces to usernames? I met some really cool people with amazing art, but neglected to remember their names/usernames... Also, seeing work too would be awesome, since I might remember someone's face but not what they painted, or vice versa.
  5. The Fairfield was great, but the shuttle didn't pick us up so we had to use Lyft or bum rides. Also, nobody really hangs out there. I was really glad I went to play ub3r's D&D game at the Hilton on Saturday night, it was so lively there compared to Fairfield! I'll definitely go hang out at the Hilton after hours next time. The breakfast is pretty great though. I actually really liked the turkey sausage. The coffee was pretty decent. Plus you can bring some extra food to the con if you get hungry :)
  6. Making those custom ribbons looks pretty pricey! It's such a cool idea though.
  7. A critique session would be amazing too on Sunday. I learned a lot just following instructors around listening to them give critique to other painters while waiting for them to look at my pieces. I learned what to watch out for in certain things, what works, what doesn't, what judges like to see, etc. To keep it short and get to everyone though, no excuses allowed.
  8. Maybe longer or combo classes? I took two NMM classes but didn't feel like I have complete knowledge of it. More in depth 3 class set would be great, especially for more tricky parts like boots and buckles. Also for bodies; combo skin with hair, and maybe clothing color. Beginner techniques class that covers all different types of blending, glazing, washing; most teachers use different techniques, it would be good to know what they are exactly and try them out. Track classes that are grouped together maybe at a discount... Beginner, intermediate, advanced. With specific requirements (like you need to know what a color wheel is, or basic techniques for the intermediate track, and advanced track will be stuff like free hand, competition quality, etc.) It's nice you can take any class you want but beginner students take time away from more advanced ones. The teacher shouldn't have to take time in a 2 hour class to explain basics to one person.
  9. This was my first Reapercon, I hope I'll be at the next one! :) Shout out to everyone who gave me tips and advice on how to improve!
  10. Ah I'm doing D&D Saturday night. But let me know if you need people for DCC, because I could probably drop out of that one, the guy had a lot of people on the waitlist. :)
  11. My friend is actually GMing a DCC event on Friday night! Depending on the day, we will probably want to join.
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