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  1. Jasperbob

    Dwarf Brewer 77461

    Great job, I've been looking at this guy will have to get him.
  2. Would love to have the Dwarves, so far have 8 Reaper Dwarves, a box of 30 would give me a good start for a dwarven hold :-)
  3. Jasperbob

    03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    Great job! Makes my sharpie paint jobs look terrible
  4. Jasperbob

    the Savage North

    I'm new I purchased 5 mini's Dwarves , Thorondil of Kragmarr oop and one was a Kragmarr guard and one was Fread Ironfist oop looked for information I finally found the rules 2nd edition I will have to guess at creating some sort of dwarf diorama of a dwarf fortress cave or something. I mostly like to paint them I might solo game against orks or something.