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  1. I agree with Gus on this one. The tournament should be about having fun playing the game for everyone regardless of the paint status of the army. I know this is a sticky point at some cons, but IMHO ReaperCon should be a celebration of the game & what Reaper has done for the miniature hobby. Separate recognition for painted armies or armies created around a theme would be nice.
  2. I don't mind at all if my opponent's army isn't painted. I would support a mandate that the models have to be assembled. Facing an army where none of the horses have riders or where an empty stand is being used in place of the model is confusing & frustrating.
  3. Knuckleduster makes a dead horse, but it has a saddle on: http://www.knuckleduster.com/store/cart.ph...;category_id=33 Foundry also makes horse casualties, but again with saddles: http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/collections/GPR/3/index.asp Old Glory has dead horses in its Custer's Command Dismounted pack.
  4. The old Ral Partha Aztecs are available from Iron Wind. However, the Ral Partha Aztecs are true 25mm & will be about the same height as the Bloodstone Gnomes, but much slimmer. Aztecs & Mayans by Foundry, Eureka, & The Assault Group are 28mm. The Foundry ones will mix well with Dark Heaven & some Warlord figures, but will be small compared to the Chronoscope line. The Foundry are expensive compared to other historical miniatures, but are about the same price as most fantasy lines. In fact, they are probably cheaper than Games Workshop or Privateer Press.
  5. I plan for a reserve troop. I don't always get to use it that way, but I do plan. My reserve troop usually has more archers in it than the other troops. That way the troop has some value while waiting for areas on the battlefield to develop where the troop's melee soldiers are needed. As far as the tactic working, it has worked about 50% of the time for me. Sometimes the reserve unit is too far away to get where it is needed in time. Sometimes the front lines have become so blurred & fluid that the reserve unit ends up being engaged before I'm ready to use it.
  6. I'll be there with dwarfs instead of the sisterhood.
  7. Jason, I really enjoyed the tournament yesterday. I learned a lot about the game and have already begun thinking about what I could do better next time. The scenarios were a lot of fun. Thank you for putting organizing it.
  8. I became interested in the mercenaries before the blade sisters came out. My favorite sculpts were the war maidens of Ritterlich from the Dark Heaven line. I was a little disappointed when the blade sisters did come out. But have assembled a mostly all female freelance company.
  9. I'd like to see a female mercenary warlord that could lead freelance or mercenary forces larger than 1000 points.
  10. I don't find myself daydreaming about playing the game or painting the minis. I do find myself writing scenarios and stories to fit into the Taltos background. Visualizing most of Taltos as being like Andalusia is a marvelous twist for a fantasy setting and the Reptus as being more like the Khmer of Ankgor Wat than Mayans or Aztecs is also brilliant.
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