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  1. If you're familiar with Samsung plasma panels, it's doing the pink haze of death thing. Out of warranty, of course.
  2. @Sylverthorne Cannot hurt. Not like most of what I do requires on-site presence (unless working on layers 1 and 2, but I rarely do that these days)
  3. This assumes the judges can be found. From hearing the Girlblin grumble, that appears to be the limiting factor.
  4. Dwarf Transmuter Being how Thorne already took the best one (haven't chained cooldowns with this degree of precision in a long time)... Trails in the Sky SC, the final encounter with Loewe. If you go in unprepared, the game asks you if you just want to continue the story after he wipes the party. Being the stubborn fool I am, I decided that I would rather /win/ that one. Of course, I went in with Estelle (set up as melee / support), Joshua (melee / disabler), Kloe (healer / disabler) and Olivier (magic assault), had not optimized the loadout for speed, and the first thing the guy does after battle is joined is trigger his special attack. So, back to the last savegame. Swap Olivier out for Kevin, make sure the priest is fully loaded to burn skills, load everyone out for speed, try that again. Interrupt with Kevin for a shield... and watch in horror as Loewe summons shadows of himself to fill out the battlefield. As if his Archaisms weren't bad enough... Right. Re-tool the loadout again, make Estelle a support character with every casting time reduction I can find, so she can keep a Speed buff on the group, while Joshua uses area attacks to keep the adds manageable and Kloe keeps Loewe delayed in as much as she can. Kevin's only job is to make sure the invulnerability buff stays active, in case something else /does/ get a turn... and after that degree of preparation, I /still/ ended up coming out having used up most of my consumables, and with everyone below half health...
  5. Remote work is a thing ;) Seriously, though, I am not sure that move would be a good idea, between five cats and a flock of chickens...
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't even start with locally hosted services for that. Maybe a Windows SBS install, and I think Microsoft discontinued that - couldn't compete with the Google stuff. Still rubs me wrong to entrust my data to a cloud entity, though...
  7. Yeah, I've pretty well given up on local services for consumers. There is no way to compete with the convenience of "the Cloud", and the risks to personal data be damned. The risks are just friction losses in that space. Unless there is an enormous breach, I don't see that changing any time soon. Having no idea what scale you are working on, I can't comment on whether the Google utilities are the best choice; I work in a branch office (~30 people) of a global company with around 800 employees worldwide. and I am discovering that in terms of useability, for us, the Google stuff is just so much easier than Sharepoint or some other locally-installed collaboration suite. At the same time, though, we are in the business of operating electronic fare collection systems for /our/ customers, so I have often found that you can put your app in the cloud - but you still need infrastructure guys to operate it. This realization, sadly, seems to be lacking in our management. :(
  8. Though I feel like I should ask whether you wish to financially support TSA operations with your pre-check fee. Sitting on my hands now to avoid this being moved to Beekeepers...
  9. Am I hearing someone is teaching a class on PF2? I'd like to see if I can /actually/ finish a character, just to see how the final version works. My group gave up in utter disgust on the playtest.
  10. Keeping in mind that Kerensky's own Clan is basically the Red Army, stars as organizational unit make perfect sense. They also tie in fine with the Tengrism of the Mongol Horde, and as for the mysticism - if you /really/ want to tell said Tengrists that there isn't more under the Great Canopy than the regular five senses can detect, I would advise availing yourself of a Fire Moth... ;)
  11. Fools! My army of cuteness-enhanced, hypoallergenic Siberian kittens will paralyze them all into inaction, leaving no opposition for my world conquest! Also, if every mad scientist has a cat on their lap, I can take over their labs and rummage through their lab notes.
  12. RX packets 459829071 bytes 611832109732 (569.8 GiB) RX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 frame 0 TX packets 272866915 bytes 28467937297 (26.5 GiB) TX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 carrier 0 collisions 0 Considering this is on a 12/1 link, and the aggregate of two weeks, I know what you mean.
  13. ... Evangelion without Fly Me To The Moon? That seems sacrilegious...
  14. Hm. 'Ex' carries the ablativum, and I wonder if you might not do better with 'profundum'? 'Profunditatum' seems rather philosophical. Also, shouldn't that be 'redde' (imperative) or 'redderes' (2nd person)? Also, the Lord's Prayer uses 'liberare' for 'to deliver' in that sense, but that seems better translated as 'free us from evil' there... Sorry, momentarily geeking out here...
  15. Well, yeah, someone's got to pay the bills. Why not the out-of-staters who don't know to keep to the speed limit...
  16. My route planning is starting to take serious shape. Feel free to take this wild idea apart. https://maps.roadtrippers.com/trips/25141160
  17. @OneBoot Your edit would be why Sylverthorne is not vetoing the idea, I think. I'l post a revised itinerary once I know a bit more about the pieces that still need to settle in place.
  18. @TripleH I cannot speak to availability of luggage space yet, that depends on other plans falling or not falling into place (among other things). @Doug Sundseth I was looking at that WY run and wondering. I'll certainly give some thought to cutting across the mountains instead, I am a mountain kid.
  19. So, no hovercraft. I did have the opportunity to sit down and beat out a tentative route Sylverthorne and I are going to take; any input is welcome. So far, I am thinking to break the trip up in roughly 500 mile stages. This comes out to roughly an 8-hour drive each day provided nothing goes wrong, which should leave enough time for fuel, food, driver change and "oooh, I want to see that!" breaks. This sets our roadmap to Mountain Home, ID (about 100 miles or so past Boise) Warmsutter, WY (seems to be in the middle of nowhere, might have to make this leg to Rock Springs, WY instead, depending on what a web search turns up) Clayton, NM by way of Denver, CO (a side trip because we have friends there) Denton, TX Is there anyone else from the NW planning to make the run by car? Does anyone know any of these general areas (or the stretches in between) and can recommend places to see, places to avoid, where the good food and clean lodgings are? I haven't yet vetted this plan for rush hours in metropolitan areas (particularly a concern for legs 2 and 3, due to Salt Lake City and Denver being on the way); anything else I should give thought to?
  20. Hovercraft. In case of a lottery win, definitely hovercraft.
  21. I remember that making those up was a game back in elementary school. Longest word wins. And then there is the Satanarchaeoluegenialkohoellische Wunsch-Punsch... :)
  22. Lost my message... *sigh* Anyway, trains. We're looking at 96 hours in transit, going WA --> CA --> IL --> TX (can you say long way around?), for the low, low price of $1600 per traveller... I miss the European rail network right now.
  23. @Sylverthorne The @ thing absolutely works ;) So, I was plotting my route via SLC and Denver, with the mental goal being no more than 10 to 11 hours on the road per day (thus allowing for food and bathroom breaks and driver swaps), and Thorne and I would like to drop by a friend's place in Denver while we're underway. There's actually multiple reasons for me contemplating this, one of them being money (bloody hell, they all take it from the living...), one being that I /want/ to do it (but then, I'd like to drive the Panamericana at some point in my life, too - I'm strange), and one being that it would solve some problems with transporting things to and from - neither Thorne nor I trust the baggage manglers at the airports, and we seem to lose suitcases to impact damage on a regular basis. To get my rambling back on topic, a caravan seems like a good idea to me - meet up in the morning, arrange waypoints and all, drive. Hadn't considered trains, but truth is, it would surprise me if that was a viable option.
  24. Book of the Damned. I do not think this is the time or place to go into further detail. @TheAuldGrump Ah, we were speaking at cross purposes. I was thinking about the internal game design processes and procedures at Paizo, lumped in with the office politics and all. I agree that Jacobs has been quite vocal in the past about principles, ideas, techniques, table experiences and it is surprising to me as well that he is not commenting on PF2 at all.
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