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  1. I just finished this little guy. He is a gift for my Mom. I'm pretty darn happy with this guy I used more paints than I previously expected to use. He was a really joy to paint. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Since the last update, I have finished the robe, tunic, tree, and the fur lining the coat. I wanted the fur to be more of a creamy Ivory color than a traditional white fur lined coat. I plan to have his beard be more of a stark white.
  3. I have his face and eyes done. I have started working on his robe and tunic now.
  4. Well, I figured with Christmas right around the corner it's a good opportunity to get in the spirit. So I rummaged through my hoard of unpainted minis looking for my holiday miniatures. I was debating between santa and Uther the Christmas knight. I was feeling holly jolly at the time so I chose the Dwarf. I've pulled most of my pallet already keeping to a pretty traditional christmas color assortment. I haven't decided if I am doing NMM or Metallic paint. So far I have used the following for paints: Dwarven flesh 29852 Suntan flesh 29922 Linen white 09061 Caucasian flesh 29823 Turkey brown 09691 Walnut brown 09136
  5. I finally finished this project! This was a mini I got a forgotten number of years ago with an order during October. Being as this is a more modern vibe the first thing that came to my mind first is: Make her a neon Witch! This was such a joy to paint. It was my first real attempt at osl and sheer fabric. I used quite a few reaper paints but I will give you the main ones that pulled of the effects that I wanted. If you have other question feel free to ask and I will share with you what I used/did. Dominant paints used: Punk rock pink 09286 Marid blue 89526 Clear magenta 09098 Regal purple 09238 Clear purple 09099 Nightmare black 09280 Fair skin 09047 Dark elf skin 09164 Pure black 09037 Pure white 09039 Let me know what you think!
  6. I finished the witch and started assembling her base. I want to keep the base simple. Partially because I dont want anything to draw focus from the mini and partially because I am lazy. So I always keep an assortment of wooden blocks, plinths, and plaques from Micheals in my storage. I had a general idea that I wanted some moon and stars and some neon light effects. After everything sets. I will prime it black and paint the ground and put some neon effect lighting around the cut outs on the plastic.
  7. So after a long hiatus from painting (to which WoW classic and The Outer worlds can be blamed for) I have put more time into my model. I finished painting her clothes and did the OSL effects. This is my first honest attempt at it, so I am pretty happy with it. Next up is the broom and then figure out how I am going to base her.
  8. Ok, I got the Zenithal highlight and transparent of the dark stockings on her leg done. I am trying to leave the side of the leg that will be hit by a little of the OSL unpainted aside from the base coat.
  9. Oh! This autumnal color scheme is great. I feel you on starting a piece thinking you are going to do one thing and then it pivots into another direction. I am sure it will be a good thing for this figure.
  10. Good Evening! SO after sorting through my minis and cleaning up my workstation post reaper con, I felt inspired to tackle some techniques that I have been avoiding. I wanted to pick a mini that i felt I could paint quickly (but lessbehonest, I don't paint quickly at all) and that would be a good candidate for two techniques that I am trying to learn. after a long drawn out process of hemming and hawing I found a miniature that I received an unmentionable number of years ago from reaper as a prize for buying miniatures during October. So it is Krissy the modern witch with out her familiar. I have an idea of what I want to do, I want to keep the miniature a tight focus on OSL and Transparent fabric. If I am feeling like it after I have completed the mini, I may do a special base for her. I feel pretty good about my understanding of color, but I think this is going to be a pretty good challenge. Here's what I have so far.
  11. I got back late last night from Reapercon after a 16 hour drive from Texas to Chicago. I am tired, grumpy, and as of this moment a little hangry. Buuuut, I am excited to ensure my presence there for next year. I already have lots of ideas for submissions, but one things first I am going to have to practice the skills I picked up from my classes. I am also going to try to be more active on the forums so that I can also hand out a ribbon and have an idea of whose on the bingo card!
  12. Yep I sure do, I want to wait until I feel I am at a level of painting that can do them justice. Hangar 18 also has a line of amazing pinup resin miniatures.
  13. That's a cool looking fig, It am eager to see how you bring it to life.
  14. I have never seen a fancy looking orc before, but I like it. Looks great!
  15. Nope, I work at a Casino in Chicago land as the executive pastry chef :D
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