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  1. I just finished this little guy. He is a gift for my Mom. I'm pretty darn happy with this guy I used more paints than I previously expected to use. He was a really joy to paint. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Since the last update, I have finished the robe, tunic, tree, and the fur lining the coat. I wanted the fur to be more of a creamy Ivory color than a traditional white fur lined coat. I plan to have his beard be more of a stark white.
  3. I have his face and eyes done. I have started working on his robe and tunic now.
  4. Well, I figured with Christmas right around the corner it's a good opportunity to get in the spirit. So I rummaged through my hoard of unpainted minis looking for my holiday miniatures. I was debating between santa and Uther the Christmas knight. I was feeling holly jolly at the time so I chose the Dwarf. I've pulled most of my pallet already keeping to a pretty traditional christmas color assortment. I haven't decided if I am doing NMM or Metallic paint. So far I have used the following for paints: Dwarven flesh 29852 Suntan flesh 29922 Linen white 09061 Caucasian f
  5. I finally finished this project! This was a mini I got a forgotten number of years ago with an order during October. Being as this is a more modern vibe the first thing that came to my mind first is: Make her a neon Witch! This was such a joy to paint. It was my first real attempt at osl and sheer fabric. I used quite a few reaper paints but I will give you the main ones that pulled of the effects that I wanted. If you have other question feel free to ask and I will share with you what I used/did. Dominant paints used: Punk rock pink 09286 Marid blue 89526 Clear magenta 09
  6. I finished the witch and started assembling her base. I want to keep the base simple. Partially because I dont want anything to draw focus from the mini and partially because I am lazy. So I always keep an assortment of wooden blocks, plinths, and plaques from Micheals in my storage. I had a general idea that I wanted some moon and stars and some neon light effects. After everything sets. I will prime it black and paint the ground and put some neon effect lighting around the cut outs on the plastic.
  7. So after a long hiatus from painting (to which WoW classic and The Outer worlds can be blamed for) I have put more time into my model. I finished painting her clothes and did the OSL effects. This is my first honest attempt at it, so I am pretty happy with it. Next up is the broom and then figure out how I am going to base her.
  8. Ok, I got the Zenithal highlight and transparent of the dark stockings on her leg done. I am trying to leave the side of the leg that will be hit by a little of the OSL unpainted aside from the base coat.
  9. Oh! This autumnal color scheme is great. I feel you on starting a piece thinking you are going to do one thing and then it pivots into another direction. I am sure it will be a good thing for this figure.
  10. Good Evening! SO after sorting through my minis and cleaning up my workstation post reaper con, I felt inspired to tackle some techniques that I have been avoiding. I wanted to pick a mini that i felt I could paint quickly (but lessbehonest, I don't paint quickly at all) and that would be a good candidate for two techniques that I am trying to learn. after a long drawn out process of hemming and hawing I found a miniature that I received an unmentionable number of years ago from reaper as a prize for buying miniatures during October. So it is Krissy the modern witch with out her familiar.
  11. I got back late last night from Reapercon after a 16 hour drive from Texas to Chicago. I am tired, grumpy, and as of this moment a little hangry. Buuuut, I am excited to ensure my presence there for next year. I already have lots of ideas for submissions, but one things first I am going to have to practice the skills I picked up from my classes. I am also going to try to be more active on the forums so that I can also hand out a ribbon and have an idea of whose on the bingo card!
  12. Yep I sure do, I want to wait until I feel I am at a level of painting that can do them justice. Hangar 18 also has a line of amazing pinup resin miniatures.
  13. That's a cool looking fig, It am eager to see how you bring it to life.
  14. I have never seen a fancy looking orc before, but I like it. Looks great!
  15. Nope, I work at a Casino in Chicago land as the executive pastry chef :D
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