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    What would YOU like to see taught next year

    This was only my 2nd reapercon and I took several classes and learned a whole lot!! so first off thank you to all the instructors and organizers for putting this together. While i think its important to have high level classes so the veterans and intermediate/advanced painters get better and better, there should still be enough beginner and intermediate classes for us rookies, it did not seem like nearly enough this year....and i know that most of the instructors probably don't want to teach such basic skills. Also I think experts taking these classes to get reaper bucks or points taking a seat away from beginners was contributing to this issue. another point I wanted to make was the cost vs class time. again this is only my 2nd experience at this con but at first i was taken back by the additional cost to each class until i realized that they were 2 hour classes not 1 hour so i did not mind the extra cost. then i had 2 of my 4 classes cut short because the instructor did not have material to cover all 2 hours or they were wrapping up to get lunch because of the timing of the class. both unfortunate and I'm sure not the fault of the instructors but I cant help but feel a bit cheated at the money I spent to get live Instruction instead of used that money on a mini and watched a youtube video... Either way I still had a very fun time and I enjoyed getting to meet lots of people and get some phenomenal help on my painting techniques I'm looking forward to the next one already! Razalas