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  1. Dr Bob

    Minis we would like to see

    It would be cool to see a Bones/Black resculpt of 02716 Demonic Lasher. He's only available in Metal at the moment, and considering that there is an entire campaign book for one of the most popular game systems that strongly features this creature, it would make sense to cater to that. And it would be awesome to have it to paint regardless.
  2. Dr Bob

    Ghoulie bag

    However there is some debate about whether we will be getting rocks this year--initially they said no, but they BrotherDave said he saw rocks down in Shipping today when he walked through. So I guess will just need to wait to hear a report of someone getting a rock to confirm it...
  3. Dr Bob

    What Happened to the Figure Finder and Search!?!

    I actually don't bother with the Figure Finder feature for much the same reason--it appears that the filters rely upon the listed characteristics of the figure, rather than a visual description, if that makes sense? I just search by an obvious feature--like "dwarf" or "devil" and then use the filter on one aspect. Was the one you were looking for Mephisto Arch-devil?
  4. Dr Bob

    New releases?

    EvilJames--do you have an image of that mini? I don't remember it...
  5. Dr Bob

    Ghoulie bag

    EvilJames--It started today! I placed an order today and got the Ghoulie Bag in my order at checkout. And yes, the new October Mini was also live (Dwarven Smasher aka Cpt Hammerpants).
  6. Dr Bob

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    Okay I'll bite--what exactly was the deal with the Forscales? was this a paint competition, a forum challenge?
  7. Dr Bob

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Warm and slightly breezy--but still staying north of 90 during the day. At least it's not in the 100's anymore. 97/76. Don't bother to ask how the weather is for the rest of the week; it's the exact same until the weekend, when naturally, it will rain.
  8. Dr Bob

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    I wish you had been around too; I wasn't able to get into your class, but I was really taken aback by the technique on those transparents. I have a handful of those and hadn't figured out what to do with them; I've taken another look after seeing your examples. Beautiful results.
  9. Dr Bob

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    Found those on a tray on the top shelf outside the ReaperLive broadcast room--pretty sure they are just sitting up there totally forgotten. Helps if you are 6'5 and your world is dusty shelves and dandruff. Wonder how long they will stay there now that they've been "found"....lol Really loved the sheer variety of color choices, patterns and clever results from what is admittedly not the fanciest of sculpts, albeit ubiquitous to Reaper Kickstarters. Just goes to show what can be done with technique...
  10. Dr Bob

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    My own paltry haul of pictures from this year's Con. I usually don't post these since I mostly I just take pictures of stuff I found interesting; stuff tucked away in corners or examples of work that I want to remember or try to copy, so I question the interest in seeing them for anyone else. Highlights-- Having Talin sign her book for me was a thrill; I love the little sketch she did inside for me. I made my annual visit to the Tardis and loved Mocha's Eye's class. Ludo's hijinks were fabulous as always--I got a kick out of "paint a smiley face on your thumb". I had a blast playing the Battle for Dreadmere game; in fact in terms of timeline, I just realized that I showed up in the background of a couple of photos posted above, which were taken just before I took my pictures of the game I played in my pictures. I wish I had taken closer shots of the Lichking's army and the faction parties; I'd like to paint up my own army and liked the scheme the factory painters used. Good year for ribbons; what started out a fun diversion got out of hand though. Other than that I am astonished with my Solid Bronze; Its been a hard year and painting hasn't been easy to get back around to with everything going on--it was good to get affirmation that my skills haven't slipped.
  11. Dr Bob

    New paint cases

    I like the squared off corners on the new cases too. The old rounded cases seemed to slide around too much. I was disappointed with the inserts in the Pathfinder cases though--I like the softer foam inserts versus the stiffer styrofoam ones. The styrofoam seems to deform and remain so more than the foam.
  12. Agreed--his irascible humor starts to wear out about as fast as the flavor in Fruitstripe gum, especially when we honestly want or hope for straight answers. I am REALLY stoked about the prospect that the November(?) mini might be the Maggotcrown Ogre; the one that was "supposed" to be in the Dreadmere expansion (or so the box showed) but ended up in the Fan Favorites box from KS4. I gave mine to a buddy who missed out and craved to have it since he missed out. I didn't catch if they revealed what color will be in the Ghoulie bag this year? Anybody know? Looked like a Red...
  13. Dr Bob

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    I have to admit that the fact that every one of your ribbons was handcrafted made that one of my favorites. That and the Nibbler coin. Chocolate is the answer to pretty much any problem. Granted that knee length is not an equally easily achievable goal for everyone, but with the increase in availability of the number of ribbons, I think that there needs to be a 2nd tier award for extra long ribbon strings. I hit Tripping on the first day without breaking a sweat and the ribbons kept coming... Been practicing those eyes? Thanks for the ribbon btw. Hope to see you next year again!
  14. Dr Bob

    Reapercon Report

    IHOP--If you are looking for a heaping plate of whipped cream covered shame and self loathing, look no further.
  15. Dr Bob

    Reapercon Report

    I don't know about wearing them out; I just know that Fettuccine Alfredo shouldn't be soupy... Don't get me wrong, I'll still give them another shot next year, and they'll have an advantage since my expectations are going to be pretty low. Just expected a little better relative to the aforementioned menu prices. Needless to say, still better than IHOP. If you go to Cheddars and don't indulge in the Croissants, then life was not lived to it's fullest. Of the places within easy rock throw of the hotel, I vote that they were the best. Good selection, coma inducing portions. What's not to like? Anything is better than IHOP--Like performing Seppuku, but with pancakes.