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  1. Yes Please!! In like Flynn! Location: Austin TX International Shipping: No. Box Starter: No
  2. Yup--I was especially stoked to find those corpse markers, the buccaneers and gunslingers; I happened to have projects that all three of these will fit into perfectly. I loved the experience of going through this box and finding ideas and having bouts of inspirational "what can I do's" with each figure I pulled out. In turn it felt really good in sending on stuff that I hope other people will snatch up and say "That's perfect!" This has been a great experience and I hope to be able to participate again the next time round. For now I'm just bracing for the blizzard-like White onslaught of Bones 4 and revving up and getting plans together for RCon2019.
  3. Belatedly but here’s what I absconded with this year; a lovely haul of goodness that will live happily here. Already put the Shroomdude and Eye beast to work in our Abyss campaign. I put plenty back in and hope that at least some of that will bring joy to others down the line and in future Box runs should they survive that long. I was also guilty of the “Ye Olde” label on the outside of the box, along with the other scrollwork (which may not have survived from what I saw in the picture) This has been a great experience—thank you very much for the opportunity to participate. Total fail on my part on the Wizard by the way—the rest of you made it look great...
  4. One vote more for Olde Man Wizzard....
  5. Austin, TX Prefer not to ship internationally First timer, so no starter box (until I get a feel for this). Thanks!