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  1. Happy Birthday! Congratulations for surviving another 365 days spinning around that huge fusion reaction in the sky, dodging hungry predators, pernicious microbes and annoying fellow hominids, all while finding sufficient shelter and sustenence to remain alive. Well done. Now get back to work and do it again.
  2. OneBoot (looking happy for the 1/2 price wine?) Hijinks in full swing Barty Party!!! the ghosts were annoying. Like cockroaches that kept popping up... @nakos Accidents happen...at least the carpet stayed clean. I was happy (and sad)to see this shrine to Mama-san. Gone but not forgotten. Ed's Infamous trebuchet. Sadly the swing arm is toast... Unbelievably awesome cosplay--Oswald for the win!! Riddle me this...Gorgeous colors... Ri Someone earning thei
  3. Speak for yourself (and me)--I love finding old metal. Partly nostalgia, partly increasing scarcity.
  4. Always in. DrBob Austin TX No International (unless you need one more for a quorum) No Starter (this time)
  5. PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! Here's hoping that there's still time to get in. Dr Bob My Profile pic (Skull with Hat) I'll be there Friday-Sun.
  6. I have to say this is a REALLY good post. I love this kind of thing. Too much negative current events cloud our days; the occasional reminisce of the past is a beautiful thing. Also--Factoid: Heyerdahl's raft was built almost entirely from balsa wood logs. So the same stuff Ed used to built a trebuchet to throw stuff 6 feet across the room carried 6 men over 4000 miles across the emptiest span of water in the world.
  7. Okay, now all I can think about is BABY...SHARK! dodo dodo dododoo!
  8. I am definitely in that same boat--I am a relentless hobbyist and collector; it's just in my DNA. My wife, not so much. However, I am incredibly fortunate that not only does she appreciate that this is part of my Happiness, and therefore gives me time to do this (and that, and some more of that, and I need to buy this other thing now) but gives me room to store all of it too. She won't pick up a brush if there was money wrapped around it--but she's all for letting me paint whenever I need to--and to encourage our daughters to do so too. However, I have to admit that it is disappointing t
  9. @Rat13 Box is on it's way home after a short (requested) delay! Bon Voyage, you wonderful crate of new possibilities, orphans and misfit minis!
  10. Rat13 Box received 3/6. Let the rummaging begin...!
  11. This concept kind of reminds me of the eccentric Mad Hermit from B2 Keep on the Borderlands; its a great chance to really role-play. Good supporting roles like that make the game so much more memorable. You could throw Captain Trips into a myconid section of an adventure too; throw in Zuggtmoy (she seems to be behind everything--I think someone at WoTC had a black mold problem and is projecting) and you've got a serious quest going.
  12. NEVER--Taste the Rainbow! The Weasel must be licked! But seriously, I think my mask is going to get poked once or twice before I realize not to. And here's betting I will not be alone in this. I think that for those that might chafe at the cost (not that much really...) and more importantly the class size restrictions to in-person, that this is the best argument. In person you get to have a level of interaction that online simply can't compare with. I consider it paying for the privilege. But then I don't know how social distancing will work in those tiny class space
  13. But how will I lick my brushes?
  14. Thinking of Real Genius--"Why are you wearing that ridiculous thing on your head?" "Because if I wear it anywhere else, it chafes..." Yes--Be well first. Heaven knows if anyone is reading this, its a surety that they already have too many (or not enough, I keep getting those confused?) miniatures to paint already. Besides, wiping everything in the box down with hand sanitizer might make things harder to prime.
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