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  1. This is true; when I moved here I kept looking for stairs down in houses I'd visit. Also--there's rock about 2 feet down. Makes digging a hole deeper than that a challenge.
  2. OH Pick me! Pick Me!! this is one of the next best things to RCon we have left in this Turd of a year. Where?: Austin (the one with the music, not the Spam) ship internationally?: No Box starter: no thanks, unless necessary.
  3. I really like the optional choices for the figureheads for the Ship Of Unusual Size. I did have a question about how the ship's bow and figurehead will assemble together; are the figurehead attachment points being engineered to allow for easy disassembly/replacement? In other words, if we want more than one figurehead, and want to swap them out, how easy is this going to be? Is the SOUS being designed with that modularity in mind, or is it going to be "dab glue in holes A/B, insert Tabs C/D, live with choice of figurehead forever?"
  4. How many ribbons is enough ribbons? I really want to have at least one ribbon to hand out this year (I have ideas for several...), but I don't want to over/under order. I also don't want to end up spending more on ribbons than I do on the Con. Any suggestions?
  5. I am a Stormchaser and as an endorser of anachronistic nonsense, I'd like to claim the Doppler berth.
  6. RIP girl. It's pretty cool that over the many years of her life that she made an impression and a lasting memory for probably everybody that took the Reaper tour; she was and will remain a part of the history of the company. Every time I've been in the factory I've heard at least some version of the story of how she was found with her kittens when Reaper moved in; they found homes for the kittens, but no one wanted to take on an adult cat. So she stayed--and lucky girl, she didn't get to be just one person's pet--she was part of the Reaper Miniatures company family. Suggestion--There should be a memorial paint entry next year in Mama-san's memory; we could all paint up 03977 Mercurix and submit them?
  7. According to the notes on the release, it looks like that is the case; the Sophie Extravaganza is not just a Black Friday event--almost all Sophies should be available year round. I believe there are exceptions--the Urban Legend Sophie for instance will not be part of this, but there could be others as well. I'm stoked to have access to these limited Sophies myself--I started painting 4 years ago, so it's been a hunt to find previous RCon Sophies in particular. This release is well played.
  8. Loved SF back in the day, and very happy that Reaper is producing those throwbacks too. I saw the Dralasite/Argamite and the Yazirian/Korkosan figs, but I didn't see a Vrusk analog--unless you want to count the Mantis Man Gladiator (which I took for being an ADnD Thri-Kreen). Does anyone know if Reaper or any other figure company ever produced a Sathar(sp?) fig--subterranean worm dudes would be an interesting addition to a fantasy campaign I think. But just rack it up to another "Reaper produces amazeballs miniatures, creating and catering to astonishing and tremendous diversity of niche consumer wants/needs BUT....(insert whiny complaint about how they didn't produce the one incredibly obscure mini that I desperately wanted to fulfill my just newly discovered hole in my soul that I have (not) been searching for since I was born again into whatever game I played as a kid")
  9. Mine "broke" too--though it was more like the pin separated from the skull; pulled straight out (stayed stuck in the paint clog inside the bottle...). I used some of my handy dandy superglue and so far so good. Though I will buy another few spares the next time they are available...
  10. It would be cool to see a Bones/Black resculpt of 02716 Demonic Lasher. He's only available in Metal at the moment, and considering that there is an entire campaign book for one of the most popular game systems that strongly features this creature, it would make sense to cater to that. And it would be awesome to have it to paint regardless.
  11. However there is some debate about whether we will be getting rocks this year--initially they said no, but they BrotherDave said he saw rocks down in Shipping today when he walked through. So I guess will just need to wait to hear a report of someone getting a rock to confirm it...
  12. I actually don't bother with the Figure Finder feature for much the same reason--it appears that the filters rely upon the listed characteristics of the figure, rather than a visual description, if that makes sense? I just search by an obvious feature--like "dwarf" or "devil" and then use the filter on one aspect. Was the one you were looking for Mephisto Arch-devil?
  13. EvilJames--do you have an image of that mini? I don't remember it...
  14. EvilJames--It started today! I placed an order today and got the Ghoulie Bag in my order at checkout. And yes, the new October Mini was also live (Dwarven Smasher aka Cpt Hammerpants).
  15. Okay I'll bite--what exactly was the deal with the Forscales? was this a paint competition, a forum challenge?
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