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  1. I think we should ask on the next ReaperLive! if they are going to be putting random "I got a rock.." in orders again. Was it clear whether it was for "every $40", or just "every $40 and up" order gets a Ghoulie? And finally we should put a bug in Ron's ear early enough in the season to be sure he remembers to get a stock of Coal for December. It gets cold in Denton after all, and Mean Miser Dave only allows him one piece of coal at a time to keep warm in the big drafty rooms of the Ron Hawkins Memorial Office Complex... Bravo on the screen captures; this is crazy good work for those not able to tune in to the broadcasts... We Needs It, My Precious! All your Paints are belong to us!
  2. I see this RCO as the prototype/experimental stage for what will eventually continue to come out of the Reaper online evolution. What I see happening (or at least hope will happen) is that the RCO free classes could be recorded and/or the instructors will be able to have ownership of that collateral; resale or paid access to it for those who need/want it. As Dicey and others have pointed out, many of the instructors and artists have their own pay feed sites already that they use as sources of revenue. I think its wholly plausible that the RCO content get recorded and distributed through those channels, at the discretion of the artists. Further, I see that the RCO classes are totally compatible with the paid "in person" model; you get more direct one-on-one interaction in person--for a price. That access was always very restrictive in both location and quantity; you have to be there, and there were never enough chairs in the classes for everyone that wanted the content. Taking the RCO class gives us the basics and more to try to master the techniques--and to take that progress to a RC class to talk directly to the instructor as a followup.
  3. Hardly going to get much attention in the midst of Pre-ReaperCOnline, but does anyone else miss the Dramatic Chipmunk .gif that Ron hid under the Retailers-"Upcoming Releases"? Whatever source he linked to is now broken, replaced by a lesser than awesome "Opps" message. I just loved that Ron (it seems to fit his perverse sense of humor, so I will continue to accuse him of this) stuck that there to lightly slap our wrists for trying to sneak a peek at stuff perhaps not meant for regular Joe buyers. Even though he's totally without value or use, I kind of miss the suspicious little marmot and I hope he's doing well and might come to visit again one day. Just saying...
  4. The painter next door said he'd empty that box on sight he waited and waited for that box to come around 45 tons of unpainted minis were all they ever found BUT the box came back the very next day, they thought it was a goner but the box came back. It just wouldn't stay away....
  5. Dr Bob

    Captain Black

    NOW that is hilarious. Ron had mentioned that there might be a return of the Concrud Zombie--I sort of expect it to show up on the Store during Rconline as a special limited time or as supplies last item. Looks like you caught the Crud; best that you keep that guy in quarantine and not open that blister...lol
  6. If these are going to be listed on the Reapermini.com Store, where will the Swag boxes be listed under (Accessories, Metal figures, Plastic figures--What is the best way to find them on the Store once they become available? As fast as limited inventory items fly out off the shelves (anybody else miss the Ma'al Drakar resin warehouse find or the Bonus box from a month or so ago?) it seems wise to know exactly where to be F5'ing the hell out of to get to the listing in time. *What is the plan for any of the individual components of the boxes that are left over--will they be made available once the boxes are gone? Obviously the paints (with exceptions) will eventually be put up for sale, and the pretty much all the figures will either reappear or be remade into Bones eventually, but what about any of the limited resin pieces and Con gear? I kind of expect that the extra con stuff might end up as Store order bonuses until they run out, but if we are willing to pay cash now wouldn't that be better than giving it away or sitting on it until it becomes a warehouse find in a year or three? asking for a friend...
  7. Are sales restricted to only the full boxes, or are any of the individual components in the boxes (paints, figures, etc) going to be made available at the same time, or at a later date?
  8. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this thread--I have been able to participate in the Box of Goodwill three times now; this the first time I was put early in my particular round though. I have REALLY enjoyed seeing the pictures of what everyone has picked out of their boxes--it's really cool to see someone take something that I passed over--I didn't see the potential, or just didn't see it when I had it in my hands, but the next person did. I especially get happiness when I see something I put in the box get eagerly snatched up; it validates this entire process and practice. Being early in the round gave me the opportunity to see everything that was there, and to know more or less, barring addition/subtractions, what people down the line were getting a chance at. I'm just very grateful to be part of this group and to have the opportunity to interact with you all in these Interesting Times that we are enduring. RConline is only a few weeks away--not the same by a longshot, but its what we got.
  9. I like Inarah's idea--One years' famine is next years Feast....
  10. One painters melt is another's treasure...the Melt table is probably in my top three of "Ah shucks we'll miss that this year". Damn you Covid. Will we need to wait until during/after RConline to buy extra copies of things--the resin figs, paints, etc? I thought I might have heard a rumor that they might be made available on the Store sometime sooner?
  11. When I look at multipacks of figures inside a blister pack, with all the bent swords, arms, and other flanges, it suddenly occurred to me how sucky long distance space travel is going to be on the first Mars expedition astronauts...
  12. Undoubtedly you are correct--I kinda figured that was how it happened, but I still find it fun that even so far gone, she lingers still--and may yet. Who knows how much more of Mama-san still lays in wait, encapsulated in the backstock, just waiting to creep out into the world on the next ReaperStore order?
  13. Totally off topic--but since you picked that as Forum name, I figure you might know--how exactly do you pronounce Otyugh? Ever since I saw that shark faced nasty in the original Monster Manual, I've struggled with getting those letters together as a pronounceable word; the closest I think I get is "Oh-two-Ugh"--how do you say it? And just to be fair--mine is pronounced "NyS-HAU-Tuh, Bouygh Uhr TAWL!"
  14. @reaper_jon. I'd be very curious to know whether it's possible to have just a flat pointer cast as a special request? I think that its understandable that the base itself with the Scrye branding is absolutely verboten, don't ask, nope, afraid not, why do you keep asking, not going to happen, sorry, I mean really, please, stop, I don't care how much money you offer me, wait, HOW MUCH?!, err well maybe... but what about for just that middle dial/pointer? If you had the base already but the dial had gotten lost or wasn't there when it was found/rescued--could a new one be cast for just that part? asking for a friend....
  15. Love these pictures--back when I was still playing Magic the Addiction, I found a plain flat version of the Scrye counter--with no figure on the dial in the middle. Never saw one like it again, and I loved it because it could be packed in between decks in my card box for easier transport--it was my loyal companion through many many games. Little did I know it was actually my very first encounter with Reaper "Minatures".
  16. Been said before and likely will be said again--more teifling/Hellborn figures.I know we got a Sea Captain in the new ReaperCon boxes, but more general production would be nice to see too. And seeing as the new source book just came out for the "Game that A lot of People Play and it's got 5 versions" that include a bunch of new character options--it would be great to have Satyr adventurers, Minotaur character figs and Tritons. But mostly Satyrs. Cuz they are embodiments of festive forest fun. And make great warlocks. seems like the new KS suspiciously contains a whole expansion themed towards Greek Heroic mythos based stuff; almost like someone got a tip off of what was coming. hmmm.
  17. Nah--not my pet (well, maybe every Reaper customers' cat in a way)--Mama-san was the Reaper Factory Squatter cat when they moved in and maintained residency for many years until her sudden demise a year or so ago (pre-COVID) I just found it funny to find a remnant of her presence in a product I just bought a few days ago.
  18. Mama-san did NOT have fleas. Attitude yes, but she was a cat so it goes with the territory.
  19. Indeed--and I plan to treat it as what it is; a unique relic of an era bygone.
  20. Just picked this one up from a LGS; I got it home and realized there was a little extra that had come from the factory with this one. From the looks of it, I think it's cat hair--I guess Mama-san is still making her presence known. (about the right color for her too I think). Sad thing is that I feel nostaglic enough right now that I don't want to open such a unique blister. Just have to buy another one lol.
  21. The Mantra of the true collector; always buy two--one to play and one to stay. (unless you totally blow the painting the first go around; you can have a spare to try again).
  22. I am a total Freebie whore when it comes to giveaways. I can't remember the last time that I have purchased an order from Reaper that fell below the $40 mark. That Reaper has undoubtedly made far more money off me than I have gotten in free stuff makes no difference. FREE STUFF! That I pay for by buying more things! LOGIC!
  23. Ha--I got paid allowance to pull that out of my parents garden every summer; I was raised to think of lambs quarters as a weed and nothing but a weed. Things i learn in my dotage...
  24. The one I got was what I believe is the 2019 Ghoulie bag--with the translucent purple female wraith?
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