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  1. Those are looking great! I've painted a few of these Call to Arms models too and they are really nice. Very evocative of the game. I know a few people running a D&D game set in Skyrim and they love these models. Lots of new ones coming out soon, too!
  2. I've been painting lots of Infinity figures lately. This i s a Mercenary Brawler.
  3. Swapped to a new type to avoid recurring injury and breakage. I use the trimmed off ends of nylon paint brushes (the kind you use on your house, not miniature paint brushes).
  4. Ral Partha Lead Griffon. Taken out of the original packaging to do this paint job. 30 year old lead figure.
  5. Thanks very much. I mostly post on Twitter as @HecatinaStudio so that is the best place to follow me!
  6. Male Dwarven Cleric with Warhammer from Dark Sword Miniatures.
  7. I used Reaper's Dusky Skin highlighted with Rosy Skin, and shaded with Dusky Skin Shadow and Black Indigo. Also some yellow ink for the overall highlights and Payne's Grey ink for the shadows.
  8. I painted these three dark elves last week. Always a popular subject. Priestess of Lolth, Priest of Vhaerun, and a Paladin of Moradin.
  9. In an unusual turn of events, I ended up painting the same miniature three times this week. First one was for a customer who wanted the bard from Dark Sword Miniatures but without the pipe in his hand. So it was replaced with a glowing musical note. Red armour, blue clothes, yellow cloak. While I was working on it, a different customer wanted the same bard but just a quick paint job for a sidekick NPC in his D&D game. Of course, no pipe for the second bard either. Brown armour, green cloak. I think I spent more time on the base than painting him. While I was working on the second one, the first customer decided he didn't like the colour scheme and could I change a couple of things. No problem, I'm happy to do it. But there is OSL and all kinds of other stuff, so it was actually much easier just to start again from scratch. So I painted him a third time. Red cloak, grey clothes.
  10. Thank you. Here is a link to the step by step I did last year. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81140-02243-robert-omannon-tartan-project/
  11. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I mostly post on the Reaper Facebook Page and Twitter now. I still check out everything on the "Show off" every day, though! Here is my most recent tartan project. This is Aeslin sculpted by Sandra Garrity. My customer is a fan of the show (and books) Outlander and this figure was chose specifically for it's potential for painting a tartan. The tartan that was picked is the Wilson Ancient Hunting Tartan. It has these very thin quadruple orange lines that give it a very interesting blue/green/orange colour shift look. I was only able to fit in three of the thin lines, but it was enough to give the cool effect.
  12. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I underpainted everything with Vallejo oxford blue for the shadow areas and sun yellow for the areas in the lantern light. For the piano, I need it to be very dark. I used Vallejo dark fleshtone mixed with a little bit of gory red as a base coat. I then varnished it gloss and used Army Painter dark tone. I will paint back in the highlights once it is dry. For the floor, it will be lighter. I used Vallejo desert yellow with the dark tone. It should look alright once I weather it. The big dark spot on top of the piano is where the girl sits.
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