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  1. Geoff Davis

    77581 Mudgullet

    I did. I am airbrushing using Vallejo inks.
  2. Geoff Davis

    77581 Mudgullet

    This is the biggest "miniature" I've ever painted. I would not have even looked at it if someone hadn't asked me to paint it. It was a great challenge and a great learning experience. I love his slightly goofy "intoxicated" facial expression.
  3. Geoff Davis

    77031 Cassie, Gnome Wizard by Werner Klocke

    Very cool! I love the cloak. That must have been a ton of work, and in my opinion it pays off. Her eyes are fabulous. I also really like the NMM you've done on the staff and the edges of the cloak. I feel that the only thing which detracts from the overall finish is the gravel on the base. It doesn't quite obscure the plastic base. I find that with the Bones figures it is really easy to slice them off their bases. I think it would be worthwhile to either cut her off the base and put her on a new one, or use some greenstuff to merge the base she comes with into the round plastic base she is now attached to.
  4. Here are a couple of WIP photos from my T-rex conversion to the "King of Feathers". I was working from this painting, from the "Tombs of Annihilation" campaign book. I trimmed away a lot of the ornamentation on his back and put on a base of green stuff. Once that dried, giving me a smooth surface to work from, I started adding small strips of green stuff to jam the 'feathers' into. The feathers are made from Dollar Store plants. I used wire cutters to clip the ends off of about 500 individual plastic leaves. Then I washed the leaves, so they would have a better chance of sticking to the green stuff and the glue. They still fall out sometimes, even though they are glued into the greenstuff with superglue. I would add a chunk of greenstuff and smooth it out. Then I jammed in the 'feathers'. Once I had a line of feathers in place, I put another line of greenstuff on top of them to hold them in place, and to be the base for the next layer of feathers. Once I had all the pieces ready to go, it went surprisingly quickly. The actual process of applying the feathers only took about two hours. I used my airbrush to apply primer in a zenithal pattern. Because of the complexity of the feathers, it was much easier to use the airbrush to prime it rather than brush it on. Final paint finish turned out pretty well. Here is the same figure painted as a more traditional t-rex. This project was a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time giggling over how the players in my D&D game were going to react when I put this on the table.
  5. Geoff Davis

    WizKids T-Rex aka "King of Feathers"

    I've been running the D&D campaign "Tomb of Annihilation". It contains a truly monstrous beast called the "King of Feathers". So of course I had to make one. The T-rex from Wizkids is a really nice figure. I'm not normally a fan of that line, but the T-rex is awesome, This one is heavily modified. I will post some step by step photos in the WIP. An older t-rex, painted a few months ago.
  6. Geoff Davis

    DSM7461 Male Warrior with Crossbow

    Dark Sword Miniatures DSM7461 Male Warrior with Crossbow, sculpted by Jeff Grace. Painted this up for one of the players in my D&D game. I'm painting every day, with lots of interesting projects I wouldn't have thought to try thanks to people who have been sending commissions my way.
  7. Geoff Davis

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    You are my hero! Thanks! In the top left corner you can change the currency.
  8. Geoff Davis

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    The lack of warning is disappointing. Maybe they are still in the rollout process and some data will still be recovered. I would have copied all of my data myself to have a backup. I order usually twice a month, and frequently refer back to the list of old orders to make sure I've ordered in everything I need for customer commissions. I had a history of orders going back many years that I found very useful. I also have customers that want obscure miniatures, so once I've found them I add them into the cart right away. With the loss of the cart information, I've lost track of the miniatures. Anyone know the exact name or the sku of the pack of three figures with the baby beholder? Regular search function and the drop down menus on the new website can't seem to find it. I am also sad that the individual figure pages no longer have the painted examples. Maybe they will return if the inspiration gallery comes back.
  9. Geoff Davis

    14057: Iks, Overlords Sergeant

    Nicely done!
  10. Geoff Davis

    44002 Bones Black Rock Troll Speedpaint from Adepticon

    That looks great! I wish I'd known you were there, I would have come to say hi.
  11. Geoff Davis

    2954 Crystal Golem Speed Paint

    Reaper 02954 Crystal Golem painted up to be an "Emerald Guardian" for a 5e D&D game. I used the airbrush to paint the greens, then used pure white to do all the edge highlights. I think it would look better if I slowed down and made the edge highlights thinner. It also doesn't really follow the rules for painting transparent materials like gems. However, it was a speed painted experiment... so it came out a bit messy. It looks good on the tabletop though. Total time on this figure was about two hours. Most of that time was spend prepping the figure by smoothing out the faces of the crystals so the edges would be nice and sharp for highlighting. Greenstuff base too about 15 minutes to apply. Then waited a day for it to dry. Airbrushing the primer took about 15 minutes. Then waited a day for it to dry. Airbrushing the greens took about 15 minutes. Then waited for a couple of days before getting back to it to do the white edge highlights which took about half an hour. Speed paint total time...about 5 days. Super fast!!!
  12. I'm very new to airbrushing but I've been working hard to get better at it. Here is the Star Spawn of Cthulu, from the board game Mansions of Madness. The plinth with the flame on it used to be the stand from a Bones Giant Scorpion. Now used to hold sacrifices in place for the consumption of the evil ones.
  13. Geoff Davis

    14012 Gauntfield

    It looks pretty good except the highlights on the scythe are upside down. If you invert it so that the dark areas are at the top and the light areas below it will look much better. You could also push the dark areas to be even darker. Black would be good. The greater the contrast between the light areas and dark areas the shinier the nmm effect will appear. Your white edge highlights look really good. The overall appearance of your figure is really good. I particularly like the effect of the blue eyes next to the tattered orange shirt.
  14. Geoff Davis

    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess

    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess sculpted by Derek Schubert . I bought this figure a couple of years ago when it first came out but I had a hard time getting a vision of what it should look like. Then someone asked me to paint it for them, so I went searching for inspiration. Turns out, there are a lot of people who dress like this for the festival and there are lots of photos, so here's my interpretation. C&C welcome.
  15. Geoff Davis

    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard

    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard sculpted by Derek Schubert. This guy was supposed to be a speed paint, but I got too interested in putting diamond patterns on his clothes.