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About Me

I started painting miniatures in 1979, but only discovered acrylics around 1999, after far too many years painting with enamels.  I have discovered that I love painting miniatures for other people.  So I have made it my full time occupation.  I paint miniatures all day every day.  I get inspiration from my D&D game -- I paint the miniatures I need for the game, and the paint is often still wet when they hit the game table.  I really enjoy making customized miniatures for my player's characters.  I also get inspiration from seeing the work of other painters.  I have been painting Reaper miniatures since around 2000.  I have lurked on the Reaper forums for quite a while and I am really glad that I decided to start posting here.  I have found this community very supportive and inspiring.  My painting has improved by leaps and bounds since I started posting here in 2017.  I finally made it to ReaperCon for the first time in 2019, and I taught some classes at the Virtual ReaperCon Live in 2020.  Stoked to be participating in the Reaper Virtual Expo in March 2021!  Check out my website at:  https://www.hecatina.ca/


My posted pictures


Nerea Anti-Paladin

Durin, Dwarf Pathfinder Sgt Show Off

Lem, Iconic Bard Show Off

Dark Sword Miniatures Female Witch with Wand Show Off

Barrow Warden Mystic WIP  Show Off

Templar Knight WIP

10014 Victoriana from Bombshell Miniatures WIP  Show Off

Townsfolk - Village Rioter OSL

Arael Half-elf Cleric

Phineas Greybone, Necromancer

Garwind Greywand OSL WIP

Age of Sigmar Duel -- Blacktalon vs Wight King with OSL

02476 Lorna the Huntress

02243 Robert O'Mannon Tartan Project WIP

02242: Ian MacAndrew Bobby Jackson  Show Off

03681: Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire Bobby Jackson Show Off

Darksword Female Minstrel with Tambourine DSM5112 Tom Meier (done but not posted)

WYR5005 Misaki -- Malifaux Outcast Done!  show off

4443: Kulan, Nagendra Jason Wiebe Done but not posted

DSM5012  Lannister lady in waiting Tom Meier  Show Off

02682: Selmarina, Witch Bob Ridolfi  WIP

77041: Harpy Julie Guthrie  Done!  Show Off Here

Iron Wind Metals Slassan [67-108]  WIP  Done!

Iron Wind Metals [67-024] Sibeccai Runethane Done!  Show Off

03844: Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden Bobby Jackson Done!  Show Off

Darksword GlenRaven - Female Rogue with Sword and Dagger  DSM3103 Dennis Mize Done!  Show off

Darksword Margaery Tyrell DSM5075 Tom Meier Done!  Show Off

02031: Michelle Dancing Blade Sandra Garrity Done   WIP 

02915: Vulthus Oathcroak Gene Van Horne Done!   Show Off

02599: Frorigh, Frost Giant  Jason Wiebe  P65 version Done!  Show Off

77161: Ghost King Tim Prow Done!  Show Off

77185: Large Earth Elemental Kevin Williams Done!  Show Off

77116: Colossal Skeleton Jason Wiebe Done!  Show Off

14643: Black Orc Warbringer Bobby Jackson Done!  Show Off

03660: Amrielle, Female Ranger Julie Guthrie  Done!  Show Off

77191: Hydra Bones Sandra Garrity Done!  Show Off

02539: Silver Dragon Sandra GarrityDone! 02539-silver-dragon

Tom Meier Ral Partha 1981 Celestial Dragon 01-129 Done! 01-129-celestial-dragon

77337: Giant Scorpion Bones Bob Ridolfi Done!  Show Off

Old lead Ral Partha female spell caster (unknown name number)Done!

14041: Familiars I(5) Bones Pixie Werner Klocke  Done!

77069: Autumn Bronzeleaf Jeff Grace Done!

89006: Seoni, Iconic Sorceress Bob Ridolfi Done!

60074: Serpentfolk Warrior Julie Guthrie  Done!  Show Off

01-106c Half Elf By Tom Meier Ral Partha 1979  Show Off

Alannah Greyloft OSL   WIP  Show Off

Wizkids Dwarf Cleric  Show OffDSM5058 Lady in Waiting #2  Show Off

DSM4615 Raven Switchsword Show Off

77257 Chimera  Show Off





















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